Friday, February 27, 2015

Grandson recognized.........

Share what appeared today on the Davenport Community Schools face book page!

West High's Dalton Donald recently brought a special guest to speech class to help him deliver his "How to Train a Dog" speech.  As you can see in the photos, "Onyx," a certified therapeutic dog, helped Dalton out with his presentation.  Very cool!

Doctor's Update - A Little more work on the deck

This week has not been a lot of fun for either of us, beginning on Monday when I started experiencing this motion problem and spells of nausea and dizziness.  The next few days I continued to take my medication but I had not improved as much as I'd hoped.  Back to the doctor on Thursday for the ultrasound of my neck and a check of the carotid, which turned out fine.  But the doctor was also concerned that I had not responded better to the medication.  He is now referring me to a specialist; first to the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor for a closer look at the inner ear and if that is not the problem it will be a neurologist.  Although today, Friday, I did much much better and felt more like my old self.

In the meantime, Rich has lost his apprentice/helper and has had to continue with work on the deck by himself.   And the rain kept him from working on Thursday, But he did make some progress doing much of the construction in the garage and today began to install.  I am so pleased with it so far, He's doing such a nice job and I think it's really going to dress up that back area when it's finished.

Now the yard is looking terrible......and we had them come and spray for the increasing carpet grass.  The spray is working and now there are a lot of spots where the grass id dying off......... How much dies will determine whether or not we use sod or plugs or just let the St. Augustine grass take over.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Son

A little change in the birthday greeting this year.  Usually I post my very best pictures and would praise all the great things that Dennis has done throughout the year, but thought it would be a good idea for everyone to see  his "other" side.

We enjoy every minute that we get to spend with Dennis.  As for me.......don't think there has been one time that we're together, that this guy has not had me laughing so hard it would bring tears to my eyes.   I think these "selfies" tell the story!


Dennis posted this birthday greeting from his Boss on his face book page.  Had to share.  How very nice.............and again we are so proud. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A LONG trip to CVS Pharmacy

I went for a ride with Rich to pick up my prescription from CVS Pharmacy and to pick up a couple of foot longs at Subway.  We left about 4:45.  And our quick trip turned into more than a couple HOURS!  Some very old man, driving a golf cart drove into the side of our car!  I didn't have my camera with me..............and we don't have a cell phone that takes pictures!

We were turning into our parking spot when this golf cart slammed into the front of the car and got wedged between our car and a little red car in the next parking spot.  A couple just coming out of the store called 911 and in just a few minutes the Sherrif and one of the Lake Placid police officers arrived.   Obviously, the very first thing we did was to make sure that the man in the golf cart was OK.

It seems that this couple who witnessed this accident had just seen this same gentleman in the Winn Dixi parking lot across the street, where driving very very fast, he hit another car.  Not only that, he had already hit the red car next to us and backed up and hit another (red) car before he hit us.  (and the first red car again!) Our car was the only one with any real damage - but we did feel really bad for the old guy.  His walker was on the back of the golf cart, and according to the police officer, he was not in good health, probably dementia, so a lot of time was spent trying to find out where he lived and how to get him taken care of.  The tow truck took his golf cart.   Golf carts are not allowed, but are tolerated, even by the police here in Lake Placid.  That's unfortunate. Bur fortunately - no one was

Monday, February 23, 2015

Celebrating our Anniversary - with the doctor!

I have so many pictures of that special day, February 23, 1974, but they are all displayed in our photo albums or in collages on our book shelves.    Our wedding day was 41 years ago today but our celebration still continues.  This picture of Rich and I was taken about 16 1/2 years into our marriage and on the wedding day of our son Dennis in August of 1990.  Gosh - we look so young!  Is that really us?

"An anniversary is a time to 

celebrate the joys of today, 

the memories of yesterday 

and the hopes of tomorrow?

~Author Unknown~

We originally made plans to celebrate on Sunday with a trip to the park and dinner, but decided we'd work on the deck and just do dinner today.

Unfortunately when I awoke this morning I was quite light headed and  I only got worse as the morning progressed;  not able to keep my balance standing, and the room spinning if I laid down! ( And I had not even had my glass of wine yet!)  Followed by chills and vomiting, Rich was ready to take me to the emergency room (I did not want to go) and so he called the doctor.  Just returned from that doctor visit and we "think" it may be vertigo.  More medication, but follow-ups this week for an ultrasound of the neck, checking for an inner ear infection and an echo cardiogram (to rule out the possibility of the heart murmur being the culprit).

