Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jury Duty - Not This Time

I (Donna) was on the road to Dade City early Monday morning, doing my duty as a Florida, Pasco County Resident. I called on Sunday evening after 5:30 to see if I was required to appear. The recording said that Juror numbers 1 through and including 216 should appear at the Pascoe County Courthouse in Dade City at 8:00 am Monday morning. Jurors with numbers higher than 216 were excused. I was juror number 10. Not quite sure how this happens - but not more than maybe 60 people were in the jury room that morning. But anyway.... We all watched the vidoe on jury service and filled out our questionnaires. About 40 of us were called to the court room to be questioned by the judge, prosacutors and defense attorneys. I spoke truthfully about my ability to be objective when a crime is committed under the influence of alchohal or drugs, and I was excused. I called Rich at about 11:30 to tell him I was on my way home - and caught him at Dunkin Donuts with the morning crew.
Not much else going on - just pickleball in the morning, or afternoon, or evening.....
This morning after Rich played at Pimlico, he ran into Jeanne as she was leaving Churchill. It's generally most of the guys who go to Dunkin Donuts in the morning, but today Jeanne said she'd be there, so I went along. Big group today! Enjoyed coffee, conversations and laughter, as always.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baseball Champions!

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(from Dennis and Crystal)
"Last night finished Dalton's and Chauna's ball season. Both won their League Championship in Davenport, IA.
Dalton: Davenport NorthWest Little League Pleasure Pools won 9-5.
Chauna: Davenport East Kiwanis won 5-4.
Both played great and had a wonderful season."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dinner with the Greenfields

Thursday I went back to Bealls to get Rich his pair of Nike Sneakers. They were on sale with 25% off and on Thursdays, if you show you are a Florida resident you get an additional 15% off. Nothing else real exciting.

On Friday evening we met Greenie and Kathy again for dinner. This time at Red Sauce, a nice Italian Restaurant in the Lake Sumter Landing Town Center. We'd been here with them a year ago, and the meals were very good. They were having dinner specials this week for $7.99. Rich had not a thing to eat except a donut at Dunkin Donuts that morning, so he asked how much smaller the portions were for the specials. The waitress said that the portions were probably about half the normal size. So Rich elected to stay with the FULL portion. He and Greenie did the Speghetti and MeatBalls, and Kathy and I did the Fettuchini. I opted for the Primavera with the vegatable - but was not pleased with the meal at all. Everyone else's was OK. They really should tell you if they are going to put mushrooms in your meal.............Or maybe I should have known when they said vegatables. But then again I've never had peas in my Primavera either.
Posted by Picasa After dinner we went back to our place for coffee and dessert. We had brownies and fruit; pineapple and strawberries dipped in white chocolate.
The best part of the evening was just being with friends, enjoying the company and conversation. I'm sure we'll do this again in a month or so. We still need to get to their place and meet Molly, their Golden Setter.
On Saturday morning after pickleball we met up with 8 or 10 other players including Mo and Jeanne, Charlie and Joan and Golf Cart Joe at the SonRise Cafe for our weekly breakfast.
I have to call after 5:30 this evening to find out whether or not I'll be driving to Dade City tommorrow for Jury Duty. This just is not fair. I have been called four or five times since we moved to Florida, and Rich has not been called once.!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shopping Today!

Monday was back to normal in the morning after a great Father's Day. Both Rich and I have found ourselves doing a lot of the Killer Soduku Puzzels, when the weather is bad or there is nothing on TV in the evenings. I took a break from the computer and stayed up very late doing puzzels Sunday evening.

I woke Rick Monday morning, a little later than normal and fell back asleep. He met up with the guys and gals at Pimlico. Early in the afternoon the rains came and it rained the rest of the day. It has been so hot for several days, and the clouds have rolled in and threatened most every day, but we've seen no rain. So when it rained that afternoon it was very welcome. The best part was that the temperatures dropped to comfortable levels.

Monday evening, Rich was going to help Mo with his clinic over at Churchill Street - but that didn't happen because of the weather.

On Tuesday after Rich returned from playing we decided to take the golf cart and go shopping that afternoon. Mo had told Rich about a place to purchase New Balance Shoes on line for a VERY reasonable price so we were going to head for Bealls to try on the New Balance and see what size fit the best. Since I have not been able to get out and about with my back, Rich decided to treat me to lunch out before we did our shopping chores. So we headed out to Steak and Shake again for lunchy then on to Bealls and then grocery shopping.

