Monday, December 31, 2018

Getting ready to Ring in the New Year with family and friends...

Not a whole lot going on since Christmas Day......... Just the same old house cleaning, Rich on the Stock Market, fixing dinner, watching a few TV programs, and starting to take down Christmas decorations.

It's been four weeks now since Rich had the surgery on his arm. The stitches have dissolved and you can barely even see where the incision or stitches were! How often have you had your doctor call to see how you were doing?  Rich was very surprised when he received a call today from Dr. Patel, who did his surgery.  We had left a very complimentary  write up on Google, and his face book page etc. regarding visits, the staff, the surgery etc.  He gave Rich his personal e-mail address, thanked Rich for the reviews, and said if we were in need of any reconstructive or plastic surgery - to e-mail him directly!!!!  Quite impressive!!

So anyway - Dennis and the kiddos arrived about 2:30AM Sunday morning after an 19+ hour drive from Iowa. All five of them rode in the truck... and he said that traffic was bumper to bumper/stop and go - from Chattanooga to Atlanta.  And Dennis is one who does NOT like to stop ---- just get in the truck and go!

Below is the group just before they left home - dressed in their Iowa winter clothes........ and a few pictures taken of them enjoying the warm weather at Dennis' step dad's house in Land O'Lakes. 

While they were enjoying the pool I was making salads for our New Year's Eve get together.  We will be leaving late morning on Monday for Dallas and Kim's house (Dennis' step-sister)  in Wesley Chapel, where somewhere between 15 - 17 of us will be ringing in the New Year!   And on Tuesday we'll all be heading to the Outback Bowl!  Go Hawkeyes!!

It was leftover meatloaf for dinner tonight, and a couple of movies - but not before I caught a picture of our favorite Blue Heron in the nest.......and the Whistling Ducks in the neighbor's back yard. 

Next time I write - it will be 2019!  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas

Well we slept in until about 8:30 Christmas morning.......... and it appeared that Santa had stopped by.  The stockings were filled with goodies, and the presents waiting to be opened! And so, with coffee in hand,,,,, we headed in to see what surprises awaited!

I was extremely happy to see the bottle of Chivas Regal AND the Rum Chata!! And Rich carried his new book on Options Trading to the back lanai to read while drinking his coffee!!   Not long after having his Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream for breakfast we got our Christmas call from Dennis and family!  We are all looking forward to our trip to visit with them in Tampa/Wesley Chapel for the New Year

Our original plans for Christmas dinner were with Nathan and Krystal.  Unfortunately, Krystal had a serious spell, losing all feeling on her left side - so she will be down for a few days.  So glad we got to spend time with them for a few hours, just a few days ago.

But........we were very surprised when we saw our neighbors, Jim and Patty pull into their driveway about 2:00 o'clock this afternoon.  I had prepared a Christmas tin of homemade cookies and candy for them, and quickly pulled it from the freezer.  While exchanging gifts, we learned they had no special plans for Christmas dinner we asked them to come and join us!   I was quite impressed with how dinner turned out!  Everything was delicious - which I seldom say about what I fix myself!  We  had Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, and Biscuits.

We watched a movie and called it a day..............

A Quiet Christmas

Christmas Eve 2018

Just Rich and I this year to celebrate the Holidays.  The Stock Market was open till noon............ so Rich was doing his "thing", and I spent the morning doing the laundry - and making ONE MORE trip to the grocery store!  (We really did need more eggnog!)  We both wrapped gifts that Santa would bring, and prepared our stockings..... all the while enjoying another festive beverage:  Fireball and Eggnog!  A few of the neighbors stopped by - Phil and Dorene left us a package, and about 9:00 PM - Diane called to say she had just taken Banana Bread out of the oven..............and hand delivered a freshly made loaf............which Rich decided to try immediately!

Christmas Eve in the past has generally been Pasta, or Shrimp Scampi......... but tonight we decided to have Chicken Fajitas, with Rice and Re-fried Beans.  We watched a couple of movies before calling it a night, headed for bed and waited for Santa's arrival!  And the full moon tonight was lovely!


