Monday, June 26, 2017

Weather not good for to Dinner in Ogdensburg

 Saturday was our last day out fishing.  It was a lot more windy than we had thought, but we managed to get in about an hour an twenty-five minutes before the water was just way to rough.  We caught a whopping THREE fish.......and then I got a pretty good shower TWICE on the way back to camp!

Been a good amount of rain as well, which has kept Rich busy baling water out of the row boat!  Enough rain, that we got our waterfalls back!

Sunday was more of the same. Steady winds about 14 or 15 miles per hour, with even stronger gusts!  The temperature didn't reach 70 degrees, and we were down in the 50's overnight!    Today a 100% turn around. Maybe 3mpr winds..... and we are hoping for a little more before the end of the day.

So on Saturday we decided to take a ride into Ogdensburg for dinner.  Friends here suggested that we try the Little Italy Restaurant.................and so we did!

A view of the lake traveling along Country Rt 6 that follows the endge of the river for  or 7 miles.

As you pass into Ogdensburg you pass over the Oswegatchie River.   This view of the lake continues for less than 1/2 mile, where it flows into the St. Lawrence River.
Little Italy was a great little restaurant.  Despite it being quite crowded on a Saturday evening the service was very good !

Really nice...........decorated in true Italian decor from floor to ceiling!

We both selected pasta, Rich with Linguini and sausage, and I had the Ziti with meatballs, and we shared an order of garlic bread.

But we couldn't leave without trying the homemade cannoli !  And they were even more delicious than they looked!

On Sunday we took a ride down to take a look at the Log Cabins located about 3 or 4 up the road from us.  We were pretty impressed with how big the campsite was ( and they also had quite a few sites with hookups for campers).  Cabins of all sizes........and we looked at one of the two bedroom ones, that were waterfront.  Very nicely furnished, with flat screen TV with cable!  They also rent boats/motors.  They offered us a pretty good deal, should we want to stay there next year for 6 weeks.  They have a week open, starting the day we are scheduled to leave here, and we are contemplating the possibility of staying the extra week.  AND we have even been thinking of extending it a little longer with a stop in Pennsylvania and Montour Falls..............We'll see.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Group Fish Fry..... Beautiful Rainbow.....More Fishing

This post should bring us up-to-date.  First and foremost, these first two weeks here at Roger's Old Oak Camps are by far our favorite! Mike arrives with all the truck drivers and takes up three cabins!  Paul and Monica, and Gary and Karen arrive from Mountain Top, PA., The "Darby Brothers!!!"  who keep you laughing constantly, and make sure we have a campfire every night stay in the cabin next door.  Actually - we don't know their last name........but they are from Upper Darby, PA.  Thus, the "Darby Brothers".    And of course Bill and Linda who are here well before us..........and will still be here when we leave.

It was also GREAT to see Cheri Rogers ( she and Dean own the camp).  It was this time last year that she was in Florida having a liver transplant.  She looks great and is doing wonderful. are a few pictures from the last week or so.

Left our usual fishing spot the other day and headed to THE WALL!

Headed out day before yesterday despite the rain cloud formations..

Rich caught a couple of nice Northern Pike......One was 29 inches/5 lbs.  The other one, he didn't weigh, but it was 23 inches long.   Released them back into the water..

Heading back to camp before the storms.......

Nice..........just overhead!!

A view of Roger's Camp, as we head back in for the day.

One of the newest cabins.  This is the deck on cabin 7 where we hang out every now and then...... and here is Rich with Rob and Chris (Darby Brothers), and Matt.

This past Sunday we had our annual group "Fish Fry".  Linda and Bill fried the crappy,  Mike and the gang made an awesome Gumbo........ Salads and Slaw and Rice and Sausage.......................Gumbo cooking below

Rich enjoying a bowl of Gumbo!

Some shots of the group......... Below is Monica and Paul with Linda.

Mike - (staying in cabin 8) who started this yearly event......with Bill and Linda.  Paul in the back........ Paul and Monica always stay in Cabin 7 where there is a ramp for Paul's wheel chair.  He is unable to stand/walk due to a motorcycle accident several years ago. 

Mike always hangs is "Irish" flag (can't see with the wind) and his Pirate Flag!

There's the Irish flag behind Karen and I....Can't remember the other lady's name!!!  She and her husband are friends of Gary and Karen and just joined the group this year.

Group photo!