Remember - we are in The Villages - and you can go anywhere in your golf cart. So we were off.
This road is Wedgewood Lane, which runs parrallel to SR 466. This road is for both automobile and golf cart traffic. Wedgeood Lane provides access to all the stores in the Buffalo Lake Shopping Center. Buffalo Lake still has a lot under construction, but right now it hosts. Bealls, Super Wallmart, McDonald, Golden Corrall, Tires Plus, Steak and Shake and more restaurants like Olive Garden and Red Lobster.
Like most of The Villages the landscaping is very well manicured. Here we take our turn off Wedgewood Lane to go to Bealls.

As you can see - Bealls sits way back. So I'm sure that more stores will be occupying this space before too long.

Parking the Golf Cart is not a problem. As you can see Golf Carts and Automobiles share the parking spaces. Only difference is that two golf carts usually can occupy one sapce. Spent some time in Beally, and Rich decided that he still likes the Nike City Court Shoe the best. They are now @52with 25% off, but we will return on Thursday when we can get and additions Senior Discount of 15%. Will probably buy a couple of pair. Posted by Picasa

When we came out from Bealls, the sky was darkening and it looked like we might get an pretty bad afternoon thunderstorm. It appeared to be far enough away that we decided to make our stop at Publix before heading for home. Keep our fingers crossed that we make it home before it storms. Yes we can put the sides down on the golf cart - but still - we are pretty good target in a thunder and lightening storm!
We made our way back to Wedgewood Lane and headed east for Publis. Golden Corrall was onthe way..............

As was The Villages Fresh Market. We hsd thought about stopping here today - but with the weather thretening - we passed on by. We are told that is is like a grocery store, but is well known for its very frest, produce, meat and breads. Have to check this out pretty soon.
Coming out of Publix with our groceriers = the sky was even darker. Paked the food in the back of the cart and headed, quickly, for home.

Arrived home without incident, and the storm passed. NOT A DROP!!!! You just never know about this Florida weather! After dinner, Rich came in from outstide and said he could hear pickleball down at Churchill. Now we are about three city blocks from the courts - but you can hear the PING of the ball very clearly. He took the golfcart and headed down to see who was playing. After about 15 mintues, I jumped on the bike and took a ride down.

Posted by Picasa And ther I found him..............There were about six or seven guys out playing and they invited Rich to join them. He played three or four games and called it a day. They've invited him back for next Tuesday evening.
Wednesday moring I decided to give the back a try again. it's been feeling pretty good. A little stiff in the morning, but nothing painful. Rich headed for El Santiago and I went to Churchill. Took it easy. Only played three games, and the back was feeling OK. Will see how it feels in the morning, and if it's OK - I'll shoot for 5 or 6 games. It just felt REALLY good to be back out playing.
We'll probably head south to visit with Garf Cooper on Friday morning, and we're scheduled for dinner Friday night at Red Sauce with Greenie and Kathy. We've been asked to do a clinic down at Legacy in Leesburg and we're making plans to hook up with the fold at Highland Lakes.
I've been called for Jury Duty!! So Sunday night I will call and see if I have to be present on Monday morning. I have been called every year for the last three years and had to serve one time. Hope they let me go this time too!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


We had fun celebrating Father's Day this year. We were both up early, and I had the coffee ready before he was out of bed. ( But then again - I usually do set the timer!) He opened his gifts bright and early.

This year was a new shirt to wear on the pickleball courts. Definately white, which is a must in the summer heat and light weight that dries quickly! A new pickleball glove and of a giant Hershey Bar for his sweet tooth. Instead of a card this year I went on-line and printed up a Father's Day Medal Award complete with a picture of Denny.

