Sunday, July 30, 2017


During our last week at Roger's Camps, we toured the area, looking to see if there was any other camp on the lake that would enough weeks available next year for our extended stay.  We wanted something a bit bigger, and a bit more convenient than the one we'd been staying in.   We really did not mind that it was old, but it was very small, and if we wanted family to visit, it meant renting a separate cabin.  And there were several things that needed repair. 

We did find three possibilities.  One is a house on Booth Island. One bedroom, full kitchen, huge living room, two electric fireplaces, washer and dryer, gas grill, huge deck with awning overlooking the lake.  Only thing missing was the rental boat.   The second was a two bedroom cabin, at the Log Cabins.  This also had a full kitchen, wide screen TV, cable,  heat and air conditioning, huge screened in porch with picnic table, and a boat and motor we could rent at a more than reasonable price.  It was also right on the water.   The third place was a cabin at Camp Wildwood, two bedrooms, full kitchen, a huge room with a table that seated four, flat screen TV, large sofa and reclining chair, and day bed/sofa that opened to a double bed, full bath with larger shower.  Beautiful lawn area, with grill and picnic table, and boat and motor available to rent.   All of them within the same price range of Rogers, with the house even less!

The week after we were leaving Rogers was open at Camp Wildwood, so we decided to stay for another week. 

Heading down Mitchell Road in the town of Heuvelton, NY

Arrived at Camp Wildwood!  These are all hand carvings!

Our cabin for the week.  The yards are well manicured. 

Lots of little extras, that make the place inviting. 

The main living area inside. 

And a view from the other side.

Love the simple fish decor and pictures of  people who stayed and caught some nice fish.

We had a couple of feline visitors one day.  This one was pretty friendly and quickly made friends with Rich.

One of the views from the dock is "Bird Island"  Self explanatory!!!

This was one of the areas near the bridge where we spent a good deal of time fishing.  Found the crappies to be much bigger this week.  Didn't keep any, but well over half that we caught were keepers, with a good majority of them ranging from 9 3/4" to a 10 1/4".

I really liked this picture.  There is a large Amish population in this area, so daily you would see them on their carriages or fishing under the bridge. 

A view out on the main part of the lake..... not far from the place where I caught my BIG ONE!!!

On the main part of the lake again, and that last cottage on the end is the one that is available next year if we want to rent.  This is the Log Cabins. 

On our last day out fishing we were visited by the local Game Wardens!  Yes, they pulled alongside the boat, and we had a nice conversation about fishing, here and in Florida.............and yes they made sure we had our fishing licenses!!
Nice guys!!

They stopped us in this area along Booth Island.  This is where Rich caught his Bass ( a bit smaller than mine), and is also where the single home is that we could rent. 

We were getting ready to head back into camp, when Rich said ..." let's give it one more try".........and we stopped to fish for a few minutes.  I was fishing with a yellow and black jig.......cast..........and within 30 seconds this nice 16' Large Mouth Bass took the bait.  Nice little fighter!

So time to head back in..........A view of Camp Wildwood from the boat. It's a small camp with only four cabin rentals.  That little shed just behind the boat dock is the fish cleaning station. 

And of course........a view from the dock, with the sun going down. 

We were on the road, on our way back home by 7:30 the next morning. 

Congratulations Dennis! So Proud

On July 24th, Dennis received his 30 year US Government Service Award!   That week marked 21 years Active Duty Army (Retired) plus 9 years Department of the Army Civilian.  Hard to believe it's been that long.  I still remember picking him up at the airport for summer visits when he was only5 or 6 years old!!!


Our last week at Rogers Camp...........

Nothing real exciting since my last update.  Been out fishing just about every day, as long as the weather/wind cooperates.  Roger and Gloria's daughter and son-in-law spent the week with them.  Nice young couple, and we enjoyed spending time with them. We met another nice couple from PA, Hank and Shelly and their three children!  Very nice people, and the kids were a lot of fun!  A little disappointed this  year with the camp.  They no longer supply fire wood, which they have done FOREVER...........and the grounds and cabins are not being maintained or updated at all.  So we did some checking this year for the availability of an extended stay at several other camps.........