Some of the guys.......Fish Stories???

During the fish fry we got a few sprinkles.........but we got a complete rainbow over the lake...........Wish I could take pictures like this - but have to be honest, got this picture from the Black Lake face book page.   Beautiful!

This is the rainbow picture that most of us captured!

Everybody taking a picture of the rainbow, or getting their picture in front of the rainbow!

Including Rich and I........

And this is a typical early evening  site.  The Darby Boys getting the fire going for everyone in the cap to enjoy!  

Fishing is a little slower than last year after the winter they had here, and some of the larger fish are still spawning.   But we've still enjoyed both the fishing and the weather.  Fish count to date is 132.   Rich has the biggest, but Donna is still in the lead for count.  74 to 58.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Enjoying time at the Lake

Been a while, I know!!!  Had a bad week..........!!!   We left the family in Iowa, and started our trip to NY, stopping in Maume, Ohio, and then Batavia, NY before arriving at Black Lake.   It was Friday morning when we left Ohio, arriving at our hotel in Batavia late afternoon.  It was while unpacking that we realized we had left our small case will ALL of our medication back in Ohio.  No refills on the medication; we had enough with us to last three months! Doctor's office closed; called insurance company - bottom line had to wait until Monday for doctor to call in new prescriptions.  Thankfully insurance covered them, giving us an override for "lost/stolen" medications.    Tried to get the medications shipped to us FedEx.........but that's a VERY long story!!!

Anyway we arrived at the cottage on Saturday ...........and after finally getting our medication on Monday we were ready to settle in and relax!

Not hard to wake up every morning to this view from the cottage window. 

Our friends Gary and Karen arrived from Pennsylvania!

Been spending most of the time fishing at our favorite fishing spots.  This one behind Tin Island. 

This one behind Raspberry Island.....  People have been staying there, at this little cottage with the dock out front.  Been there for at least a week!

We were out fishing our first day............And here are the first two fish!!!  (  This will be the last Collage for a while.  Computer crashed.......... had to reset back to original settings.  As a result I lost all programs that I had downloaded.  Not a problem, except for Picasa - where I always downloaded and edited all my photos.  Picasa program has been retired, and is no longer available for support or download.....those who had it could still continue to use.....Oh well.  Have to find a new program!  That was so good..........and it was FREE!)

We've been able to get out most every day, but the days, while comfortable weather wise, have been very very windy!  Lots of rocking in the boat.  There was one day where the winds were 15+ mpr most of the Rich took advantage of the time off to make up a batch of potato candy!

And the sunsets have been beautiful...............most every night heading back to the cabin!

At the end of the first week, the fish count was not great!  Total caught was 56 with Donna in the lead 30 to 26.   Water here is very high, and quite weedy.......... No luck yet catching any big ones, but we've caught a good number of crappy that will provide a two or three good fish fry's for the two of us.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Our Last Day with Family in Iowa

On Tuesday Dennis and Chauna took Rich and I and Grandma Kathy to the University of Iowa, where she will join her brother Dalton, as a student, next semester!  The school is only about 45 minutes from their home in Davenport.    Beautiful campus, HUGE............  We toured the grounds, some of the buildings, the Orientation building and the Store......  then lunch before we headed for home!

Lunch was at one of Dalton's favorite places to eat - The Hamburger Inn........  Dennis took a selfie, as we waited for a table!  Yes - we all had burgers!   And except me....everyone got a Pie Shake to go!!

 All the grandparents went home with University of Iowa Grandparent T-shirts, compliments of Dennis!  I think we all hated to see the day end.........we sat and played Mexican train late into the night!!!  And I took my "three generation " picture of Dalton, Dennis and Rich!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Monday in Davenport, IA

On Monday, we hung around the house most of the day.  Dennis had to take Jack and Kim to the airport for their return trip to Florida.  Crystal and Dalton were working, so Chauna, and Kathy and I played two or three games of Mexican Train.   When everyone returned home from work we all went out to dinner at the local diner.  Food was excellent!!!!

Dennis and Crystal volunteer at the local no-kill animal shelter, so Kathy and Rich and I joined them.  We were not allowed to help with the work, or feed the dogs, but we enjoyed being around the animals.

Dennis and Crystal love working with the dogs, and we were so impressed with how hard they work, and how much the animals love them!!!

Tomorrow, off to Iowa City to see the University.   Next week is her official orientation.