This morning we were not playing pickleball, and instead headed for the Laural Manor Rec Center where people were gathering to meet Steve Wong. Steve is one of the top ranked National Pickleball Players. He is 32 years old, has been playing pickleball for 10 years and introduced the S-Type Pickleball Paddle, which can be purchased at . He was the former "webmaster" for the USAPA pickleball site and sat on the Board as VP. He and his family reside in Sammamush, WA and were in Florida on a Disney Vacation for the week.
Steve shared some of his pickleball techniques. He has definately mastered a lot of those shots that most of us would consider "low percentage shots" He has a wicked "ping-pong" type backhand shot, a great short volley and with those young legs can get to most any shot on the court. Coach Mo was also there, and he too shared a lot of his pickleball strategies, emphasizing more on the "active older adult player!" Joing Mo on the court was Deb Harrison, who is without a doubt the very best female player on the entire east coast. The three of them along with Steve's partner were able to demonstrate with precision some great pickleball techniques.
Before we left, we were able to grab a picture with Steve and talk with him for a few minutes.

It was still morning - so Rich suggested we do a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some glue and wrap for both his and my paddle and stop somewhere for lunch while we were out. But first we needed to stop at Dunkin Donuts to meet up with the 11:00 crew. Not a big group today, maybe eight or nine. We sat outside for just under an hour. Conversation led to the demo with Mo and Steve, and then Golf Cart Joe brought out his daily "trivia" questions. Since we were going for lunch from here, it was just coffee. (Except for Rich - it was coffee and a chocolate glazed donut).

Rich selected Shake and Steak for lunch. He almost always has their Chili Three Ways, but today opted for the Cheddar Chipolte Steak Burger and a Banana Milk Shake. A quick stop at Wal-Mart and we headed back home where he replaced the wrap on my paddle. It was early afternoon - and he was enjoying his day. He commented that " a call from Denny, and the day will be perfect" and then his attention went to the Killer Soduku Puzzel he was working on.

His request for our evening dinner was for either Ham or Roast Beef, so I started the preparation for Ham, Scalloped Potato and Green Bean Casserole.
Not long before dinner - the phone rang and it was Dennis. He had tried to call earlier and commented to Rich that he figured we were either eating or playing pickleball! I guess he knows us well. I left the two of them to talk and went inside. Father's Day was now perfect!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Golf Cart Ride to Breakfast

Rich headed out early this morning to Pimlico for pickleball and returned about 10:15. Generally a group of regular players from Pimlico meet at Dunkin Donuts every morning for coffee at 11:00. But on Saturday morning they meet for breakfast instead.

(Click on pictures to enlarge - use back arrow to return to this page)
So Rich and I joined the group this morning at the SonRise Cafe. With the exception of Mo and Jeanne, Rich knows this group better than I do. There were 12 of us there today. Breakfast was reasonably priced and very good, and I got to meet some new people. Pictured from left to right is Golf Cart Joe ( I've heard this name so many times from Rich - today I finally got to meet him. ) Jerry, Rich (and in front of Rich and hidden is Mo), Jeanne, Joan and Charlie, and Louise (in the green top).

We took the golf cart today - so I'll show you the way back to our villa!

Leaving the parking we travel a short road shared by both golf cart and automobile travelers, and take a left which will take us to SR 466, one of the main east/west roads that crosses The Villages. (Golfcart) traffic was quite heavy today as you can see as we enter, and exit, the tunnel that crosses under SR 466 and as we continue to follow Belvedere.

Just a short distance and we pass the Pimlico Recreation Center. Yes this is the Pimlico where Rich plays pickleball on a regular basis. This recreation center has Line Dancing every Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 9:45!!

Continuing along Belevedere we take a right on Ansel, a right on Due West, and a right onto Churchill Street.

Next stop is at the Lynnhaven Pool. No we're not stopping to take a dip, but to check the mail. There are neighborhood pools like this one throughout The Villages, and several of them include post office boxes for residents within that particular Village. Like everywhere else here, the landscaping is always well manicured.

Heading back down Churchill Street we come to the Churchill Street Recreation Center, where Jeanne and I play pickleball most every morning. Churchill is not as elaborate as Pimlico, and we only have four pickleball courts here, while Rich enjoys eight courts at Pimlico. Tuesday night is Bingo here.

We'll take Livingston Loop to Souther Oaks.........

Where we enter the South Oak Villas - which for right now, we'll call our temporary vacation home..............

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How many of you remember the highschoold sitcom that ran back in the late 80's early 90's called Saved By The Bell? Probably not a regular for us Baby Boomers - but probably for some of our kids.