Monday, December 24, 2018

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Well today the last of the holiday baking was completed.  We made up four trays of cookies and candy and fudge for our neighbors, and delivered them to each.  And Rich made his traditional Christmas Pumpkin Pies today - and one is just about gone!

Did my grocery shopping yesterday making sure I had everything I needed for
Christmas Dinner..........and of course there are a half dozen items that I forgot - so it's back to Publix in the morning. Plans are for Ham and Scalloped Potatoes, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, and Coleslaw, and probably a shrimp cocktail for an appetizer~  I think the carton of Eggnog is just about empty - so that's on the list as well, as we've been enjoying our holiday beverage of Eggnog and Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey!

Again - over the past few days we've enjoyed the visits from our Blue Heron, the flocks of white Ibis, and a new visitor - the Raccoon, making his way quickly across the back yard, near the water's edge.......and then on to the neighbor's yard.

And today we watched TWO Blue Heron........One perched in the nest in the Pine Tree - the same tree where they nested two years ago.  The second one was watching the first from the yard, down near the boat dock.

And yesterday, we finally were able to meet up with friends for dinner.  Everyone's been busy with one thing or the other, but the six of us met for our December/Xmas dinner at the Outback Steakhouse.  It was a fun evening.........but we're still not that impressed with their food!  Rich ordered the prime rib - which was about , asked for a baked potato with just butter, but got sour cream ( which he does not like at all!),  I ordered the 6 oz filet - which was OK, and a Sweet Potato, but they gave me a baked potato!! Probably will not go back there any time soon.........But everyone else's meal was fine and we enjoyed the company!

Just a few small gifts to wrap tomorrow.  Just one or two gifts for under the tree and some stocking stuffers for Santa to take care of.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Splints and Bandages Removed!!! Our resident Great Blue Heron

Hopefully the LAST doctor visit for either of us this year!  Today we had the follow-up visit for Rich back in Orlando.   We arrived about 11:20 AM - and we were back on the road home about 15 to 20 minutes later!!  Dr Patel saw him right away, and was very pleased with the healing process, saying that it looked very good, he was good to go with no restrictions.........and that the stitches would dissolve.   It was the first time we actually saw how long the incision was - about 5 1/2 inches!

Anyone looking for a surgeon - we recommend Dr. Anut Patel.  He is a Specialist in Plastic Surgery, but is also exceptionally skilled with hand/arm/wrist surgery.  He got us in to see him quickly, identified Rich's problem as in need of emergency surgery, and had the surgery completed within 24 hours!  Rich had absolutely NO pain following the surgery, and it appears to be healing beautifully.

Meanwhile back home this week our resident Great Blue Heron visited us, relaxing on the railing of our back deck.  I think he has also started to build his nest in the pine tree the other side of our neighbor.....Have to keep an eye on that.

And so tomorrow the forecast does not look too good for the whole state of Florida........  I don't mind the storms - as long as we don't lose power!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

 This last week I finished most of my Christmas shopping.

Everything that I ordered on line arrived.  And those being sent out of state were wrapped.  And all the names on the Christmas List were checked off as Cards with Holiday Greetings were completed.

A trip to the post office on Friday for stamps and all the cards and packages were on their way to final destinations.

Last stop at the grocery store to make sure I had everything to start my holiday baking!

And so this weekend I got most of my baking completed.  I still need to do the no-bake cookies and the peanut butter cookies, and then Rich will make his Pumpkin pies a few days before Christmas.

But I made a couple dozen Chocolate Chip cookies, and a couple of dozen White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies, along with a batch of Chocolate Walnut and Peanut Butter Fudge.

I tried a new recipe on Friday and it was delicious. Crock Pot Pork Roast with carrots and baby red potatoes.  Recipe calls for Lipton onion soup, water, red wind, minced onion, soy sauce, rosemary, thyme and parsley. Cooked for about 5 hours and it was fork tender.

On Wednesday we'll make the trip back to Orlando to see the surgeon, and to have the splints and bandage removed from Rich's arm. He's still doing well - with absolutely no pain at all..... Dinner plans with friends on Saturday, and then we'll visit with neighbors to exchange Christmas gifts over he weekend.  Getting excited about our trip to Tampa for New Year's Ever Party and Outback Bowl!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Change of weather...

