Sunday, March 26, 2017

Remembering Mom, College Visits, Friends Visit

The older we get, the more it seems we see the doctor.  This past week we both had doctor's appointments; Rich - with the gastroenterologist in preparation for his upcoming roto-rooter! Me, the annual glaucoma/cataract follow-up.   Rich's appointment was a late afternoon one, so we took advantage of the trip to Sebring to have dinner........where else?  Yes at the Hibachi Grill!

Thursday, March 24th would have been my Mom's birthday.  We never stop missing the ones we love..........  Happy Birthday, Mom.  I love you more..............

The 24th was also an exciting day for the family. Dennis and Crystal made the trip to Iowa City.... It was  "Next Stop- Iowa, Admitted Student Day.  Both our granddaughter, Chauna and her boyfriend Ryan will be attending the University of Iowa next year.  Today was introductions, briefing and campus tour for Chauna and Ryan. 

They all stopped at ( including grandson, Dalton, and his girlfriend, Sara, who both already attend the University of Iowa) the Zombie Burger and Shake Lab, in Iowa City for dinner.    Being an avid follower of The Walking Dead, I'm sure this was more to humor Dennis than anyone!!!

On Saturday evening, the two guys across the road came over for dinner.  Tom and Mike are snowbirds from Illinois, who rent the house across the street for the winter months to fish on Lake June and the surrounding lakes.  Except for a fish fry, neither one of them cook, so they eat out just about every single day.  They leave to go back north next Sunday, so Rich invited them over for dinner.  At "their" request I made Linguine with sausage AND meatballs, Caesar salad and garlic bread.  I had made a Butter Pecan cake with butter cream icing the day before.  They ate so much, there was no room for dessert - so we sent them home with cake for their mid-night snack!   Really nice guys.......we had a fun time.

Next week is another doctor appointment.  This time I'm seeing the foot doctor to see if he can figure out what's going on with my heel!
Almost two months to the day - and we'll be on our way to Iowa!  Can't wait to see the family!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Visiting Friends at TT Peace River........

Good friends, and highschool buddies of Rich were in town for the week, staying at the Thousand Trails Peace River campground in Wauchula.  We always try to get together, even if it's just for a day or an afternoon..........  So on Sunday, we spent most of the day with Cliff and Carlene Freeman.

PIctures below:  Both of them looking great......and so is our good canine friend, "Buster"!    Lots of medical issues for both of them over the past year or so, and Cliff, unfortunately, was just diagnosed with Parkinson's.

Carlene and I shared (and finished) a bottle of Chablis!  She made an excellent pork roast, potato salad, asparagus and fresh "ugly" tomatoes, with a side of fresh strawberries.  All that after chees and crackers with sliced salami and pepperoni and corn chips with spinach and artichoke dip!   Rich and I brought the dessert: fudge brownies with peanut butter icing and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies....complimented with a dip of vanilla ice cream!  Needless to say - everything was awesome!

Rich and Carlene (then Baily), better known as Beatle Baily,  went to highschool together, and will be celebrating their 50th class reunion in September. We will be back from our NY trip by that time, but are considering going back up for this event.  We'll see......


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Time Flies......

WOW - Can't believe it's been nearly three weeks since I've updated here!   And not a whole lot going on.  I've been trying out more new recipes; some good, some, not so good.  The Pineapple cake was quite good, as was the new Shrimp Scampi recipe.........However the White Trash Hash.......... well let's just say it was more trash than anything else!  Not one we'll make again.   Other than that, just the same old, same old......... cooking , baking, cleaning, laundry, groceries, weeding.

I finally broke down and got my hair cut.  That's something I've been going to do for better than a year.  Had enough cut off that I can have it donated.

 And Rich got another new toy, a Remington RM1025P Ranger 10-Inch 8 Amp 2-in-1 Electric Chain Saw/Pole Saw Combo.  Extends to 10 or 12 feet - so he can now trim the tree out back by the boathouse.   

Only been out to dinner ONCE in the past three weeks!  Met up with Buddy and Diane at the Hibachi this past Tuesday.  

