Sunday, January 29, 2017

A little bit of winter here in FL

Definitely getting a little bit of winter weather now.  Today it may have reached the low 60's and the next couple of nights will see the very low 40's, so time to bundle up!
Saturday was by far the nicer over the weekend.   We headed into Sebring late morning, stopping at the Sebring Diner for a late breakfast.  From there we headed into town to look at vehicles.  Getting ready to trade in the Camry for something a little bit bigger.  Want something that allows room for packing  when we go north, and that can pull the boat if we need.  After looking at several models we took a couple of brochures home for the Equinox and the Terrain, which were the two that we both liked the best. With the "deals" from the dealer, along with what we've earned on our credit card....we shouldn't have too much of an out of pocket expense, so long as we buy a new 2016 or 2017. 

Heading for home we stopped and looked at boats.  We're considering the Tracker V16, which seats four, no carpeting, 60 or 75hp motor,  trolling motor and fish finder and automatic anchors.  A lot more comfortable for fishing and enough room to take four people, which is nice.  Should we decide not to get the trailer, they will deliver to the dock, and pick up at the dock for any service or repair. 

After having a late breakfast we opted for a late dinner.  We had picked up a dozen shiners on the way home, so Rich went down to the dock to fish until dark..........and I went down just to watch and chat... in less than 45 minutes he pulled in two nice Bass and a 24 inch Dogfish, which slithered off the dock before I could grab a picture!
This weather calls for soups and stews and comfort foods, so Saturday we enjoyed a pot of Chicken Chile with cornbread.  Today was a lazy day, and a bit too nippy to enjoy doing much outside. So it was just a day of getting some of the paperwork and trip planning done. And dinner was Baked Ravioli!

On Saturday our grand-daughter Chauna and boyfriend Ryan were headed to the School Gala so Dennis sent us a photo of the two.

  We sent Good Luck to Ryan who was chosen as a King Candidate and hope they both enjoyed the evening!  

Such a handsome couple!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cooler weather/open doors, baking and cookin' out!

First off - Rich went back to the chiropractor on Tuesday.  They had received the x-ray results.  Doctor told him he had "crushed" his L4 Lumbar.  Told him that he would have known exactly when he did it, as it would have been extremely painful, and probably knocked him out.  Yes, that was a year ago!  When he and I were carrying the secretary desk through the front porch area, on our way inside!

"The lumbar spine, specifically the L4-L5 are the two lowest vertebrae in the lumbar spine, and together with the attached disc, joints, nerves and soft tissues provide a variety of functions, including supporting the upper body and allowing motion in multiple directions."

Like most men - he did not see a doctor when it happened, and as a result the pain in his back and legs has gotten much worse, and aggravated even more by all the work he has been doing outside.

He had a spinal adjustment and massage therapy on Tuesday, and has exercises to do every day and will need to continue both for a while.  Normal healing time for a bulge or protrusion is about 6 weeks.  So no working, bending, or long walks for a while!

Next adjustment is on Monday, and we both have appointments to review the results of our blood work next week.

Meanwhile - the weather!  Hurricane warnings and watches all over the state a few days ago........we were under hurricane watch for several hours - and the winds were pretty wild for a while.   Not much else - not even rain!   But with the cooler weather we were able to open doors and windows...........and on Monday we were serenaded most all day by the Whistling Ducks.  At one time, Rich counted more than 130 between the yard and the boathouse roof!

With the windows opened, I turned the oven to self clean, and then
used up the overly ripe banana to make a loaf of banana bread!  And the cooler weather, is when Rich prefers to cook out - so we threw some chicken kabobs on last night.......and they were delicious!  Today was left overs day.  Rich finished up the pork roast, and I used the leftover chicken and veggies , with a little cheese, salsa and sour cream to make a Chicken fajita Omelet!  Also delicious!

Rented out our timeshare in May this year as we will be heading to Iowa for our grand-daughter's graduation.  So we're mapping the trip and looking for places to stop along the way.  Plan on driving there and will stay with them 10 days or so, and then our plan is to visit for a few days with friends in PA, and from there back to Black Lake.

Can't believe that January is almost over -----on to February, the month of birthday's and anniversaries.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inauguration Weekend

Friday January 20 was Inauguration Day.  Actually I started watching the events on Thursday evening, starting with the Concert at the Lincoln Memorial. The entertainment was excellent.  My favorite was Lee Greenwood singing "God Bless the USA"

On Friday I finished most of my housework/laundry early and made my trip into town for groceries, and then spent the rest of the day watching the inauguration (both Rich and I enjoying a toast to our New President, Donald Trump), his excellent inaugural address, the entertainment, the parade and the Inaugural Balls.  The gowns that the Trump women wore were beautiful.

This morning I put a pork roast in the Crock-pot, and then we both headed into town.  First stop was at Florida Hospital where Rich had 8 x-rays done on his back, and we both had lab work done.  We stopped at the Interlake Cafe in town before heading back home.  

I finished the laundry from yesterday, while Rich fixed the last (hopefully) leak on the roof of the back lanai.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The boathouse is DONE!

It seems like we (more Rich than me) started working on this month's ago.  Actually it probably was better than a month ago that he started pulling up, and then laying new floor boards......... This weekend we spent finishing all of the painting and installed new solar lights.  Rich took the boat next door while he did the spray painting...........