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Dennis Haskins AKA "Mr Belding" from Saved by the Bell with our dauthter-in-law, Crystal and grandkids, Dalton and Chauna at a QC River Bandits game in Davenport, IA.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dinner with Mo and Jeanne

Another typical day at The Villages. Rich was out playing today at Pimlico, but I'm still resting the back. Surprisingly, the back was doing much much better today. I think by Monday I might be able to get back out playing.
Tonight we went to dinner with Mo and Jeanne. Mo is really doing well on his diet so his recommedation for the evening was Applebee's. They have some really nice menu selections, including the two for $20, which includeds one appetizer and two main entrees. They also have a selection of 5 or 6 different meals which have 550 calories or less. Mo and Jeanne both opted for the Asiago Steak, with baby red potatos and vegetable (under 550 calories), which they said was excellent. Rich selected the Spicy Blackend Talapia - also excellent and I had the Chicken Ceaser Salad.
The last few times that we have dined out with Mo and Jeanne, they have invited us back to their place for Rich's favorite dessert ( eclairs!). Since Mo was dieting, I whipped up a fat free KeyLime pie this morning and invted them back to our place for pie and coffee.
It was a very nice evening - great company - great conversation.
Tomorrow is breakfast at 11:00 at the SonRise Cafe and Sunday they've invited us to join their group for Father's Day Dinner at the Tierra Del Sol Country Club. The social calandar is certainly filling up fast!!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unwanted Free Time!

We've both been out every morning this week playing pickleball. I still meet up with the group at Churchill Street Rec Center, while Rich has been off to Pimlico, El Santiago, Saddlebrook and La Hacienda.

The weather here has been almost unbearable. Here in the Tampa/The Villages area we continue to break records for temperatures and heat index with temperatures in the high 90's and heat index well over 100. We've had a number of people getting ill, either with dehydration or just exhaustion. We called 911 the one day when my partner went down, and despite putting his legs up, the ice and cold compresses, we couldn't get the heart rate down. A few of the ladies have been escorted home by fellow players, because of exhaustion. The Villages has water on the courts every day for all the players, but in this heat you really need to bring the sports drinks, like Gatorade, to get the electrolites back in the system.

Rich and I have managed to keep well hydrated, so we've been able to cope with the weather. But Rich continues to have problems with the feet. The toes, where the surgery was done, are doing great! No pain at all. But now he is getting a lot of tingling and burning on the Both Feet! It's not constant. Generally OK in the morning, or after resting for a while. He can play four games or so and then it gets pretty bad. The doctor (Podiatrist) called in a prescription for him, but it doesn't seem to be relieving the problem. You know Rich - even the pain won't keep him off the courts. He still goes out and plays, even if its just four or five games.

Me? I was even out line dancing for about three hours on Tuesday aftern0on after playing pickleball in the morning.....But even I am out of commission now. Yesterday my opponent, trying to pull me off the court to set up a shot sent a ball low and to the outside of the court to my forehand side. I bent, stretched, and in an effort to return the ball cross court, twisted quickly to the left as I hit the ball. Made a great shot..........but pulled a muscle or something in my back! Had to quit in the middle of the game. Made it home on the bicycle and then iced it several times during the day. Was sore, but didn't seem to bad when I went to bed for the night. BUT!!!! It took me about 10 minutes to maneuver my way out of bed this morning and walk about 10 steps to the bathroom! Pretty painful..........but after getting up and around and moving a little bit, it is much more bearable. No pickleball or dancing for a while............

And no senior citizen comments (Mark!) We both refuse to say (or believe) we're getting older.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Donna Hit's the Big 60

I know what you're thinking already!! And yes, while today I was indeed one year older, I did start my day at 7:00 am on the pickleball courts at the Churchill Recreation Center, just a short bike ride from the Villa.

Not a big group out this morning, so very little time to sit out between games. By 9:30 I was exhausted............actually I was anxious to get the rest of the day started! We always celebrate birthdays , but usually it's a small gift and dinner out or with close friends. I did do a super surprise party for Rich on his 60th though!! But the plans for today could not be more perfect.

