Thursday, April 23, 2020

Still Social Distancing, Leia's Birthday...Back yard visitors

It seems like forever since we've seen friends, gone to a movie, gone out to dinner,  or even shopping.... I've even stacked up on food to last for two or three weeks so that I limit being in stores.... and to practice social distancing ( although that's got a bit easier in the grocery store where they now have one person per cart, and arrows on each isle to tell you what direction to walk...)  We have our face masks, gloves, sanitizers..... wash the hands 100 ''times a day.....and watch the President's   Corona Virus briefing every night!  Rich finally drove the car for the first time in about a month and a half.....when we went to pick up take-out for dinner!
Nothing much different on the menu the past few weeks Finished up all the left-overs including chicken and rice, and tuna noodle casserole.  We did Chicken K-Bobs w/potato salad one night, followed by burgers and potato salad the next night.  I baked some chocolate chip cookies..... and we had a Beef N Beer Stew that was excellent.... as was the cheddar biscuits that Rich made.  We did get takeout from Subway one night, and Pizza delivery from Domino's another..........and I think it's about time for Chinese takeout!  I MISS GOING TO HIBACHI!

The weather has been pretty nice lately..........and we continue to be entertained  watching the Blue Heron in their next,  and the whistling ducks.  Got a few more shots of the Blue Heron along with the Limpkin making himself at home down at the boathouse.  And I think we're re-filling the feeder for the humming birds about every 3 days!  They are nesting in the magnolia tree down by the water, but come over often to feed.  

On April 20th Ryan and Chauna had a mini birthday celebration for Leia... for her 2nd birthday! 
( Leia with the pick hat..... And Chuba seems to be enjoying the treats as well.  Happy Birthday Miss Leia!

Well, as I had posted before, we will not be making the trip to Iowa this year to visit family, as Dalton's graduation ceremonies were cancelled.  We did get an e-mail though, that the University would be doing a " virtual" online ceremony on May 15th for the 2020 graduates, with their photos.  They had the choice of the virtual ceremony or to walk, next year with the 2021 graduates.  Dalton chose to do he will also be walking with his sister, when she graduates next year!

We also cancelled our trip to NY/Black Lake this year.  Given our age, and both being high risk to get the Corona virus.... we felt it was not the best idea to drive that distance, stopping three nights in hotels.  Some of the states are starting to open up..... but NY is one of the heaviest hit with the virus, so it just makes more sense to stay home.............and staying in, is still what's best for us.   But we've already booked our 8 weeks for next year.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

April Birthdays, Siblings Day, Easter Sunday

Well Covid-19 continues to require us to stay at home, practice social distancing, wash  hands 100 times a day, wear a face masks (when we're grocery shopping), and not be able to spend time with or share dinner with family or friends.  So we've been staying in touch with people in NY...... and trying to figure out whether or not our trip to Black Lake gets cancelled or not - like our grandson's graduation did.  And of course....... staying busy at home cooking and baking. 

Rich has been doing a little more baking, three more loaves of yeast risen bread, and a couple of pumpkin pies for the Easter holiday.  We did order Chinese Take-out one night, but then a little creative cooking with a few new dishes  we haven't had in a while, including Noodles & Beef,  Meatball Subs,  Pizza (ground beef and sausage for Rich, sausage & pepperoni for me), a delicious batch of Chocolate Chip cookies, Cajun Shrimp Pasta, and Baked Chicken Burritos! 

The weather is changing.  I guess you call this Spring in Florida.  With the exception of a few days, it's been 80 to 90 degrees and NO rain! Most of the neighbors have left to go back north.  It's pretty quiet around here.  Get a kick out of the Whistling Ducks.  They're spending a lot of time  in the yard, down by the boathouse,or ON the roof of the boathouse..... and we are enjoying watching the Blue Herons.  Looks like there might be two babies in the nest now..... and keep trying to get a picture!!!

April is another month for multiple family member birthdays.   On April 8th, Rich's brother Bob Donald celebrated a birthday.... and his wife Diane will be celebrating her's in just a couple of days on April 12th.  Happy Birthday to both of you..........and wishing you many many more!

And on April 9th our granddaughter Chauna celebrated her 21st birthday.   Generally the family celebrates going out to dinner....  but this year Mom and Dad drove to Iowa City, where Chauna and her boyfriend Ryan, and her brother Dalton share an apartment.  Certainly looks like they had a great time.  Home baked  Birthday Cake with all the candles...and the ordered curbside takeout from Texas Roadhouse!  Looks like the two dogs, Chuba and Leia had a good time as well!  Happy Birthday Chauna..... Love you to the Moon..... Forever in our Hearts.

I have to admit that with all this Covid-19 Virus - people are having a lot more fun on Facebook!  Everybody is getting involved with playing silly games, and most recently, because graduation has been pretty much cancelled for 2020 graduates.......everyone is honoring them by sharing our Yearbook Pictures!

Yes - Rich and I shared our as well!  Enjoy!

And we can't for April 12th was National Siblings Day! So again.... everyone was posting family photos on Facebook.   As did I.  This is an OLD picture.... but the only one I have of the me and my eight siblings ( along with Mom). 
Back row : brothers Mick, Chuck, Dave, Bill.  Front row: Sisters Ronda, Sandy, Mom, ME, brothers Jim and Don.  Except for me and brother Dave.............they all live together with My Dad............In Heaven.  And I miss them so much.

That brings us to today!  Happy Easter Sunday! And again - with social distancing many churches were still having services.........but the majority were doing them on line which was a great idea.  Rich & I both took part today.  Pretty quiet today!  For the past several years, we have always fixed a big Easter Dinner with friends and we really missed that today.  Rich did get a couple of chocolate - Au-Gratin  potatoes and carrots.