He spent a lot of time in the water!  Doing the section farthest from the shore, he had to balance on the boat lift........ or sink in the mud!

Beautiful Blue Heron stood by for a while to take everything in.... Sunday everything was dry so brought the boat back and installed the new solar lights.   Love the way it looks!    Just need to fill the flower pot, get a couple of comfy chairs, a cold drink and enjoy!

Today - a little more yard work......pulling weeds, while Rich sprayed the rest of the flower bed borders with Wet and Forget!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our good Friend Krystal is home......and Ava is with her Mom...

It is sooooo quiet around here, and no more early morning and late evening walks in the cold and wind!  We all had anticipated (including her doctors) that Krystal would need a minimum of a week in the hospital before she could go home.  The surgery was done on Friday, and by Sunday the physical therapy was going well, head and neck still painful, but expected, and she ate her first meal and kept it down.   Doctors initially thought they would need to remove bone from the first vertebrae, but after removing the bone from the skull, the brain was able to drop back, instead of down, without cutting from the vertebrae.   She was doing so well that the doctors released her to go home on Monday.  I got to chat with her for about 2 minutes when she and Nathan stopped to pick up Ava.  She'll be recovering for a while.

But Ava had a great time here!  She got to see her friends next door, Zolfo and Augie, and help Rich outside!  And then she'd rest!

Not much else going on..... Oh yea..........leaky faucet in the bathroom!  Took a couple of days to find ALL the leaks, but we've moved all the bathroom supplies back from the guest bath to the master bath! 

Rich did some power washing again today, the final wash on the dock.  As long as no rain in the forecast, should have the painting done and the new lights on,  within the next few days.  He also did the eaves and front of the house while he had power washer out.  

We decided NOT to book the cruise,  and Dennis called today and suggested that we stay at their place a week or two when we make the trip to Iowa...............and we booked tickets to the "legends Tribute to the Stars" at the Genesis Center here in Lake Placid in February!  Buddy and Diane will be joining us.   Considered a trip to Ft. Myers or Orlando for our anniversary.........but the price of hotels are so high!  In Ft. Myers, the hotel that we generally pay $75-$80/night now twice the price, now that all the snowbirds are back!   Probably just head to Sebring for dinner and show.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Miss Ava is Back!

Thursday morning, bright and early, Nathan and Krystal dropped of our favorite canine visitor, Miss Ava.    We always enjoy having her stay with us.........she always makes us laugh.

As much as we enjoy Ava, we do wish that her stay would be under better circumstances.   However we did hear today that Krystal was out of surgery and that everything went well.  So Ava will be here for at least a week before they release Krystal.  So we need to keep her in our prayers for a speedy recovery. 

Rich and I finally got around to getting the second coat of paint on Thursday
afternoon, getting all the areas that needed to be done by brush.  Today, with the roller, Rich finished the floor.  FINALLY!   And of course little Miss Ava kept a close eye on the progress - supervisor from the other side of the slider!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Real Nice Catch

Plans for Monday were to finish the second coat of paint on the dock on all the areas that needed to be done by brush.  Then next week the remainder should be ready for spraying.  BUT - weather forecast was for possible showers......... it was back out to the dock to do a little fishing.  (Market was closed for the holiday!)  Nice catch!  Three or four more nice large mouth bass.  The smallest was just over 14 inches, and the largest,  more than 19 inches.

Today, Tuesday he finished the brush painting on the dock.  And then fished for an hour or so this afternoon........and hooked on to a couple more bass.

Meanwhile I was doing a little research to see if there was a reasonably priced February to celebrate our Anniversary.  We're real close to booking a 4 day Western Caribbean with a stop in Cozumel. Was hoping to be on the cruise the day of our Anniversary, but that didn't work out!  So we'll just call it a February cruise to celebrate our anniversary on Rich's Birthday!

And look at this!

A late bloomer!!!!   Most all of our pineapple plants seem to ripen while we're
away in the summer months.  But we have one late bloomer................that should be ready to enjoy sometime in March.

It feels like I have been making BIG dinners for weeks..............and just did not feel like leftovers tonight! So we used a Golden Corral Gift Card that we received as a gift for Christmas!   Good Choice..... and no dirty dishes to wash!  Yeah!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome 2017

Well ......Rich was asleep around 11:00 pm.....but I welcomed in 2017 at midnight.  Thought for sure the fireworks in the neighborhood would wake him up.............but I was wrong.  Both of us slept in a little longer than usual this morning!

It started out as a "lazy" day........but we discussed the possibility of either finishing up some painting outside OR doing a little fishing.  Definitely not a difficult decision.  Too hot to be outside painting!  I did a little housework, watered the plants and started dinner. Found some post lights for the dock on Amazon........and ordered them!   Rich went down to the dock to fish.   He only fished for about an hour but caught four nice large mouth bass, just under 16"!  Great way to start of the New Year!

Neither of us are crazy about the taste of large mouth bass - but  John and Diane, next door, were more than happy to take them......and will enjoy them. 

Dinner was done just shortly after 5:00...............and it was delicious!  Today was Ham, Scalloped potatoes, carrots, green beans and fresh rolls....... a beer for Rich and a glass of wine for me!  And we sat and watched a movie.  Nothing special for dessert.........still finishing up the Christmas candy and baked goods. 

And so we said farewell to 2016......and welcomed in the New Year!