So..........the plans for dinner at Red Lobster are tabled for today and Rich, after having to take care of me all day will pick up my prescription and a couple of subs from Subway!!

It's still a Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Work begins on the back deck

After two trips to Lowes to load the car with lumber the project to build the rail on the back deck is underway.  The last few days have been busy measuring, cutting, digging holes, mixing and pouring concrete and leveling the four posts across the back of the deck.   And yes - we've both been busy; Rich with all the hard stuff and me........well I am a very good gofer.  I gofer the extension cord, the drill, the socket wrench, the level, the hose.........and clean the concrete bucket and tools and help put everything away!

And on Saturday Rich had an extra helper!  You remember his little friend that always sits with him  when he's fishing off the dock?  Well he wandered over today watching Rich work and checking everything out.  He must have thought we were going to put him to work.......or he was looking for a minnow for lunch!  After about 10 minutes he flew off.

Still lots to do........two more posts, the side posts to set and the hardest part will be over.  Rich will have the rest done in no time......and then I'll get to do some more painting.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Rich

Today Rich is celebrating his 66th Birthday, and I can't let the day go by without sharing some of my favorite photos of my favorite guy!   The day has been full of birthday greetings.  The first phone call of the day was from grandson, Dalton..............and that was about 7:40 AM!!!   Can't remember the last time I was witness to an actual SMILE that early in the morning!  Daughter - in- law Crystal called to send her greetings.....and then this picture  of Dad and son Dennis appeared on face book with a message from Dennis!

Gotta give a Shout Out and Very Happy Birthday to my Fabulous Father!  Wishing all well.  Miss and Love You, Dad.  

Will call later, so get the day started out great as you always do. 

Dennis did follow-up later in the day with a phone call, and that is always the "icing on the cake" for Rich.  Other friends and family followed suit throughout the day.

Me...........well I always like to share pictures, so I couldn't think of a better day to share some of my favorite photos of my favorite guy!  First picture captures some of the good times and great memories with some of his "old, new, and best friends."  Dean and Sherri Rogers, Nathan and Krystal Showalter, Buddy and Diane Douglas, Kathy (Bob) Hughes, Al and Barb Courtney, Bob and LaVern Krisby, Nick and Tonyia Cartos, Bill and Linda Simek, Dieter and Helen Kedrowitsch and Linda Bass.

And ......of course......those special moments at home, out fishing, fishing with his new pal, Mr White Ibis at the dock, and with family:  me, Dennis, Crystal, Dalton and Chauna.

It was a work day for Rich, but we did head into town to meet up with very good friends, Nick and Tonyia at the Outback Steakhouse to celebrate.  Haven't been there in about two years - and that was with Nick and Tonyia and Nathan and Krystal.  A Bloomin Onion to share at the table, and everyone opted for steak tonight.  The wait staff brought the birthday boy his ice cream and did their little song and dance.  A quick stop at Lowes for more lumber for the deck and then home to top off the night with a piece of birthday cake!  The birthday boy also got a new fishing pole, reel and spinner bait!

Thanks to family and friends for all the birthday cards, phone calls and emails.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

We don't get real excited over Valentine's Day - I mean Kisses and I Love You are pretty much every day occurrences here..........but today they were just a little bit sugar and chocolate coated!  I received a box of chocolate truffles with one of Rich's very own home made hand crafted (out of paper) card.  And Rich will enjoy his chocolate chip cookie and Big Kiss!

After morning coffee we headed to the Sebring Diner, where we always enjoy a great breakfast.  Today though - everyone was out for breakfast.  We arrived about 10:45 and went to the back of the line which was pretty much out the front door!  And we probably waited close to 45 minutes for our meal..... just simple bacon and eggs and toast, which sad to say, was not quite up to par! It was just after noon when we finally (after waiting in line again to pay) back in the car and heading for Lowe's and Walmart and Office Depot

Yes - I have Rich working on his next project, and that is building me a railing for the deck.  So we packed the car with 4, 50 lb. bags of concrete mix, 4, 4x4X8 posts, 1 4x4x10 post, and 2, five quarter(?) boards 10 foot long.  Only about 1/2 of what we'll need - but all we could fit in the car. (This is when we really miss having the truck).   A quick trip to Walmart and then to Office Depot to pick up the Turbo Tax, and we were finally back home with the car unloaded  well after 3:30.  

And of I love you and a Valentines Day kiss goodnight!

