Friday, May 25, 2018

Last Day in Cocoa Beach..........Heading for Home

Last day here, and FINALLY I got to see something that resembles a morning sunrise.  Still a little cloudy this  morning - but better!   Here a couple of views from this morning.........

Nothing special planned for today.  Sometimes, it's just nice to sit and relax and do nothing but relax and enjoy the sun, sand a beautiful views!  It's been a fun, but relaxing week, and I'm glad we decided to make the trip.  We'll be on our way home late morning on Saturday, and then it's getting everything done and ready for our trip north.  Rich has an appointment with the Dermatologist, and I have one with the Podiatrist before we leave. 

Our neighbor and good friend, John is home from surgery............and I promised him I'd make him a dish of lasagna when we get home.    Hopefully it makes him feel better and get better faster!!

Our plans were to try out the new Mexican Restaurant tonight............. but I was just in the mood for a fish fry.  Denny's (at home anyway) has a good fish and chips, so we decided to just walk across the street.........

HOWEVER - this particular Denny's Restaurant no longer has fish and chips on their menu!!  Took me a while - but I finally opted for the Bourbon Chicken Skillet (good choice)  and Rich opted for the  Prime Rib  Philly Melt. 

And to top off the evening..........we both ordered dessert!  ( No I did NOT finish that huge dish of Bourbon Chicken),  I ordered the strawberry cheesecake, and Rich a make your own sundae ( vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, crushed oreo cookies, and whip cream)  Dessert was awesome!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wednesday and Thursday in Cocoa Beach

Well yesterday morning I was up early, hoping to catch the sunrise!  But it was still a bit cloudy and the sun was trying hard to peek through.  The rest of the day was quite nice............ sunny at times, and then a bit overcast.  But NO RAIN! 
Nice enough outside that Rich decided to cook burgers on the grill.

Between yesterday and today we enjoyed the beach and the sunshine.  Enjoyed the kites, the boats, the people watching, the waves and the walks on the beach.

AND the afternoon adult beverages!!

Anacapri Pizzeria is one restaurant here in Cocoa Beach that we enjoy every time we visit.  Tonight was no different.  Rich had his usual Stromboli ( just a small one this time) and I ordered the Shrimp Scampi ( enough left over for a meal tomorrow!)

Can't believe tomorrow is Friday.  The week is just flying by!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Day Two in Cocoa Beach

Tuesday's weather was a bit nicer than the past week or so.  With the exception of a very few sprinkles in the mid afternoon, it was the first in about 10 days that we didn't have rain!

We ate a small breakfast (just a bagel or egg sandwich).  It was a pretty overcast day - so we enjoyed sitting on the balcony, without being roasted in the sun. Mid afternoon we headed over to the Historic Cocoa Village.  Nice ride with scenic views of the Indian River along SR 520 to Cocoa.    Been to Cocoa Village several times, and always enjoy the return visit.

Lots and lots of unique little stores and places to eat........ Just around the corner from here is an Ice Cream Shop where we usually visit........but it was just a little bit too close to dinner time.

A few pictures of Rich and I............just blending in!

And visiting some interesting shops.  Also - the building in the middle is the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse......beautiful old building.

From the Village we headed over to Merritt Island for dinner at the Longhorn Steakhouse.  Really wish we had one of these at home; it is sooooo much better than The Outback Steakhouse.  We ordered the Texas Tonion ( like Outbacks Bloomin Onion), Caesar Salad ( with delicious bread).  Rich ordered the Prime Rib and Baked potato.  It was HUGE!!!  I ordered the 6 oz Fillet Mignon, with a sweet potato.  Everything was exceptionally good!

Still have not seen a decent sunrise........ but I did at least get a glimpse at the sun peeking through!  And today, so far has been sunny and warm.  A big change from the last several days........lots of people heading to the beach to work on that suntan!  The view from our room.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Day One in Cocoa Beach

We were pretty tired on Sunday, so after checking in, grabbing a few pictures of the boats and the room, we took off for a quick stop at the grocery store, to pick up a few items, and then the liquor store for some RumChada and Cinnamon Whiskey!

Sat out for a while on the balcony, and watched American Idol before calling it a night.

Cloudy, rain and overcast most of the day today, Monday.    But out for a walk around the resort for  a while, and grabbed a few more pictures.  Today's activities here at the resort included Cash Bingo, and the Animal Show and free group tennis lessons.   Have seen the animal show a couple of skipped it today.

Not the typical sunrise today, given the cloudy skies......But I managed to get a quick picture of the sun peeking through the clouds!

Got a few more pictures of the resort... The path to the beach (our building is just to the right of the path.  The main pool and the Terrace Poll, Tennis Courts, and the Picnic/Grilling area.