Well it's been a bit cooler......... sweat shirt or jacket weather!  And along with the cooler weather has been a bit of rain.  With the arm all bandaged up, Rich really can't wear anything with long sleeves - just won't fit over the splints and bandage!  But he only has one more week before his follow-up, and hopefully they will remove it, at least the splints!  All in all, he's doing very well and while the doctor prescribed pain pills - he has had absolutely no pain at all.  Trying to take a shower on the other hand.......has been a bit of a challenge.

Speaking of rainy days, caught this fellow in the back yard. When we first saw him, it was just after heavy rain and thunderstorm, so he was dripping wet........ but by the time he started to wander off, his feathers were blowing in the wind.

Not a whole lot going on.  Just the everyday routine of cleaning and cooking and baking..... We did finally get our insurance changed before the December 7th deadline............switching from the Medicare Advantage to the Supplemental. Costs a bit more, but we like being able to go to our doctor of choice.  Everything approved, papers signed and we're good to go on January 1.

Now that it's getting closer to the holidays, most of my Christmas shopping is done.  Everything that I ordered on-line has been received with the exception of the gift for my brother........ It's been more than 3 weeks, and tracking shows it's going all over the place.  Even made it right here in town - then left for Orlando!!  All the other gifts and wrapped and mailed.

Not much baking - but the cookies and Christmas goodies will begin in just a few days. And of course - Rich will need his Pumpkin Pies!  We've had a few new
entree's recently, like Manicotti and Sausage, Honey Mustard and Beer Chicken,  and then a few regulars - Shepherds Pie, and Pot Roast.   Back in NY we always went to a place called M & M's for the best hot dogs in town.  I got the recipe for their meat sauce and gave it a try yesterday!  It was excellent!

And of course this past weekend was the Army/Navy game...........Pictures of the family rooting for the Army WIN...........Dennis and Dalton, Crystal and Chauna!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Holiday Decorating, Surgery, New Year's Day Football!

Still not a whole lot going on.  With Rich's injury to his arm, it's been pretty hard to do much, or make plans to do much.  I've done some of my Holiday Christmas Shopping - but still nowhere near done.  We've both spent so much of our time seeing doctors or not feeling well........that it's been hard to get in the Holiday Spirit at all.  With all the aches and pains - I refused to put up that big Christmas Tree....... I went and bought a 3 ft lighted tree, put it on the end stand in the family room and decorated!  Plenty big enough for the two of us.  A little more decorating around the house and on the front porch.......Would like to pick up a couple of Poinsettias...........and that should do it!

So finally Rich was able to get an appointment scheduled with a surgeon who actually knew how to take care of his arm.  After several failed attempts here in Sebring and Lake Placid, and doctors who had no idea what needed to be done, I contacted our Insurance Company and asked for help.  They suggested Orlando Hand Surgical Associates.  And as the name suggests, they are located in Orlando! An appointment was scheduled for Tuesday 12/4........and we made the  200+ mile round trip. Dr Patel knew immediately that surgery was necessary, and needed to be done as emergency surgery...He put Rich back on 500mg antibiotics for 10 days, and said we would be getting a call to schedule the surgery sometime later in the day.    We actually got the call about 1/2 way home... and they scheduled him for the next day - Thursday 12/5 asking us to stop on our way home to have some lab work done STAT at Florida Hospital in Lake Placid.

Nothing to eat or drink after 9:00 am on Wednesday.  Headed back to Orlando and they took him right in,  and began prepping for surgery within 5 minutes of our arrival!   The surgery was much more invasive than we had expected.  They put him under, but also did a "long block", which pretty much numbs the entire arm.  Dr Patel said the surgery was successful, he pulled out a one inch or bigger piece of bark from his arm, and he told Rich that he was very lucky,  he could have easily lost his hand.  It's about 11:00 PM and Rich still has no feeling in the arm.  The block will pretty much keep it numb for up to 24 hours............the the tingling and pain will begin. ( Yes we will pick up the pills in the morning!).. The splint and bandage will stay on for two weeks, at which time he has a follow-up.

