Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rain and Cold............

Well, we are finally seeing some real winter weather here in FL.  And while some will complain ( like Rich), for me it's a welcome change.   And besides, it's here and gone almost before we know it!    But it has kept both of us pretty much inside this last week/week-end.  Rich has hibernated because of the cold, while I, on the other hand have just not felt up to much activity.  Been having some nasty lower back pain.  May be arthritis, but I really don't think so.  It is not so much an ache as more painful, primarily when I attempt to stand from a sitting position, or bend forward from a sitting position.   Thinking of a trip to the chiropractor might be in order.

So needless to say, my only time outside this week was Friday - grocery shopping day!    And Friday we had some pretty wicked winds,  and lots of rain.

These kind of days call for some comfort food - something that takes the chill off.

We enjoyed some hot oatmeal one morning, and I made a big pot of Chicken Chili, which was good for a couple of nights.

On Saturday afternoon, Rich took a trip over to the gun/shooting range in Sebring to do a little target practice with his new 9mm Ruger. It was his first time shooting this gun.

He says: "I first shot from 7 yards and the other half from 14 to 15 yards.  After the first few shots, I aimed and shot rapid fire for the next six shots, to empty the clip each time.  I also took a few head shots during rapid fire and missed the head once. (wouldn't try head shots if it were for real).  It's going to take me longer than I thought to get used to it."

Looks like some pretty good shooting to me!

And while he was out shooting,  I began to prepare a brand new recipe that I recently found.  "Angela's Awesome Enchiladas".

I've made fajitas several times, as well as baked burritos, but this was my first attempt at  enchiladas.   This was the first that I've used anything but "chunks or strips" of chicken, as the recipe called for shredded chicken. It was my first time shredding my cooked chicken myself!

The only change I made to the recipe was to add some Hot Salsa to the meat mixture, since we both like a little "kick" to our Mexican food.

This recipe is a keeper for sure.  They were very good!

I still have some of the shredded chicken left over......

Think I might mix up some chicken salad for lunch.   Then go watch the Australian Open.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The beginning of a three day weekend.

You would think, that once retired weekends wouldn't matter, that everyday was a weekend day, since you didn't have to work.  Well that may be so - but Rich still likes to spend his days with the Stock Market. Monday is Martin Luther King day, and the markets will be closed so we will have a three day weekend.

Took our weekly trip up to Sebring this afternoon.  First stop was Walmart to buy a gun cleaning kit and some ammo for Rich's new Ruger 9mm pistol.   His new holster arrived a few days ago.

Next stop was Home Depot, where we had to pick up a couple of 10 foot pieces of treated lumber for the dock, a quick stop for gas ( down to $1.89 !) and then off to Lakeshore Mall.

No shopping today though - but we did indulge in a small dish of ice cream since we had a little  time to spare before the movie started.

With the Senior Rate, the cost was just over $12 for the two of us since it was before 4:30.  We saw the movie 13 Hours which is a story about the Benghazi attacks  that took place back in 2012. Mixed feelings/opinions on the movie.   I thought it was a powerful movie, and it had me in tears. Rich was not as impressed me,  saying it was not what he had expected.  I will just say that I would believe the events as relayed by the survivors  of that day, and the words of the parents of those brave men that died that day, long before the story provided to America by our then Secretary of Sate, Hillary Clinton. The movie is presented as a True Story.

By the time we pulled out of the parking lot it was 7:00pm, and we were hungry
and after discussing several options for dinner we agreed on Denny's. The temperature was dropping and it was a little chilly in the restaurant, so we both opted for a hot cup of decaf coffee.  Rich enjoyed the Bourbon Bacon Burger and fries, and I had the Bourbon Chicken Skillet.  Both were very good.   Back on the road and home about 8:45.

We don't do dinner and movie very often, so today was a nice treat!

Forecast is cool  for tonight, down in the 60's, and only getting up to the low 70's on Sunday.  And the rain chance tonight and tomorrow is over 60% . Not looking too good for much activity outside!