Sitting out on the balcony before heading out to dinner......and the waves just seem to be getting bigger and bigger!!!

And after having such big meals the last few nights, we decided to head over to I-HOP tonight.  Rich had the Strawberry Cheesecake pancakes, with a side of sausage, and I had the French Toast and Sausage from the Senior Menu!  Everything was delicious!

And then we ran into this little fella walking back to our room!  Quite a bit bigger than those little ones we see at home!!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

From Orlando - on to Cocoa Beach

Saturday was our last day in Orlando.  I really missed the usual Capones, or Treasure Tavern for dinner and a show - but we had decided that this time we would maybe do Disney Springs and/or Gator-land.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. 

Saturday was also the 12 year anniversary of our retirement.  It was on May 19, 2006 that Rich and I both retired from our jobs.  So hard to believe that it's been 12 years already.  But we have been so fortunate, and so blessed to be able to enjoy every day, spend time with family, to travel to new places, and to experience great adventures and meet and make so many new friends.

And so we celebrated with dinner at one of our favorite places...... Olive Garden.  Just a simple Italian Dinner - Rich had his pasta fagioli and speghetti and meat balls, and I had the Italian Salad, with Rigatoni and Italian Sausage.  And we both enjoyed the bread sticks!! I enjoyed a glass of Pinot Grigio........but while we had hoped to have room for a canoli........we were both just too full!  It was a lovely evening - and Timothy was an excellent waiter!!

Check out on Sunday was noon, which worked out great.  We were able to stop for breakfast and take our time driving to Cocoa Beach.

Breakfast was at Denny's!  Build your own Grand Slam...... Rich - Bacon, fried eggs, hash browns and wheat toast. - Me - same, but with sausage and English muffin.  Our usual - and it was very good!!!

We had to wait about 1/2 hour before our room was ready - and  a ocean front room was available, so we could upgrade! It's been two years since we were last here - and it's not hard to tell that the rooms get a lot of use!  Not complaining - the rooms were clean, everything worked (except for the constant drip of the faucet in the kitchen) and we had a great ocean view.

The Super Boat Grand Prix - Thunder on Cocoa Beach was taking place this weekend.  Unfortunately - on Sunday, not only did it become very dreary and rainy - the winds were creating some pretty good waves.  By the time we got moved into our room - either the race was close to over, or it was cancelled.  I was only able to catch one of the race boats as it went by - it seemed to get lost in the waves!!

The helicopter overhead, however - was advertising the party after the race at Coconuts!!! -  And below are also a few shots of the waves from our balcony. 

And I really loved this picture of a family taking pictures of the waves!!

Forecast continues to be for rain.....  Hopefully - it clears up enough this week to enjoy a walk on the beach, and some good pictures of the morning sunrise.


Friday, May 18, 2018


Today we attended a presentation at the Fountains, here in Orlando.  The Fountains is a Blue Green Resort.  Interesting presentation.  We thought it was a type of timeshare - but it's quite different. Unlike a timeshare where you have a specific week at ONE actually share an ownership, and can stay at ANY Blue Green Resort anywhere, and book any dates you want.  This particular Resort, here in Orlando is absolutely beautiful...........large two bedroom units complete with modern kitchen, living room, and two balcony's!   The grounds are immaculate!  It was very tempting........... and we may have even considered, if we didn't already have a timeshare.     We were there for about three hours .............and the only thing we left with, was a $150 gift card!

Nothing else planned for the day -  It was still a work day for Rich!!

But we headed over to Miller's Ale House for dinner!  We have not been to the Ale House in years, and we have always enjoyed the atmosphere, and the food!  Today was no different.  The food was excellent!  Rich had the Cajun Chicken Pasta, and I had the Chicken Fajitas.  Lot's of TV's on........but Rich liked a couple of the fish on the walls.!

Like the past several days - there was rain again today, although not as heavy!  We headed outside just to sit and enjoy the weather a couple of times - but it was raining and the area in front does not have a roof!   I went out with Rich a couple of times, when he wanted a smoke..........and we sat out by the pool, at the table under the umbrella!   Tomorrow we are thinking of going to Gatorland...... we'll see if the weather cooperates!!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Arrived Orlando

Main reason for heading to Orlando , is that we agreed to listen to a 2 hour speech regarding a timeshare (Blue/Green) which includes lunch, and $150 VISA card, and three nights in the hotel for about $40.

Weather continues to be terrible.  Rain and thunder storms all the way here today.  And then  rain on and off since we arrived.

It was close to 4:00 pm by the time we arrived and checked into the Hotel.  Have never stayed at a Home 2 Suites, but have to say it's pretty nice.  The rooms are all suites, and very accommodating.  Kitchen with full size refrigerator, microwave and even a dishwasher!  Nice pool, outside sitting area, and even grills out near the pool for cooking.