Dennis called on Saturday after learning that the Ohio Buckeyes might possibly be playing either in Orlando or Tampa on New Years Day...........   (Both of the grand kids attend the University of Iowa....It turns out they will be playing Mississippi State in the Outback Bowl.........and so Dennis and the kids, and three others will be making the road trip on Thursday, His Step-Sister, Kim, and Step-Father Jack will be hosting a New Years Eve Cookout in Tampa for all of us, and we'll all attend the game on New Year's Day!  Getting excited about seeing Dennis and the kids!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Quiet Thanksgiving...........

Well - since my last post there has not been a whole lot going on..... just a lot more of the same ol', same ol' ........... And we are so hoping that it all gets resolved soon.  I'm losing track of time.........but I think  it's been close to 6 weeks since Rich injured his arm.  Most of the cuts and bruises have healed, and except for one area near the wrist, most of the swelling is down.  But....... he's had a MRI, about a week and a half ago, and we have been trying to find a surgeon who can remove the "foreign object" from under the skin.......and until that is done the wound will continue to drain.  No hand/wrist specialist in the area (that is covered by our insurance!), so we are in the process of scheduling a visit to   Orlando Hand Surgery!!!!  We'll see how long it takes!

So not getting a lot done.........and we are so ready to GO SOMEPLACE!!  ANYPLACE!!! Have not even seen friends in what seems like forever..... but we have plans to meet up at the Outback Steakhouse next weekend!

So what do you do when you're stuck at home??  Cook and Bake, of course!  And so - Rich said " lets fix a prime rib!"!!  OK - but neither of us had every done we got a 2 bone Rib Roast ( $45!!!!!),  and the appropriate seasonings!  We roasted some asparagus, a baked potato (sweet potato for me)
and it was absolutely delicious!

We were blessed with a couple of "cooler" days, so Rich suggested Chicken Chili and cornbread.......... Had enough for left overs for a second meal.  I prefer the regular chili, but this is definitely his favorite.

Thanksgiving always calls for Rich's Mom's Pumpkin Pie!  And so on Tuesday we did the baking!  And, of course we enjoyed a piece with whip cream for dessert that night.😋

Thanksgiving Day was a quiet one.  We are so used to fixing dinner for family or friends, and yet this year, I just could not find the energy to entertain anyone ...........  But we did fix the Turkey, and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, biscuits, green bean casserole and cranberries!   And yesterday we enjoyed hot turkey sandwiches for dinner!

The highlight of the day was the phone call from Dennis and the family!

Today - Sunday, we harvested the last pineapple from the backyard for the year.  It was definitely ready, golden yellow in color, juicy and perfectly sweet!

Tomorrow I need to continue and try to finish my on-line Christmas shopping! Will be back on the phone with the Doctor's, I'm sure!

Friday, November 9, 2018

SOOOOO tired of doctors offices and tests!!!!

And so the saga continues.  First for Rich. Tomorrow will be the last of the high dosage anti-biotics.  We've seen some improvement in the arm, however their continues to be some swelling, and the wound continues to drain.  Needless to say it's been a bad three weeks!  He also completed one of two ultra-sounds.... but the results of the carotid didn't look too good,  doctor wanted to see him right he's now scheduled for a CT Scan of that area, and then a two day check of the femoral artery!!!

Me?  Well in addition to the EKG coming back abnormal, so did my Eco-Cardiogram, AND the Nuclear Stress Test.  So the doctor says there is a possibility of needing a heart catheter, but before we do that I'm scheduled for a CT, Angiogram of the Coronary arteries - to check for blockage!  That is scheduled for the end of the month. 

Enough of that - my blood pressure is rising!!!!!!!

Since I can't do a whole lot outside....I've spent my time doing some cookin'.  We've had Tuna Noodle, Shepherds Pie, Roast Beef, and today we enjoyed Chicken Parmesan......we also made some Tagalong (Chocolate/Peanut Butter) Cookies and some Peanut Butter Cups!

And we had a very pleasant surprise on Wednesday.  On our way back home from the cardiologist, we decided to stop for dinner.  We had already decided that it would be Denny's or I-HOP..........but we ended up at Hibachi Grill......where we ran into Rick and Judy Haphey!  I used to work with Judy at Thousand Trails Peace River.  It was nice seeing them both, and we promised to let them know when we made a stop to see friends at the park.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

And it's Already November?

