Saturday, July 28, 2018

Rain, Wind and Storms - Fishing, Eating and Festivals

Trying to conserve our data use, so not spending a whole lot of time on the computer.  But a quick update!

It was not until July 13th that we were able to get back out fishing, and enjoy some decent weather and some good fishing.   Then it was about a week of nasty weather.  Caught some nice fish again around the 25th and again today the 28th.  Lots of crappie and perch and red ear too and finally a good number that were keepers.

Rich -  A monster Catfish 36 inch, 9 3/4 lb!!  I enjoyed watching him bring this one in, as much as he enjoyed the fight!


My 25 1/2 inch Northern Pike!

 My 18 inch 4 lb. Small Mouth Bass

Rich - 14 1/2 inch Small Mouth Bass

Rich - 15 inch Small Mouth Bass

When not fishing - we were still having a good time, despite the weather.  One night was a trip to Pleasant View for ice cream -  where Rich enjoyed a Peanut Butter Cup Sundae, and me - a dish of my favorite - Butter Pecan.

And while we were there we stopped at the Amish stand, and took home  some goodies and a loaf of yeast risen bread!  Delicious!

We took another trip into Ogdensburg one night for dinner at Little Italy!  We were here the first time, last year, and really enjoyed the food and atmosphere.  A bit tooooo much sauce on the pasta - but other than that very very good.  And another day was to Redwood and then to Alexandria Bay for grocery shopping.

On the 21st there  was the Scottish Festival, Chicken Barbeque and visit to the Hammond Museum........A few pictures from the day...

This one is a replica of the old Rossi Hotel.  Rich and I used to visit the Hotel Restaurant and Bar back in the 70's and 80's!

And I have to share a few pictures of the sunset, the stormy skies etc.....

A view from the porch!


Even the water changes color.....

Another sunset

Another storm on the way - heading back to the cabin. 

And..........the geese in the yard next door!

We were out fishing around 6 this morning, as the forecast is for wind and thundershowers..........which is exactly what it is doing now!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

This weather has to change!!

As much as I hate to say it.......we really need some rain.  We are renting an aluminum row boat with a small motor.......but if the water gets any lower we will not be able to leave the dock.  The dock is very very long........but every day the water level gets lower!!  Having said that.........the past few days have kept us from fishing.....just way to windy!

But we took advantage of the weather and decided to take a ride into Ogdensburg for dinner Monday evening.  I drive into Ogdensburg to do grocery shopping most of the time.........but with Rich driving, I was able to get the camera out and some pictures.  I just love this North Country............the beauty, the lakes and rivers, the Amish communities, the corner stores, the family restaurants......   Here are a few pictures that I snapped along Country Route 6.

Actually, this picture was taken from the front screened porch at the cabin.  This was the lake a few days ago........fog and rain.

Acres and acres of corn fields!

Love these old farmhouses.

The first bridge we cross in Ogdensburg, is the Oswegatchie River.  Actually Black Lake flows into this River, and the Oswegatchie flows into the St. Lawrence River in Ogdensburg.

We enjoyed dinner at the DK family Restaurant.  Family owned and run with a great menu.  We both ordered the Fried Haddock Fish Fry.........and it was very very good!

Today we finally got back out fishing.  We were out before 9:30 this morning.  Wind was from the North so we headed north, the other side of the bridge to fish near Booth's Island........and drifted back.  

This is near Booth's Island. 

The bridge near Booth's Island.  Often see the Amish fishing in this area as they were today. 

And being Amish country....... we always see the horse drawn carriages.

Today was not the best fishing day - but I did catch another nice Small Mouth Bass. This one was my biggest so far at 16".  Caught this on in the morning.  We went back out after dinner around 6 o'clock.  I caught 4 crappie - 2 nice keepers, and Rich got 2 crappie, both keepers and a smaller Bluegill.  

Monday, July 9, 2018

Yes - we finally arrived!

Our last leg of the trip from PA to Black Lake was uneventful.... lots of rain and we saw a few accidents along the way, but we arrived safely about 2 in the afternoon, after a stop in Watertown, for Breakfast at Denny's and picking up a few groceries.

This year we are staying at the Log Cabins.  Our first time here.  It's really quite nice.  Cabin is small, but very nice, very clean and quite comfortable.  Two bedrooms, nice big shower, very well stocked kitchen, two very comfortable recliners to enjoy the flat screen TV on the wall. Also have a huge screened in porch with nice picnic table, and a great view of the lake.

Cabin #26

View from the lake!

The screened porch

View of the lake from the porch.

Another view from the porch.

A short walk to the dock......and the water level right now is very very low!!! That aluminum row boat is our for the next 6-8 weeks!

Love this area of NY State, and love this lake.  Just beautiful here.  We arrived a few weeks later than we normally do - so we missed a lot of folks that we normally spend time with, who are here for the first few weeks of bass season.  But we did get to spend one evening with friends Gary and Karen Tombasco - we come here every year from PA.  Great time just talking, laughing and catching up at our place.

Unfortunately the weather has not been very cooperative at all this year.  Much of the time, it is just too windy to go out.  And even today the winds are up to about 15 mpr.  Last week the heat was just unbearable .........and at a time when a little breeze would have been wonderful......... unfortunately there was seldom even a ripple on the water, and the temps were into the 90's.  But we did catch some nice fish on the days we were able to get out on the lake.

Rich with 15 inch Small Mouth Bass

Rich - 21 inch Dog Fish (Bofin)

 Donna with 13 1/2 inch Small Mouth Bass

Donna 25 1/2 inch Walleye

Fishing near Wood Island

Rich - 18 inch Small Mouth Bass

Donna 13 1/2inch Small Mouth

And .............Rich is in the lead with the smallest fish!!!

Hopefully the weather takes a turn .........and we start getting some better time on the water.  Nothing else exciting going on.... just the normal grocery shopping, cooking and baking.............and doing a lot of Sudoku Puzzles, while Rich plays Chess!