Sunday, October 25, 2015

Broadway Palm - Fort Myers, FL

First - a medical update:  Friday was a busy day..... I headed out Friday morning before 8:00 AM to have the stitches removed from my finger.  It's been 10 days and they said they were ready to come out!  It's still pretty ugly, it's healing very slowly......and its' a pain trying to do anything simple!

Rich also had a doctor's appt. on Friday for his pneumonia shot.  Had his flu shot last week, and no problem.  But he's had some nasty side effects from the pneumonia shot.  Upper arm very swollen, hot to the touch and sore.  Next day, the same but has moved lower on the arm, and today still swollen, hot and sore, but has moved down to the elbow area........... May have to call the doctor if it continues much longer.

Sooooooo. We were on the road about 2:00 PM on Saturday, headed for Fort Myers.  Plans were to meet up with Nathan and Krystal for dinner and show at the Broadway Palm, spend the night and then meet up with friends in Northport on Sunday.    First stop the hotel.  We had reservations at Americas Best Value Hotel.  We found this hotel last year.  It's nothing fancy, but is very clean, newly remodeled, has nice rooms, nice free breakfast, and decent pool area, and the price is right.  Makes no sense to me to spend a fortune on a hotel.....just to stop and sleep! I'd much rather spend it on travel and entertainment,  

We headed for the Broadway Palm Dinner theater about 5:45, where we met up with Nathan and Krystal.  We had been here a couple of times previously, but this was a first for the two of them.  We were escorted to our table.  An excellent location in the second row back from the stage.

Dinner was a choice of of of three entrees from the menu, or the buffet.  We all elected the buffet, and it was excellent.  Vegetable beef soup, and a large selection of salads and fruit, including an amazing pretzel salad that Krystal and I tried.   There was Prime Rib, Sweet and Sour Pork, Panko and Almond Crusted Whitefish, Pasta Preivera, Au gratin Potatoes, mixed vegetables and an excellent pineapple casserole. Desert was pretty much anything you could think of, from sundaes, brownies, cheesecake, cookies and a large variety of pies.  Everything was delicious.  Thanks, Krystal for this picture.

The show this evening was The Million Dollar Quartet - which takes place at the Sun Records recoding studio, and is the one and only time when these four great singers were together; Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.   During the show you can not take pictures, but I did find these on the Broadway Palm face book page.   This show was absolutely awesome.

Unfortunately plans to meet up with Dieter and Helen in Northport did not work out, so we headed for home early Sunday. Relaxed most of the day, and enjoyed chicken and beans and baked potato for dinner and caught up on a few of our favorite TV programs.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Together in the Kitchen......

Sunday started out with no special plans for either of us.  Rich's back was bothering him a little - so that meant not a lot of bending....... Thought we might get the palm trees fertilized..............but I guess that will wait for another day.  We just need to get it done before the end of the month.  

I spent some time updating the blog and Rich balanced the checkbook, and then did whatever he usually does on Sunday to prepare for the stock market on Monday morning.

 He must have noticed that the only goodies left in the house was 3 or 4, four day old oatmeal raisin cookies, because he asked if I would boil a potato so he could make some potato candy.

While he prepared his favorite candy - I finished preparing the ham for dinner.  Ham, honey gold baby potatoes, and broccoli for dinner; potato candy for dessert.  Dishes in the dishwasher, relax and call it a day.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pumpkin Festival with Friends

On Saturday, Rich and I met up with our good friends Nathan and Krystal at the 24th Annual Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival in Bradenton.  That's about an hour and half drive for us - but less than a half hour from their home in Myakka City.  This was a FIRST time for all of us.  This festival usually runs for three consecutive weekends in October - but unfortunately last weekend was cancelled because of heavy rainstorms which flooded the grounds.

As we drove up to event we were immediately impressed with the size of the grounds, despite being only able to see the parking area!  The festival opened earlier, but their was still a steady line of cars entering at 11:30.    The roads and parking area were still a bit muddy - and I'm sure more than one car got stuck in the mud.  Our assigned parking spot was about 14 rows back from the admission gate, where Nathan and Krystal were waiting for us.

Through the gate.......and our adventure began.  It was a pretty warm day, and already we could tell that this place was HUGE, and that meant a good amount of walking.  The place was actually beautiful, with the obvious PUMPKINS, yes, but everything was decorated perfectly from animal carvings in the trees, to hay and corn mazes, to scarecrows, to horse drawn buggies, and more...........

The first thing we did was to check out the map and what was going on where. Thanks to Nathan - he led the way to the Pumpkin Cannon - this was sooooooooo cool.  Can not believe how far that pumpkin flew!  Click here for a video that Krystal posted. VIDEO .  From there it was on to the Hartzells Crossbow of Death at the Saloon Bar.! I swear that arrow missed her head by no more than 1/2 inch!  And then we headed for The American Wall of Death Motordrome.  These guys on motorcycles were very good - especially that 65 year old driver who road "NO" handed! 

And , of course, we had to take time to check out the animals... birds, lama, goats, horses, pigs and a giant turtle that I missed a picture of.

In the midst of all his fun, we did stop for food an beverage. Before anyone else, Rich found his way to the fried dough booth, which he ate in the saloon while we watched the show.  Later we all stopped for a quick lunch, and found our way to the Boogie Barn, where we sat, relaxed, out of the sun, and listened to the Country Band. And before we headed for home we walked theough the craft areaan stoped to say hello to our neighbor John - who had his tent sent up, selling his custome made trunks. 

We both would have liked to stay a bit longer; there was definitely still a lot more left to see and do.  But it was a vvery warm sunny day, I was getting a head ache, and I could tell that Rich's back was bothering him, even though he would not say so.  We enjoyed our short day trip, and our time with Nathan and Krystal.