Well, the only thing really exciting about the last two weeks is that a little bit of Fall weather has arrived, the humidity is down, and all of our favorite programs are back on TV! 

Unfortunately after Rich's accident with the Oak Tree - the swelling continued in the forearm and the fingers and so we made an appointment with the doctor.
X-ray showed no fracture....and he started antibiotics..... The following, Monday the wound was still draining and swollen, so it was another trip to the doctor, another X-ray, and stronger antibiotics.  Doctor also took a culture. When the results came back, X-ray was good, but the results of the culture require him to throw out the 2 antibiotics he was taking, and begin a 10 day supply of 500 milligram antibiotics!  He still has a week left.............but finally starting to see an improvement.   The swelling is not as bad, it continues to drain..........  The WHIP CREAM CAKE  brought on a smile!!

In the meantime we've both had appointments with the Cardiologist!  I completed by two day stress test, and Rich had the first of two ultrasounds.

Absolutely nothing else going on......... Neighbors Phil and Doreen are on a 10 day visit to Jerusalem, but we did visit for a little bit with neighbors Jim and Patty who came up to fish for 4 or 5 days!  And not even ONE trick or treater on Halloween!

And our new T-Shirts arrived...  Fund raiser at the King's Harvest Pet Rescue, where Dennis and Krystal and our grand-daughter volunteer!

Monday, October 22, 2018

A CRAZY few days~

Again - most of this past week was not exciting at all.  Rich was at his desk, with the stock market, much the same as any other weekday, and on Wednesday had his appointment with the Cardiologist. and was scheduled for some tests to check the carotid artery, and the femoral artery where he has the stint......I was a bit under the weather.........not feeling well, especially with my legs bothering me, and even took an afternoon nap 2 or 3 days.  Had to go out on Wednesday for my echo-cardiogram and on the way home from doctors - we stopped at Hibachi for dinner. 

But the weekend was far from boring!  Friday night we fixed Jambalaya for dinner, and Saturday I had the potato soup cooking in the crock pot, and we enjoyed our afternoon Banana Smoothies!  Sunday I made a couple dozen peanut butter cookies, and a big dish of macaroni and cheese for dinner!

Mid afternoon on Saturday we had a pretty scary situation.  Rich went out to the garage, the door was already open - but was surprised as he started to walk into the driveway, as several police cars were blocking the road to the west.......and a police officer with a long gun was walking in the yard toward the garage.  Rich went back in side - and  watched as the police officer stood just outside our garage with his gun aimed toward our neighbor's home.

A police car pulled INTO our front yard, and another officer, also with a long gun, was walking past our front window, around the side of our house, walked across our deck in the back and then down to the canal, where he made his way through the bushes into our neighbors property........ But this time - another officer was knocking on our front door asking us to please leave the house and move down the road to the east.........  We were getting a bit nervous - and by this time we had made sure all the doors were locked - and Rich had secured his gun....

Fortunately - no shots were fired. Long story short, our neighbor has had some very serious medical issues, and is having very very reactions to changes in medication..... He has been taken away, charged with domestic abuse.  Fortunately no one was hurt, but he did seriously threaten Diane.  We knew John was having problems - but had no idea it was this bad.  They are great neighbors - and we are so sad that this had to happen. I have spent time with Diane since.... she is fine, and I know that I would be a total wreck had I gone through what she did.  I pray for both of them.

And so......on Sunday Rich had the ladder out, his electric saw with the extension handle and proceeded to cut a ton of branches from the neighbors tree that were growing across on to our property.  He did the cutting and I stacked them along the side of the house, and along the driveway, as Cindy ( who does our lawn) will be coming Tuesday or Wednesday to haul them all away.  Things were going quite well........UNTIL the very last branch, the biggest branch was to be cut.  It was also one of the highest ones to reach........and when it fell it came right at Rich, who used his left arm to keep it from knocking him over..........and his arm got cut up pretty bad!  So he his all bandaged up!!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Just "Same ol' same ol'" - and waiting for FALL!

It's been a couple of weeks now - and not a whole lot of news to share.  Neither of us have had a whole lot of energy , and it's been so hot!  And still is!! 