Anyway we still enjoyed the time we could spend fishing..................however I swear the fish were getting smaller and smaller as time went on............For example, here are just a couple from the two days that Rich went out without me ( too hot!).



And on our next trip out..............VERY VERY SMALL?  Yes there really is a fish on that hook!!

We did catch a couple of perch that were not quite as embarrassing!!!!

And so the story goes for the last days there.    Here are a couple of pictures I took from the lake.   We see this plane quite frequently land on the lake and docking at the campground adjacent to Rogers. 

Or just soaring overhead.......

And I love watching the geese....So pretty.

We had a couple of campfires the last week, but on the Thursday before we left the owners, Dean and Cherie Rogers joined the group.   You may remember last year that I asked for prayers for Cherie as she was undergoing a Liver Transplant.  It was so great to see her this year.  Lots of problems initially after the surgery, but she is feeling great and looking wonderful!

Here's Dean and Cherie.  Dean brought along his guitar and sang for a long time, sharing some good old Country tunes! Great voice!!

I missed the picture of Roger, Gloria and their daughter and son-in-law!!! DARN!!  But this is the couple from PA, Hank and Shelly, who were just married this past winter.  Their three kids Tucker (his) and Conner and Mikaela (hers) were there enjoy SMORES!  But Shelly makes them with Peanut Butter cups instead of Hershey's Chocolate!  They really looked good!

An Rich and I ---------Yes it was a little cool out that night, thus the flannel shirts and sweatshirts!

And coming back to camp our last night out fishing, I caught a real nice picture of the sun setting, behind the camp.

And then it was all about packing up and saying goodbye to everyone.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nasty weather..........Good fishing, fun with friends

Here we are into week five already!  This continues to be a very very strange year, when it comes to the weather!  Thunderstorms, strong winds, and cold days.  Most people here in NY state are complaining about the hot, muggy weather, while here in the North Country we are wearing our sweaters, sweat shirts or long pants almost every day!

Last Friday night (actually, very early Saturday morning) we experienced one of the worst Thunderstorms.  Living in Florida we see a lot of them,  but this way by far, even worse.

Here are a few pictures of what it looked like outside our cabin door!!!

Actually this one IS just outside the door!

That is our cabin at the top of the hill!

Bottom of the waterfall where it empties into the lake. 

As I said before, the weather has really put a "hurtin" on the fishing.  Most everyone here at the lake is experiencing the same thing; saying that by far, this is one of the worst years for weather AND fishing!
We'll go a couple of days in a row not being able to fish, and when we do get out we MIGHT get lucky!    Rich did catch onto another nice Northern Pike earlier this week.

Fish count to date: ONLY 234!  Rich 113, Donna, 124!

Shell Cracker (Red Ear).......... Nothing like the ones we catch at home in Lake June!!

And - just have to share one of the morning sunrises.......

Yesterday, my friend Gloria ( she and Roger come here every year over near Hornell, NY)  we went over and toured the Hammond Historical Musuem, and enjoyed the weekly Artisan and Farmer's Market.....

Stopped at this booth to pick up some locally made Maple Syrup!

Both of us took home goodies from this booth.  I took Rich some homemade donuts and a small loaf of banana bread.

These rings were very very nice....... and I think I just might go back next Wednesday and get me one (or two!).  Gloria DID take home two for herself!

And here is Gloria - as we head to tour the Stone House.

This area of NY is well know for it's Stone Houses......This one is made from stone from an original Stone house.  We had a great personal guide - who shared some of the history of the area.  Very very interesting.

Barn quilts are very popular also in this area......  You see various shapes, designs etc.  on many as you travel the area.

And, of course, I found this quite interesting, as Rich is of Scottish heritage...the Scotland Highlands............and the Scottish Immigrants were well known for the design and building of the many Stone Houses in the area.

One of the rooms inside the stone house.

Another popular item from that era....the HORSEHAIR sofa!

Lots of neat stuff in the barn........

And we enjoyed watching the "blacksmith"!!

Today the winds are supposed to be 10-12 miles per hour. But if they are correct we MIGHT be able to get out after 6:00 tonight.  Tomorrow's forecast is for more Thunderstorms!