Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Night of Bowling

This afternoon I played a little Mexican Train with Krystal and two other ladies in the park, Betty and Sally.   We had a good time, and will plan another afternoon on Thursday..........but we had to stop play a little early to get ready for dinner and bowling.

It was back to the Wauchula Bowling Lanes. This week Nate and Krystal joined Rich and I, Nick, Tonyia and Joe, and another friend of Nick and Tonyia's, Diane, that we just met for the first time.

Dinner in the sport's bar was excellent, as usual.   Then it was three games, and as you can see all of us posed for the "Strike" picture.  This week I am actually joining the group......and once again, Rich got his double.   Where else can you have this much fun so cheap?  One dollar a game, and one dollar for the shoes.
Everyone had a great time......

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Final Happy Hour?

When we had the birthday get together we thought it would be the last of the season, but there were still enough friends in the park for one more...... Nick and Tonyia invited everyone to their site to say goodbye and to use up to wood they could not take to their new park.   They will be leaving TT sometime in the next couple of days,  Everyone here at Peace River will truly miss these two, who love to have fun, are always the gracious host and hostess,  who are always the first to lend a helpful hand to someone in need, and who we have come to call our special friends.

Tonight would be simple - kind of picnic style.  Hot dogs over the open fire accompanied by snacks, salads and fresh fruits.  Cake and eclairs completed the meal.     Below everyone settles in for an enjoyable evening.

Joe,   Todd and Teresa (bottom left) with Bill and Marie........

Below: (Top) Bill and Ginny, Bev and Jim.  Bottom: Joy and Richard, John and Rosa.

And joining Rich and I are Tonyia and Nick,
and (bottom) Krystal, Nate and Ava, with Art and Hedy.  
It's too soon to make plans now, but with so many of our friends who  have been annuals here at the park leaving - we too are considering other options.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bowl of Fun Lanes - Wauchula!

Tuesday is $1 bowling at the Bowl of Fun Lanes in Wauchula.   We had not been there all winter (except for dinner), so when Nick suggested wings and bowling we said OK!

While Rich and I don't generally eat wings - we understand that the bowling alley has the best in town!  From the picture below (left and around the table) Tonyia, Nick, Joe and Rich - they look like they are finger lick'n good!    Rich had the double cheeseburger, and I opted for a pressed cuban. Excellent!

We  bowled two games and Joe, Tonyia and Nick all celebrate their Strikes! (No - I had a great time, but I couldn't find the strike zone tonight!  Actually, I had a hard time finding any of the pins tonight!))   Rich was the top bowler tonight and above he celebrates his double!  Good Job Honey!

It was a fun evening - might do this again next Tuesday.  

We Really Do Miss Ava.

Well it's been three days since Nate and Krystal came to pick up their little girl and take her home.  Having her around for three weeks reminded us how much we used to enjoy having our own family pet.   Yes- I'll agree, that sometimes I really didn't feel like getting dressed and going for a walk in the morning.....but  the short walk along the nature path with Ava, always brought a smile to my face as I watched her facination with the squirrels.    I was going through some more pictures and found a few that reminded us of her daily routine here......

Her favorite spot after her morning meal and morning walk.  A perfect view to the outside when the door was open, and..................

She knew that when Uncle Rich took a break from work - he'd lay down here and that meant......PLAY TIME

But noon - it was time to go outside.  We had a very long rope that we tied to the chair that allowed her to move about freely.  She would manage to get herself tangled 100 times while I would be doing my puzzels or Tonyia and I would be out playing Mexican Train at the table.  But she loved to sit in the golf cart ( probably reminded her of Mom and Dad) or sit on "squirrel duty"! 

Being outside would tire her out - so this was where she would settle after dinner and stare at me!  I'd be sitting in the other chair and she would always manage to get me to invite her to sit on my lap. 

And at the end of the day, the tail would still be going as Uncle Rich would pick up the leash for the last walk of the day.........And she knew that as soon as she got back it was bedtime...  A bedtime snack and she would find her way...... where else!  To the bedroom. 

We really did enjoy our time with her..........and still look for her or expect her to be there when we open the door.   It's a good thing she's just right next door!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday Happy Hour

On Tuesday we had our very first happy hour of this winter season here at Peace River.    And what better a reason than to celebrate with friends!

Tuesday April 9th - in addition to being  our granddaughter's birthday was also  that of our good friend Nick.  

So we invited our friends, their friends and our mutual friends to help him celebrate!
If you look around the park here in Peace River, it really looks very empty.  But about 26 of us got together for a fun evening.   I made a huge batch of sloppy joes and everyone brought a dish to pass.   We had cole slaw, a pasta dish, potato salad, macaroni/tuna salad, fresh toss salad, corn/corn on the cob, deviled eggs, bread/spinach dip,  ham and pepperoni roll-ups, stuffed celery, crackers and cheese,  watermelon, cheese cake and a whip cream birthday cake!    You can see everyone lined up below making their way to the food table!

 Close up and personal.....................Our friends are pictured below:  The only picture I missed was Harley and Pam............ Below are Jim and Bev, Tonyia and the birthday boy, Nick, John and Rosa and Theresa ( Todd was working tonight!)

Continuing on......... Joe, George and Barbara, Skip and Dianna, Elenor and Joe.  Skip and Dianna and Barbara (along with Tonyia) are my Pokeno buddies.    We'll be playing tomorrow since Barbara and George will be leaving.  We also learned tonight that George and Barbara recently celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary!  Congrats!

Below are Buddy and Diane, Bill and Ginny, Janet and Archi (center trying to confuse me) with Art and Hedy.  We should have put Hedy's name on the cake.  We learned tonight that her birthday was April 10th.  We won't forget next year!

And yes....that's Miss Ava.  Mom and Dad (Nate and Krystal) are still visiting with family in Virginia - so Ava is spending her third week with us.  I think she's been here long enough to call her our own........  We are really enjoying her!

Happy Birthday Chauna

We want to wish our granddaughter a very very Happy 14th Birthday!

How fast the years go by, and how quickly they grow up.   Chauna is a beautiful young lady and we are so very proud of her and all of her special accomplishments.  A few pictures below to remind us......