Went to Cici's Pizza for dinner tonight.  Never been there before.  It was quite good.  Obviously they have take-out for pizza, but they also have a buffet for inside dining.  And only $7.99 per person for the all you can eat buffet.  Includes soup, garlic bread pasta with speghetti sauce or alfredo sauce.  Salad bar with lettuce tomato and all the fixings, and any kind of dressing, as well as a pasta salad.  Four or five different kinds of pizza, including cheese, pepperoni,chicken, barbeque pork, and another with pineapple.  Dessert included brownies, cinnamon buns and like an apple pizza.   Everything was very very good.

It's only 9:00 pm - but I'm ready to call it a night!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rainy Days.............Packing for a mini-adventure!

Well = the last two or three days have been pretty darn wet!!!   Mostly scattered showers during the day, but yesterday we had one wicked Thunder Storm!  We watched as the sky continued to get darker and darker, and we could see it was approaching from the south/east.   Then all of a sudden it was raining so hard, that it looked like waterfalls coming off the  gutters!  And the wind, directly out of the south was so strong that you could hardly see out the back sliders - it was beating against the windows so hard.

It was raining pretty good as this Blue Heron stopped by to visit.  First he perched on the stone, and then to the deck.  As the rain progressed he shrank his neck and buckled down..............and when the rain stopped he ruffled his feathers and took flight.

 And then the worst of the storm.................Here's a view as it was starting to rain - and then the view once the wind was in full force!  It got so windy, and dark you could barely see out the back slider!

And when the storm was over, one of our resident black snakes came out to enjoy the sun.  We have three - this is the baby one.

And today - Wednesday we are getting last minute things taken care of, and beginning to pack for our midi-adventure that starts tomorrow.  We will head to Orlando for three days, and then over to our timeshare in Cocoa Beach!    Below - the packing list.......the Orlando Bag, the Cocoa Beach Bag...... and all the rest!!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

I think of my mother most every day..........but Mother's Day always brings back such special memories.  Rich and I were both blessed with strong, beautiful, loving mothers who both worked so hard, and sacrificed so much for us. 

Happy Mother's day Marge Benjamin and Edna Strawn.  We miss you so much!

And to one more special lady........our daughter-in-law, Crystal Donald.  Happy Mother's Day, Crystal.  You are an awesome mother, and daughter in-law in every possible way!  Love and Hugs!!!

And yesterday I received a  beautiful flower arrangement from Dennis and Crystal and Dalton and Chauna.   Thank you all so much.  I love you!

Rich wanted to take my someplace special for dinner today...........but I asked for a date night at home, watching a movie and eating Chinese takeout!!  YES!!

Tomorrow is Mammogram time.......and then off for a mini vacation on Thursday!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Will the doctor visits ever end???

OK - So I went to the Podiatrist and had a simple procedure done.  Just an ingrown toenail.  That was on Wednesday  April 25th.   Followed the post surgery directions as indicated: Remove the bandage the next morning.  Soak the foot in Epsom Salt twice a day ( once if you shower), and apply a small amount of medication to the affected area, twice a day.  Best to keep the foot elevated as much as possible for the next couple of days.

This picture was 3 or 4 days into the process...and it really got much worse.  Yes, somehow it was infected and I then went on a dose of 1600 mg  2x a day!  That was on Tuesday May 1st.  Yesterday, May 7th, it was finally starting to look normal again............And tomorrow is my follow-up with the Dr.   Sure hope there are no more problems.... I really want to be able to walk the beach in Cocoa Beach!!

And - was relieved when my Primary doctor told me that, while my last doctor indicated in his files that I had an abdominal aortic aneurysm,  my CT scan showed that I did not.  BUT my EKG did show that I have had a heart attack! 

Anyway..........How about a picture of something beautiful after that??  When we awoke a few mornings ago, we were greeted by this beautiful Great Blue Heron, who was perched on the corner of the back deck!  He stayed for the longest time... but flew off when Rich opened the slider to the lanai.

And then he was back again the next day, joined by the beautiful Egret!

Wednesday was our monthly get together with friends.  Buddy suggested that we do Golden Corral, ( we only do this when Nate and Krystal can't join us - as it's better than an hour drive for them to come this far).   Once again the clowns, Bob and Lavern joined us for dinner.  We were actually there for quite a while!!  It was a fun evening!  June should be a fun night at the Mexican Restaurant, and if Bob and Lavern are still in town they will join us.

After the big meal at Golden Corral - it was a simple dinner tonight.   Rich made up one of his pizza's and I settled for a Banana Smoothie!