Rich has been out doing the fertilizer, epson salts on the palms,  and spraying more weed killer, but it seems like one day outside working and the back and legs bother him for a couple of days.  The muscle ache in my thigh continues, as does the cramping in the calves and so I've been getting in some afternoon naps.   We both had doctor appts - Rich with the Gastroenterologist - following his colonoscopy, and looks like he has to continue every year as they continue to find, polyps that are cancer forming.  I had my first visit with the Cardiologist who confirmed with another EKG that I did indeed have a heart attack, and put me on the baby aspirin a day routine.

Rich sees the cardiologist this week, and I have an echo cardiogram and a two day chemical stress test between now an the 25th.

But in the last 4 or 5 days we've both found a bit more energy. Meals are getting back to normal - Rich's Pizza ( I had eggs and fruit), Chicken Chile and Cornbreat,  Peanut Butter cups for desert, and today Meatballs for the Linguini and Garlic Bread tonight.  Last Monday we did meet up with Buddy and Diane here in Lake Placid at the Golden Corral.  Diane still remains in good spirits, but continues to have more difficulty walking, and it won't be long before she'll need the wheel chair.  The clowns are back in town, so hopefully we'll get together with them one day soon.

Have not seen much of the Blue Heron, Whistling Ducks  etc.... but in the last week or so we've been entertained by the beautiful Cardinal on the back deck, and the Anhinga, drying his  wings after fishing off the dock.

And yesterday we actually got back outside and trimmed more of the palms, bushes in the yard.

No plans for anything exciting in the near future!  Guess I'll get started on my Christmas Shopping!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Not too much going on.........

Been a few weeks or better since my last post.  That's a pretty good indication that nothing earth shattering, or even a bit exciting has been going on.   A few more doctor visits.........  A follow-up with my Primary Care.  Need to lose some weight and change my diet as I was up 10 lbs from last visit, my sugar level was up as was my sodium.   I should get started on that pretty soon!!!!  Rich had his colonoscopy for the third year in a row..........but all was good this time and he is delighted that he does not have to go back for THREE  years.  In the meantime he went and got his Pneumonia Shot yesterday and his are is very sore and very very HOT!  Same as last year - but will not have to get any more.

Working in the yard has taken a back seat, mainly because it's been so very HOT.  Although - Rich has sprayed for weeds, put miracle grow on the Azalea's and Pineapple plants and cut/cleaned up the Aloe Plant!  But while helping Rich with the sprinkler (meaning I turn the sprinklers on and off) I pull a muscle or a tendon in my right calf.....Worse than the pain I was having in the right thigh a week or so before!!  Wrapped for about a week - and while still sore to touch - I can at least walk almost normal.

It has been so quiet around here lately - Jim and Patty haven't been back in a couple of weeks, and John - now home from the hospital and Diane have gone to their home in North Carolina for a couple of weeks, so we've been keeping an eye on things there and picking up the newspaper each morning.  It's been so hot that even the birds and ducks have not been around........Well we did have an Anhinga drying his wings down on the dock - but he put the wings down before I could grab the camera........... Love to watch them.  Know as the "snake bird" for the way they move and curve their neck......

We've been making plans to upgrade the guest bathroom..........looking a new tubs and tile and enclosures, and toilets and sinks an how we want to build the new vanity and tile etc.  Got our list of ideas and we're just about ready to have a few come in with estimates.  Rich would prefer to do it himself - but the back and the legs are telling's not a good idea.

Oh - and a few family photos to share.   Our newest photo of our  beautiful granddaughter Chauna (bottom).  Now a sophomore at University of Iowa.  And the two pictures at the top are our handsome grandson, Dalton with his new girlfriend Briana. They both attend University of Iowa.

With both of the kids in college - Dennis and Crystal have added a new family member.   That is Zoey on the right.........recently adopted and showing us her favorite pose!  And on the left is my brother Dave with his faithful companion Jake on one of their hiking adventures in NY State.  Beautiful scenery!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Yard Work, Baking, Doctors and Dinner with Friends.