And to our family and friends who visit us here on our blog - Happy Valentines' Day! We love you.  God Bless!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Today our grandson, Dalton, celebrates his 17th birthday.  So PaPa and Gramma Do are sending their very happiest birthday wishes, and sharing some of our favorite pictures of Dalton over the past year.

Below: (4 pictures on left) Dalton at Black Lake, NY(June 2014), with his girlfriend Sara (May 2014)
With his small mouth Bass at Black Lake and in uniform ready to perform at Brady Street Stadium in Davenport, IA with the Davenport West Falcons Marching Band.  (4 pictures down the center)  Dalton gets his braces removed (Sept 2014),  A die hard fan of the Colts, Dalton holds one of two autographed pictures from multiple Pro Bowl center Jeff Saturday, with one of the Quad City River Bandits at Modern Woodman Park in Davenport, IA, and another of Dalton performing with the  band.

The 5 pictures on right: Dalton at Bolt Castle, Thousand Islands (June 2014).  One of our favorites of Dalton, his Dad, Dennis, and Grandfather, Rich. Another family photo with his sister Chauna at Black Lake (June 2014) with his Dad at the Bandits Game celebrating Military Appreciation Day, and another more recent photo of Dalton with Sara.

We are so proud of this young man who has continued to excel academically with a 4.0 grade average and who is so very talented, music being just one of many talents!  His girlfriend, Sara also carries a 4.0 grade average and shares his love of music as a member of the performing Show Choir.


Monday, February 9, 2015

The weekend - more chores and a little play time!

I love giving Rich "projects"!  Well, let me qualify that by saying "projects he enjoys."  I really loved the end stand he made for the sun room, so I asked him to make me a nightstand for the guest bedroom.  I am in the process of doing some redecorating in there.  The bed and dresser are both white, so I wanted a white night stand. I had found a picture of one that I liked as a "model" for him to follow.  The cost of the one I found was less than what we would spend for materials/paint etc., so he suggested that I just buy it...............I did.  And it was one of those that you have to put together, so you know how "perfect" the instructions are.  We managed to get it together and it looks great.  The new drapes are on order and I'm searching for a new comforter set....... and some wall decor.  Then the color of the walls and headboard will be coordinated.

Friday evening we met Nick and Tonyia in Sebring for dinner at Bob Evans. One of our favorite places to stop for breakfast - but it's been a real long time sine we went there for dinner.  It was excellent!  We stopped by their place afterwards.  They have been working hard every day with remodeling and the place, especially their new office, looks great!

Saturday morning Rich spent out front repairing a broken sprinkler.  He played in the mud, and had to repair two different connections underground.  Working great now!!

The Lake Placid Country Fair was going on this weekend, so we headed down to DeVane Park to check it out.  The website said the hours were 9:00am  to 9:00pm, Saturday and Sunday.  It was about 3:15pm when we headed out.   We were quite surprised to see so few people around, and even more surprised to learn that the Country Fair was only open from 9:00 to 4:00.   Needless to say, the "entertainment" was over and many of the booths were already shutting down.

We checked out a few - the Humane Society, sampled a few of the pretzel/cracker dips ( we liked the peanut butter and the bacon horseradish!) and I probably would have taken home one of those Tillandsias (air plants) if we'd had time........but Rich insisted on finding the waffle/funnel cake tent.  We did and we sat while he enjoyed it!

We also ran into our friends Bob and Lavern, aka Silly Willy and Fluffy at Toby's Clown Museum Tent.  Fluffy was busing doing some "face painting" (check out that little girl's face!).  We chatted for a few minutes and promised to get together again real soon.

Sunday  - nothing real exciting.................. But I made up a batch of meatballs and we had a great Linguine and Meatballs dinner.  Watched a few of our favorite programs we had recorded and called it a day!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Girlfriends, Boyfriends and First Dates!

Wow - The things that make you feel old!  Old, yes, but proud just the same. 

It was last May that we saw a picture of our grandson, Dalton, with his girlfriend. 

 She really is a cutie.  

Surprising how Dad's react when they meet their kids girl/boy friends.    Dennis (Dad) did not seem real surprise,  and posted on his face book page that they were "introduced to Dalton's girlfriend. 

A few days ago Dennis posted a few pictures of Chauna, our grand daughter on his face book page.   Not sure a cool, calm dad now............

Here is Chauna on her very first date. She and Ryan are going to the High Schoold Gala. 

And here is Dad's comment: 

The dance was cut short due to incoming snow storm but all are safe & had good time.  Inspection & interrogation complete.  Glad they enjoyed & looked good.