Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A new year..... a new decade.

Well today is New Year's Eve..... and since Christmas day it's been a bit quiet.  Gifts were exchanged with neighbors, our neighbors are selling their house, the family is back in Iowa.  Rich has been working in the yard power washing ( the driveway is the only thing left) and spraying the deck and boathouse with wet n forget. I've been taking down both the trees, and all the Christmas decorations and the house is back to normal.  No big celebration tonight - it's just the two of us..... enjoying Ravioli w/meatballs and garlic bread for dinner...... along with a beverage ( root beer for Rich..... gin and tonic for me)

But we both are enjoying..... and love our Christmas presents.  The hummingbird feeder is out, and the hummingbirds are starting to stop for a drink.  I love my new watch ( but needs to be taken to the jeweler for a couple of extra links) and my new cookware set!  Rich as made the rounds visiting friends with his new "Crappie Attitude" t-shirt, and really likes his new mouse pad, with some of his big catches at Black Lake, and his new 2020 dog calendar.

Starting to make plans for traveling in 2020. Dennis will be visiting again in February for 3 or 4 days and celebrating his Dad's birthday.   Then in May will be a trip to Iowa for our grandson's graduation from University of Iowa.... and from there to Black Lake for 6 or 7 weeks...........Hoping to spend some time with my brother in NY and then stopping in Pennsylvania to visit our friends Dieter and Helen. 

So to prepare for all that..........it's time, once again to get back to exercising and walking and taking off some lbs.! 

Dennis and the kids took off to SanDiego this past week to attend the Holiday Bowl. ( Iowa Hawkeyes/ San Diego), and before heading back home spend the day at the SanDiego Zoo.  Hawkeyes Won!!!!   49-24!!!

Been thinking and talking about selling..... and moving to a 55+ community.... where we don't have all the yard work to take care of.............Nothing definite yet........ but have to admit it sounds good to me. 

Wishing all our family and friends a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas Day.... Santa was very good to us this year!

Christmas day was really pretty quiet..........   I was up early, about 6:00, and Rich  a little bit later.  Up, yes......but not awake, so we had to wait for the coffee to kick in before the fun could begin.

Picture below shows the tree first thing in the morning,  All the presents and stocking now under the tree wrapped and then unwrapped.... and the ham, scalloped/au-gratin potatoes, green bean casserole and banana bread for dinner.

And yes Santa was very generous this year....I got new set of cookware AND a new large fry pan, cookie sheet, cutting board, measuring spoons and cup, a humming bird, a watch and several stocking stuffers.   Rich got a new Stanley 2 cup thermos, wall calendar, 2 year calendar, a mouse pad with pictures  of his big fish catches...a couple pair of sorts, and a "Crappie Attitude" t-shirt, lots of candy (dark chocolate, white chocolate, Raspberry/Chocolate, Chocolate covered cherries...and lots of stocking stuffers.  And pictures , cookies, coffee, breads and gift cards from family and neighbors.  Of course the big present to each of us this year was the visit with Dennis & Crystal, and of course the bathroom remodel. We certainly are very very blessed!

Facebook was pretty busy today too.  I got pretty sentimental....because my brother Dave is alone every year for Christmas. ( well he has his dog, Jake). So I got an old picture out of him and I when we were very  very young sitting in front of the Christmas tree........and left him a message that one of these years we were going to get another picture of the two of us sitting in front of the tree.!

Picture below shows that picture, along with a family photo of Dennis,Crystal, Dalton and Chauna - that they posted on Facebook.... and Dave put a picture of the Christmas gift me gave him.......with a note that said " My sister Donna always gets me the neatest Christmas presents Thank you. I love it."  He and Jake do a lot of hiking.....and he takes some awesome pictures.....This year he got a photo album. 

Yes - it's been a very good year.........despite the medical issues, it was a great year, that went by way too fast.  Heard to believe it's almost 2020!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

One more day....

Well, the past several days have been busy.... last minute shopping, and last minute wrapping, planning the Christmas day menu (and grocery shopping).....

Been mostly left over's,  meatloaf and tuna noodle casserole.... but Rich cook some Chicken K-Bobs on the grill the other day.........and he's got about 3/4 of the power washing done.

On Sunday - I had to make another batch of peanut butter fudge, and a loaf of Banana bread, and Monday morning, Rich made his 3 Christmas pumpkin pies!  Phil & Dorene stopped by and we exchanged Christmas gifts.... and then I delivered gifts to Jim & Patty, John & Diane, and our newest neighbors, Bill & Elaine..... and Rich took a plate of goodies to Tom and Mike (who spend the winter here in Lake Placid, fishing!!

 Now just one more sleep.... tonight is Christmas Eve 2019.  Nothing fancy planned for today..... and no celebrations.  The best part of our Christmas was having Dennis and Crystal here........and maybe one year the whole family can be together.

Presents are wrapped and under the tree, the stockings are hung....... and now we wait for Santa to do his magic!