When I awoke this morning, Rich had left my Birthday Card strategically placed close to the coffee pot, knowing that would be my first stop. I opened the card - even before I poured my learn that today would be a trip to DownTown Disney......................for the 6:00 pm performance of Cirque Du Soleil, La Nouba ! Category One, Preferred Seating - Section 203 - Center Stage! I was on Cloud Nine!!!! I have wanted to see this performance for so long, and we had talked about it several times................I was so surprised!

So why is there a picture of this Chinese Buffett? Well our plans were to leave mid afternoon and have dinner before the show, and since it was my Birthday - it was my choice of restaurants. Orlando; Downtown Disney. I thought about a few of our favorites, like Macaroni Grill, Red Lobster.........or some new and exciting places like Crab Harbor or the Rainforest Cafe....but I got on line to find a Chinese Buffett that was on our way...........and so so we stopped here. It was just five minutes from Downtown Disney, the prices a little higher than normal - but the food was excellent!

And then we arrived at Cirque Du Soleil. Unfortunately they do not allow any type of flash photography during the performance so I can't share any of those great moments. Needless to say the show was even better than I had anticipated. While the lighting and the stage effects enhanced the performance, it could not begin to compare with the phenominal talent of the performers. Here is a link to the Cirque De Soleil Website with a trailer of the performance we saw. La Nouba
After the show we walked the park a bit. Can not imagine what this place is like when all the 'snow birds' are here, because the place was hopping with music and dancing and shows and lots and lots of people! So unlike me not to have pictures to share. Just these two. Despite the fact that I am fearful of heights, that hot air balloon just might be a good way to celebrate another birthday??? On the way out we had to stop just once more; I heard the music and saw the group out dancing the "Cuban Shuffle".

And then we shuffled on back to the car for the ride back home.....................And stopped at McDonalds for a milk shake!!!

Pickleball....Line Dancing.........Chineese Buffett.... Cirque Du Soleil and such a great guy to share it all with? Doesn't get any better.

Thank you, Rich!Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bad Weather - Good Friends

Monday morning we were both back out on the Pickeball Courts. There are about 8 of us that arrive at Churchill Rec Center just before seven am and are standing on the courts ready to serve when it's exactly seven. The morning was a little overcast, but very very warm. By 10:00, it was difficult to find a dry spot anywhere on clothes or body so headed for home. Rich had taken the golf cart to Pimlico and didn't leave the courts quite early enough.........

The clouds came in and the sky darkened not long after I had finished showering. By 10:30 it was storming. Rich and the crew at Pimlico raced from the courts and dropped the covers on the golf carts to get out of the rain and head for home. Rich said that Mo rode his bike that morning - so you can just imagine what he looked like by the time he reached home. Despite the rain, all the guys still met at Dunkin Donuts, as usual, for the morning coffee and story telling.
By mid afternoon the skies darkened and we had some pretty nasty thunder and ligntening storms. But it has been so hot and so dry - that the rain was most welcome. It rained and stormed most of the rest of the day and well into the evening.
Tuesday evening we headed for Spanish Springs Town Center, where we were meeting Dick(Greenie) and Kathy for dinner. It's been almost a year since we last saw them and wanted to make sure we got together at least once before they head for Michigan at the end of July.
We arrived a bit early, so had a few minutes to look around. We parked right in front of The Villages Golf Shop so we looked at some of the Golf Carts on display that were for sale. Click on the picture above and take a loot at the cart on the bottom. That one goes for just over $15 thousand.
We met Kathy and Greenie at Katie Bells for dinner. They have some great early bird dinners. I opted for the Shrimp and Scallop Scampi, Rich had the Kickin Chicken over cheese ravioli, Greenie,Fish and Kathy the Chicken Portabello. For $9.99 your dinner included the entre along with a great soup, salad and bread bar. Everything was delicious.
The inside of Katie Bells is really unique. We sat on the second floor overlooking the stage and dance floor on the lower level. Music and/or entertainment every afternoon and evening. The dance floor was being refurbished, but some people still wanted to dance and did so close to their tables, or in any space they could find.
It was nice catching up on what Kathy and Greenie had been up to for the last year, so we sat for quite a while talking after dinner. Long enough to take Greenie up on his suggestion to go to Ollies for Ice Cream.
And so we did - Ollies is a small little ice cream parlor less than a mile from the Restaurant. Above - Kathy and Greenie enjoy their ice cream dessert. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday Night at the Races

On Saturday Rich and I were invited to join Coach Mo and Jeanne at the Churchill Recreation Center where friends were meeting for a Pot Luck Dinner and to watch the BelmontStakes.