Back home about 4:30 and just relaxed for the rest of the night.  Dinner was very light. We split a bacon and cheese omelet, Rich putting his half between two slices of toast.

Next weekend the four of us are going to Ft. Myers; a trip to the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater and a stop at the Shell factory on the way home

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Emergency Room Visit!

Tuesday morning I was awake early, so headed out for my morning walk.  My plan for the day was to finish trimming up the bushes,  Only had some easy (or so I thought) trimming along one side to finish of the house and it would all be done, except for trimming some of the trees - and Rich would do that.

So, I figured the shower could wait until I finished in the yard.  Picked up the small grass shears and a plastic bag for the trimmings.  I was just finishing up the first row of bushes when I grabbed one of the branches in the back, an not paying attention to where my hand was..............I proceeded to clip my finger along with the branch!  OUCH!

SO....Rich and I headed for the Emergency Room. ( God, I wish I had taken a shower!) NO ONE waiting ( It was just after 8:30 AM) so they took me right in.  We were there for almost two hours, had six stitches, a tetanus shot, and three antibiotic pills and left with my finger wrapped in about 6 ft of bandages and prescription for more antibiotics.

I have to admit - the staff and doctor were very pleasant.  Dr. Nasary, was really pretty funny.  I wanted Rich - who was sitting there for the whole thing, to know that my "household skills" would be seriously jeopardised.  When I said " no cleaning, cooking or dish washing for a couple of weeks" he  looked at Rich and said  "two months... at least two months".  Then when I told him it had probably been more than 40 years since my last tetanus shot he got wise again.  Rich said  "don't they recommend you getting one every 10 years?"  To which the doctor replies " yes - so she will need to have four today!  One for each 10 years she missed."

Bandage came off this morning.  Was told to wash and dry. Use neosporan and cover with a band aid.  OH.......It is so ugly!!!!!  Supposed to heal in about 10 days, and then have the stitches pulled.  More fun!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Meeting up with more friends.

I usually write about weekend trips, or day long visits that include fishing and mexican train....but lately friends Nick and Tonyia  are so busy that they seldom find time to stop and just have fun!!!  They did  however, invite us to join them at Beef O Brady's tonight for dinner.

Beef's is not one of those places that we go to alot, but the food is really quite good and it's a great place to meet up with friends when you want something
besides a buffet or fine dining!

And  except for the bacon that was not done - everyone enjoyed their food choice tonight.   Rich had the Steak Burrito, Tonyia the Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Nick ordered the fried pickles as an appetizer, followed by a giant burger and fries, and I had the chicken quesadilla,   which was on the starter/appetizer menu, but still proved to be more than I could eat! But Rich  was able to finish it!.

We always enjoy spending time with these two, and tonight was no different.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Making Time For Friends

Rich and I really enjoy spending time with family and friends, whether it's here at home, visiting, or just meeting out for a casual get together for dinner or entertainment.  Since being back from NY - we've really tried to make an extra effort to meet up with our close friends at least once a month.  And so far it's been successful.

This past weekend we got John to take a break and he and Diane joined us on Sunday for dinner.  John is busy every day in his garage making trunks and with shows coming up, and orders coming in faster than he can make them.......he's been a very busy guy.  But we knew that Lasagna would do the trick! And so on Sunday he and Diane joined us for dinner.  The food was good and the company was great and it was nice to just relax and enjoy the day.

This week was more work in the yard, getting the boat cover off and cleaned and getting the boat ready to get out on the lake,and then doctor appointments for both of us.  Nothing serious - just regular visit with eye doctor for me, and annual check-ups for both of us.

Thursday night was dinner night with friends.  This time with Nathan and
Krystal and Buddy and Dianne.   Since the Hibachi Grill is the favorite choice for all of us - this will probably be our primary  'meet up' place.  We really got into some great conversations, everything from drones and flying cars, to politics, (fortunately we all share the same conservative views!)  and even life in  South American countries!!!   That one's a LONG Story for another time.   And we all laughed a lot.  I think we must have sat there for close to two hours before we called it a night.  And then we said that maybe next time we'd meet up on a Wednesday night at Cody's Roadside for 2 for 1 fajita night!  Sounds like a plan.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Family Update......

Well - not too much going on these past couple of weeks. Been working in the yard - and met up with friends Nick and Tonyia for dinner at Bob Evans one night.

  Fall is starting to settle in; if you consider mid 80's to be Fall!  But it is supposed to get down in the 60's tonight.  Maybe we can keep the windows open pretty soon?

In the meantime Dennis and the grand kids have been busy and they've shared some really nice pictures.   Dennis, who still works for the military, has a job that affords him the pleasure of  pretty much word-wide travel.  His last work venture, just a few weeks ago took him to Hawaii.  We have told him that the next trip to Hawaii should be an extended stay and include the family, ( wife, kids, Dad and Me!).   Some nice pics......and we always enjoy those "selfies".

Back home to Davenport, IA...........and in time for the kids High School Homecoming. 

So hard to believe that Dalton is a Senior this year. One smart guy - that we are so very proud of.  Here he is with friends and his girlfriend Sara.  In addition to playing in the marching band, he also was an escort for the Home Coming Court. 

And Chauna - she's a Junior this year.  Also a very  beautiful and talented young lady, who, when not bowling or playing baseball, sings and dances with the show choir, and here she is demonstrating her skills as part of the flag team and with her boyfriend and homecoming partner, Ryan.

Having company for dinner today and I've been busy putting together Lasagna. Ready to put in the oven in about 5 minutes!  Always stuff to do around the house - but gotta get out and enjoy once in a while.  Dinner plans for Thursday in Sebring and just finished making plans to join friends at the  Broadway Palm Dinner Theater in Ft. Myers, later this month.