But while we celebrate.................let's not forget the REAL meaning of Christmas...........to celebrate Christ's birth.  Wishing everyone a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dennis & Crystal Visit

Dennis & Crystal arrived in Florida from Davenport, Iowa on Sunday.  While Dennis has been able to make the trip here several times,  Crystal has not been able to get the time of from work..... so we've missed seeing her.  So the week long trip this time was primarily for her to be able to spend time with her family, who live in the Lakeland, Fl area. 

So they flew into Orlando, and spent Sunday and Monday in Lakeland, then drove here to spend time with us, and on Wednesday headed for Land O Lakes to spend the day with Dennis' step-dad and sister, back to visiting Crystal's family and then heading back to Iowa on Saturday morning.

Some pictures of their time here with us and dinner on Tuesday at Dock 633 here  on the lake.  Fun time, lots of laughing, a few adult beverages, and a good time at dinner.  Had to get a picture of that HUGE sandwich that Dennis selected. A Giant Burgger with lettuce, tomato and mustard between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches and fries!!!!  A few pictures taken at dinner.... and the rest at the house.  Hated to see them leave, but we'll see Dennis again in February for 3 or 4 days, and then we'll see them AND the kids in May when we head to Iowa for our grand-sons graduation from University of Iowa.

A little bit of something different for dinner tonight.... We fixed waffles topped with blueberries and whip cream, with a side of sausage!   It was really pretty good!

And finally one last picture of the bathroom remodel.... A before and after photo.  And I just love the shelves that Rich made for me ......

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Things are looking good... shopping done, bathroom done, ready for Christmas

Can't believe it's almost the end of another year..........Time sure does fly!

So not sure what's going on with the weather though.....Here in Florida, it just can not quite figure out what "Fall" and "Winter" really are.   We've had some cool days..... and then, like today, back in the 80's.  Dry for a while and now it's back to rain.  Sunshine..... foggy mornings, Iguana's on the dock.......power washing and cleaning outside.....yesterday was the back lanai.

Got a lot of baking done this past week.  Rich did up a pretty good batch of potato candy earlier and then I spent two days pretty much in the kitchen.  Day one was Oatmeal cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate Fudge w/ walnuts.  And then made a Ham/Macaroni/Cheese casserole for dinner.
 Day two was Peanut Butter Cookies, Peanut Butter Fudge.

And while I was cooking and baking...Rich was finishing up in the bathroom, building the shelf for the bathroom, and repainting my desk chair..... All of this called for a cold adult beverage and homemade Pizza...Rich opted for the Eggnog with a shot of Cinnamon Whiskey, and I had a Gin and Tonic.

And now we're sitting here waiting for Dennis and Crystal to arrive.  Flew in from Iowa to surprise Crystal's mom for her birthday..... and just stopping by here for the day before they spend a couple more days with her family.  Treasure every minute we get to spend with them.  Dennis will be back in February.... and we'll be in Iowa in May!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

It's beginning to look a lot like Xmas....

Of course it has been leftovers, leftovers, and more leftovers from Thanksgiving....So several meals have been Turkey, Hot Turkey Sandwiches, Cold Turkey Sandwiches.....and filling in with stuffing, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole!     I do love Thanksgiving and Turkey..... but it will NOT be Turkey for Christmas OR New Years Day dinner.... for sure.

And so we've started getting the Christmas decorations out.  We are so excited that our son Dennis, and wife, Crystal are visiting for a few days this month.  They won't be staying for the Christmas Holiday.....but with having to visit family members in Land-O-Lakes, and Lakeland......They will be back home in Iowa to celebrate the holiday with the kids.

So.... I actually put up TWO trees this year.  The bigger one in the living room, and a table top tree in the family room.  A few other minor displays on the mantel, the office desk, the table settings and center pieces.....the plants and ribbons on the porch.  I still need to pick up a wreath hanger so I can put the wreath on the front door.

Most of the Christmas shopping is done.  One more to order for Rich's brother Bob.... and I still have a few little things to pick up for Rich.  Finished writing up all the Christmas Cards today and watered the poinsettias on the porch.

We did get back to cooking and baking this past week.  I made a big pot of Chicken Noodle soup (no picture!), a peanut butter pie for Rich, and a big dish of Lasagna, which we will probably share with the neighbors, John & Dianne.  We'll never finish the whole dish ourselves.

The bathroom is pretty much finished, but I have ordered a chocolate brown soap dispenser, and tooth brush dish.  And Rich is in the process of making me a decorative shelf for the wall behind the toilet.  And then I have a couple of wall hangings to get up. 

Today we did some cleaning outside, mostly just with the hose and Clorox! Rich will be spraying the dock area a few other places with Wet N Forget to get rid of the mold after the rainy season.  And within the next week, it will be the power washer for the drive and sidewalks.

Had plans to have Miss Ava ( our friends dog) visit for a week, but as it turned out, it's the same week that Dennis and Crystal arrive.  So we probably will not see Nathan and Krystal again until after Christmas.  But on Tuesday we'll meet up with Buddy and Dianne at Hibachi for our last 2019 dinner out!

Still thinking seriously of hosting a New Year's Day get together here at the house.... and that will give our neighbors a chance to meet our two newest neighbors!  We'll see.