 Over the weekend Rich and I managed to get a little bit more done in the yard.  We worked together on the back corner, down near the water as that had gotten very overgrown.  I trimmed the Indian Hawthorn around the deck, while Rich cleaned up the big elephant leaf  plant, and then Rich trimmed the bushes and I did the clean up.   All the bending over and we were both a bit sore.  My legs were hurting so bad that I could not even lift my leg to put on a pair of shorts!!  Hurt just to walk.  But we got everything cut and bagged and ready for pick-up on Tuesday.

I had gone for blood work over the weekend, and went for a follow up visit to my Primary Physician on Tuesday.  Perfect timing........ She checked out the leg  ( primarily the right thigh area.........) to see my range of motion, and then checked to make sure it wasn't a nerve issue.........and determined it was muscle.  So I had to pick up a prescription strength ibuprofen, along with a prescription muscle relaxant, to take for three or four days........... It seemed to be working quite well - but the muscle relaxant also makes me very drowsy!

Felling better, supposed to be taking it easy, so made Rich a batch of Peanut Butter Cookies on Thursday while he went into Sebring for a visit with his cardiologist.

The muscle relaxer, while the leg was improving, I was more and more tired, and spent much of each day just sleeping.  Unfortunately, once I finished the medication, the muscle pain in the thigh has returned........

Neighbors, Jim and Patty were back in Lake Placid and stopped by Saturday morning to visit and share some pictures from their stay in Islamorada, in the Keys. DeepSea fishing a couple of times while there.    Just might check that out!!

Anyway...... got a message in Facebook from John and Carla Foard, pickleball friends from down in Venice area, that we have not seen in years.  They were visiting TT Peace River in Wauchula for the weekend and wanted to make plans to get together. So on Saturday, Nathan and Buddy and Dianne, and Rich and I met up with John and Carla at..........where else?  Yes, Hibachi.  It was their first time eating here, and they really enjoyed it.  Nice time visiting with them.

We left the house a little early,before dinner with friends for a Walmart Stop.  Picked up fertilizer, fungicide  for bushes, and Epsom salt for the palms. Coffee pot stopped working, and the landline was going,  so we picked up a Mr. Coffee, and a new landline phone.

Friday, August 31, 2018

A little more accomplished and - Dinner with Friends

I know - same old same old...........but the work has to be done.  Continuing to make progress, but between the hot sun, rain, and getting old, it's a slow going process!!

The front yard is getting back to normal.  The topiary has been nicely trimmed.  The palm tree in the front of the house WAS a Triple ............but the rain and heat and fungus has been a problem, and we had to cut down, to the ground the third now we have a "double palm".  The crotons and bushes are all trimmed in the front.  There is a lot of mold on the front of the house,  and the corner near the front Rich will be out with the Clorox and brush pretty soon.   Still have bushes to trim and the corner near the water to cut back.... and when the rainy season is over the power washer will be out.

And then on Wednesday. while Rich was spaying for weed he noticed a pretty deep hole just under the bushes...........which after a little inspection he determined was another leak in the sprinkler pipes.  Lots of digging.....and this turned out to be on the main sprinkler.... which meant a trip to the hardware store.  But........while on the trip into town, the skies were pretty threatening......and so I took a sheet of plastic and a couple garbage bags to cover the dirt.  And thank goodness..........IT POURED! 

Too wet and muddy - so it was not until Thursday morning that he was able to finish. Thankfully he was done before the skies threatened rain again.

And then we met up with Nathan and Krystal, and Buddy and Diane at (where else?)  the Hibachi Buffet.  This is our first get together since we've been home from NY.  Fun evening, lots and lots of laughter and as always great food! 
Plans for next month are to go to Cody's for 2 for 1 fajitas, before all the snowbirds are back...........and Nathan and Krystal are hosting our get together in October.   John and Carla Foard will be at TT Peace River next weekend so they asked if we could "do a repeat dinner" with them.  Also going to check  to see if Bob and Lavern are back in town.

And "surprise" on the way back home from Sebring the skies opened up.....nasty sky and lots of rain.

Rich has a long weekend for Labor Day and we have no plans.  Checked Ft. Myers and Hudson to see what was going on at the dinner theaters, but nothing looked good.  Not much going on in the, if we can find a decent movie we may do dinner and a movie one night.