We also received very good news from our New York friends, Dean and Cherie.  They are moving to Florida the first of February.  Cherie has been suffering with liver cancer, and has been told that she should be able to have her transplant within the next couple of months.  We, and all her friends, have been praying every day for her to get this good news.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The New Year - Settling In

The weather has finally changed. And while winter is nothing like being up north, I do look forward to saying goodbye to that hot sun and high humidity. The last few days have been absolutely beautiful; sunny but with highs in the high 60's and low 70's.  The nights have been down in the 40's.   Sound like a good time to get the soup or chili recipes out!  Maybe  next week.  Weekend forecast is for upper 70s.

In the meantime, mealtime is about the same.

We did have some shrimp scampi the other night, which was a nice change for pasta night.

And we seem to have made Rich's pizza a weekly regular.

With the weather being so nice, Rich has continued to spend some time during the day fishing from the dock.
Yesterday he had three or four minnows left so he went down mid afternoon for a couple of hours. Nothing big, but he did pull in a couple of pickerel.

We had the door open, so he' give me a holler when he caught something, and I'd run down with my camera!

I know I've shared before, pictures of our new found friends, the Egret. ( I have been incorrectly calling him a White Ibis)   This bird is almost like one of the family.  Not afraid of either of us.  And he's on the dock as soon as Rich stats to fish, until he quits and throws him a dead minnow.   I've never been down on the dock long enough to get some good close up shots.  These came out pretty good.

So now it's Tuesday evening and there is nothing on TV except the State of the Union Speech.  That's why I'm updating this blog.  There is no way I can look at that at, let alone listen to the stupidity that comes out of that president's mouth. I get ill just looking at him................Oh it's going to be a long year!

So today, knowing  I would not be watching any TV I spent the day cleaning the family room and the sun room,  helped Rich trim some dead branches off the tree out back, cooked chicken for a chicken and potato casserole for dinner and made Rich some brownies with peanut butter icing.

Nothing at all planned for the rest of the week.  Actually nothing specific planned yet for the rest of the month!!

The back is feeling better - if it continues, I just might go see about joining the fitness center!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A slow week, but a fun Saturday

Nothing exciting going on this week.
I have no idea how or why, but my back has really been bothering me.  I had a few bad days a week or so ago, and then all the pain was just gone!  This week the pain was in the lower back, even into my butt, and hip area.  More of an ache, hurt to move, type of pain.  I would also get some of the same in my left shoulder and left side of my neck.  And some sharper pains higher in my back - somewhat like gas pains.   When the pain had subsided, significantly one night, I asked Rich to take a short walk with me.  Only made it a short distance down the block when the lower back and hips were really we headed back.   Friday and today have been much better.

Rich is still trying to find someone to come and look at the motor.  Either we don't get a return call, or they need to pull the boat out of the water to work on it - which means getting the boat to the ramp.  Not an easy task.

We made a trip into Sebring Tuesday,  to the gun shop to pick up his new Ruger  ( had that three day waiting period!) and today he is searching the net for a holster. Also stopped at the government office to get his concealed carry permit and get fingerprinted, while I went to  the Supervisor of Elections office to change my party affiliation from Independent to Republican so I am eligible to vote in the Florida Primary in March.

Rich had some minnows left and went out on the dock one day this week for a couple of hours.  Only thing he caught was a small pickerel!  And of course his friend, the White Ibis was right there on the dock all the while.  Rich did throw him a dead minnow!!  Another bird we have not seen yet this winter is the Wood Stork.  I think they are so pretty.  But while Rich was fishing one did land in the yard, and Saturday, while we were sitting on the lanai, he flew in and perched on the deck for quite a while.  Love bird watching..........

Saturday evening we met up again with Buddy and Diane.  They had invited us  along with Nathan and Krystal to join them at the Panda Restaurant in Wauchula.  The second Tuesday of each month you can get the buffet dinner and a 2 hour show with an Elvis impersonator, and another who does Johnny Cash songs.  All for $20 per person.  Sadly, Krystal was not feeling well - so we missed her and Nathan.   Too bad, because even though this was not the most professionally done show - it was quite entertaining and the food was not too bad.