At 5:00 the crowd began to arrive. There were several of the pickleball players from Churchill and Pimlico there. Everyone brought a dish to pass along with their favorite beverage for the evening. We were met at the door by Mo where we could place our bets on the race. All bets were $5. The only difference was that you didn't get to choose your horse!!!! I mean - come on - what fun would that be. You also were given a lottery ticket for the "$million" drawing at 11:00 that evening.

After some social gathering everyone took to the kitchen to fill their plates. The food was excellent. No - there were not any eclairs for Rich, but he found some real good home made treats( brownies, cheescake, chocolate chip cookies etc.) that were even better.

After dinner everyone started to gather around the TV as the horses took to the field and then to the gates. My horse was First Dude (named after Sarah Palin's nickname for her husband!). His odds going into the race were 7-2 - so my chances looked real good. Now, what you need to understand is that the payout tonight was to both the first place winner AND the LAST place horse. Rich had the number 10 horse, Stay Put. With a name like that and odds at 20-1 we were looking real good for taking first AND last.

As you notice, I did not get a picture of the screaming, cheering crowds during the race. That's because my horse, First Dude took the lead out of the gate. He was in front all the way...........until the last lap!! As you probably know by now, Drosselmeyer took over the lead and won the race. But First Dude was a Runner UP!!!

When the race was over - all the Drosselmyer winners fled to the table to collect their winnings. First place paid $50.

Here are our friends Barb and Pete McNamara smiling and holding their winnings. Their horse Spangles Star finished last. Have you ever seen anyone so excited about coming in LAST???
Posted by Picasa To end the evening, Mo did six drawings for door prizes with the left over money. The first drawing was for $15, and all others were for $10.
And the Lotto at 11:00?
No winners and it rolls over for the sixth time for a $14 million drawing on Wednesday June 9th.
What a Great Idea, MO!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where are all of our Pickleball Friends?

This winter when Rich and I went to Peace River and learned that many of our friends that we had met there in previous years were not going to be there, we were a little dissapointed. We really missed Dennis and Barb, Bob and Kathy, Stan and Sally, Mark and Chris to name a few, but within just a few weeks we were introduced to so many new people. We should have known that you always meet great people and make great friends on the pickleball courts. And so many of these people continue to keep in touch with us as they leave the humidity and tropical weather of Florida and head north for the winter.
Today we received an e-mail and some pictures from Tom and Karen Wolf. (That's Tom and Karen above with their absolutely beautiful Dalmation!) They spent most of the winter here in Florida back and forth betweeen Orlando and Wauchula, and if you remember, Karen and I partnered up for the Heartland Senior Games.

Over the Memorial Day weekend they were in Chesapeake Bay, VA along witha lot of other players from Peace River - Nate and his family, Tracy and Jim, Jack and Diane, Diane's brother and his wife and Ken and Faye. She said "The preserve held a pickleball tournament. Austin and I were partners, played 4 games and won 1st place!! The semi-final game was against Diane & Jack, a real close game but we prevailed. "

Here are some more pictures she sent! You pickleball players are sure to see some familiar faces.

A Group Picture of the all the Tournament Players, above.

One of the nicest families we met were the Showalters. Here is Crystal and her partner, Diana, Austin, Daryl (Nate's Partner) and Nate.

The Championship match was between Bracket winners Jack and Diane (The Happy Hour Queen!)..........who took second place AND
Karen and Austin who won the overall tournament. Here they are holding their trophy that Karen says they have "joint custody of for six months each". She also told us that with the exception of of ONE category the Florida Picklers ( as they are known by the locals) swept the tournament with the most wins. I say - It's because they all attended Rich's Clinics in Peace River!!!!!
And where is everyone else? Tom and Karen said they found Carla and John, Marie and Keith, Dean and Margie and Barry and Donna on their next stop at TT Hershey. Karen says it best "we have had some "wild and crazy" matches with Dean on the courts!!!
Rich and I will definately enjoy our time here at The Villages - but our RV Picklers are some pretty special folk!!!