 There were two guys who did the show; one who always does Elvis and the other, who normally does Johnny Cash - but tonight did a variety.....  The Elvis impersonator is really not too bad.  While he doesn't move those hips quite as much - he does have a nice voice that most of time really sounds like Elvis.  The second guy - well, not a very good voice, and out of pitch most of the time.  BUT he really was funny.  Diane says " it's like watching a comedy show"!  They do interact with the audience, with teddy bears, and scarves.....and to celebrate Elvis's birthday it was goodie bags, scarves, kisses for the ladies, raffles and birthday cake!

We arrived around 6:00 for dinner and the show started at 7:00. It was close to 9:30 when the show was over and Diane and I finished getting or pictures taken with the performers.  From the pictures below - you can tell it was a night of great company and lots of fun and laughter.  

Pretty late night for us!    Have to start checking things out, nothing specific scheduled until our Comedy night in March!   We do need to get in touch with our friends, the clowns, and our friends from PA that should be arriving here in FL any day now.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Celebrating the New Year

New Year's Day plans were temporarily postponed...Buddy had come down with a stomach virus, so our get together was moved to Sunday,  January 3rd.    Despite the cold and rainy weather we had a wonderful day.

It rained from the time we left home  for about an hour, until just a few miles from Nathan and Krystal's place.   As we pulled into the drive, we spotted Nathan, out in the rain (sprinkles) with the smoker going....  He was smoking the chicken and pork for our dinner.  Inside Krystal, Buddy, Diane and our little Miss Ava gave us a warm welcome.

I just love what they have done with their home.  Krystal has a special talent for color combinations and the house is just so bright, cheerful and welcoming.  And since our last visit that have had new hardwood floors laid.........and they look beautiful!   Nathan was in an out cooking the meat and vegetables, and  fortunately the rain had at least slowed to a drizzle or sprinkle.    He had smoked and then grilled the chicken and pork for fajitas.  Dinner was delicious!  I had brought a small tin of cookies and fudge and Krystal had made a huge Red Velvet Cake for dessert.

The guys and girls kind of split after dinner and just enjoyed chatting and catching up.  Krystal shared the scrap book she had finished from their recent cruise with the family.  Absolutely outstanding photos!   It was dark by the time we all headed for home, and Krystal gave Rich some cake to take home!   Generally we only get together with these two couples once/month.  But we will be seeing them again on Saturday night for dinner and a show!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year Begins with "Change of Plans"

Happy New Year......  Plans for New Year's Day were to meet up with Buddy and Diane and Nathan and Krystal.  Because they missed our last monthly get-together, they invited us over for our choice of either Grilled Pizza, or Homemade Fajitas.  Rich and I had enjoyed both of these, so Buddy and Diane selected the Fajitas!  Great Choice!   After some discussion, everyone agreed on getting together New Year's Day at the Showalter's.

Change of plans!   Buddy called early to say that he was down with a stomach virus!  After a few e-mails/phone calls, plans were changed to meet, same time, same place on Sunday.

Change of plans!  So now........

WHAT'S FOR DINNER?  Well we still had some left over Ham, and a dish of left over goulash!

So we decided to use one of our Christmas Gifts; one of the gift cards to Golden Corral.   Parking lot was full, and the restaurant very very busy, but today everythng was hot and fresh.  As usual - we both ate too much.  It was a quite night, just wathing a movie we had recorded.

And it was a good day to take down all the Holiday decorations and store them for another year.  Task completed.

On Friday we also made a trip to the bait shop for minnows.  The weather forecast for Saturday was mostly cloudy with highs in the upper 60's.  This would be our first time out in the boat since we returned from NY in August!  Rich had filled the gas tank, cleaned the boat and made sure everything was working several weeks ago.

Before the sun was up on Saturday morning, the thermos was filled with coffee and we were ready to head out.  Weather was perfect!

Change of Plans!!!!!          Would you believe, the motor would not start???? Tried and tried - but it just would not turn over.   So Rich got the poles out and fished off the dock for a while.  He did catch a small bass, but that was it.  And, as is always the case, that same White Ibis found his way to the dock, knowing that if one of those minnows was dead, he'd get a treat.....And he did!

So far.........we are still on schedule for Dinner at the Showalter's  on Sunday.