On Friday, Rich and I decided it was time to get out for some entertainment, so we headed to Orlando. A quick stop at McDonald's for a late lunch on the way, since dinner wasn't until after 8:30 that night.  We got a good deal through MyMVP Collection on a room at the Clarion Suites Maingate in Kissimmee.  Very very nice hotel..................We ended up with an upgrade, with two queen beds, a sitting area w/sofa, and desk, microwave, refrig, and a huge bathroom for just under $69 for the night.  Regular price ( including the  morning buffet) would have been about $100 more!

The morning buffet included eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, toast, bagels, fruit, cereal and more with  table and bar seating in the immediate area, and huge outside seating area, and more tables set up in the lobby.  Very impressive. 

The hotel was immaculate inside and out, with the grounds maintained very nicely.  Huge pool and sauna, and shower pool, with bar outside.  Hotel is 100% smoke free, with a couple of smoking areas set up outside. 

It was about a 20 minute ride into Orlando to the Treasure Tavern, just off International Blvd, arriving about 7:35 for dinner and show that would begin at 8:30.  They seated us about ten to eight, and we were so glad when they gave us table 8, which is where we sat our first time here.   Ruby was our Jewel (waitress, singer, dancer) for the night and we ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio for the night. 
( Well - Rich had one glass, and I finished the bottle.   Below are tons of pictures of the show - which was absolutely excellent, once again. 

Below:  Checking in...  our waitress, Ruby,   Madam Gretta and here Jewels opening number, and the first act of the night - the hula hoops.  Excellent. 

 Audience participation, and Jinx, the special "jewel" joins in.  ( She is hilarious!, along with a few guy's ( comedians).

The  Russian acrobat/contortionist,  singer, and more laughter with Jinx.  By this time they were beginning to serve our meal.(as the show continued) Mushroom and Brie soup, salad, main course ( I had chicken, Rich had Surf and Turf) and cheesecake for dessert.  Food was OK......

The magicians were fantastic.  That woman must have changed her entire outfit, shoes and accessories included at least 10 times in just a matter of seconds.  The guy too - different pants, jacket, shirt in a matter of seconds.
 And then just more singing, dancing, laughing and clapping!  The entire show was excellent.

  And then we headed back to the hotel and it was after midnight before we got to bed.

Got home today, early afternoon, unpacked, showered, took meat out of the freezer for dinner, and started baking.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with Rich's friends from high school over in Wauchula for the day, and I am bringing dessert.  Rich had made another batch of his tagalogs, but we were down to the 1/2 dozen.  So I made up a batch of brownies with peanut butter icing, and a couple dozen oatmeal,chocolate chip cookies.    Looking forward to seeing Cliff and Carlene !

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Dennis

WOW -  This is one of those things you were absolutely sure you took care of......but didn't!  No worry though, while this birthday greeting is a bit late....we did share our best wishes on his special day.

February 25th was our son Dennis' birthday!  Happy Birthday to an awesome young man, a wonderful husband and father and a son we are so very proud of!

Not too much else going on............we'll schedule something for sure this weekend........even if it's just a trip to Sebring to do some shopping!  In the meantime, the pineapple has ripened,  sliced and almost all eaten!  The top has set and dried for a week, and today we put it in water to root.

Rich, instead of me, did the baking this past week, making a batch of chocolate, peanut butter cookies.  Actually they are supposed to be very similar to the Girl Scout Tagalong cookies, and call for a shortbread cookie, topped with a peanut butter/confectioner sugar icing and dipped in melted milk chocolate.  While they were very good, they were very very filling........Next time: a smaller cooker, and melt the chocolate longer for a thinner texture for dipping.!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

Not a whole lot going on since we celebrated Rich's birthday, back on the 17th.  Lots of phone calls, e-mails and face book posts sending him happy birthday wishes.

Rich went out and harvested the last of the pineapples a few days ago.  This has to be one of the biggest we've grown in the last few years.  Will let it ripen a few more days inside.

Neighbors were here on Sunday and brought us a couple dozen freshly picked oranges!    So, yesterday Rich cut and "hand" squeezed all of them to make some fresh orange juice!  Sooooo  Good!  Then while out doing some palm tree trimming he picked me some fresh flowers from the firecracker bush!  They look great!!

Today we celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary...............  Yes, this was Rich and I that long ago!

And tonight we went into Sebring for dinner at Red Lobster.  Food was excellent.    It's Lobsterfest!!!!  And tonight was the FIRST time that Rich has EVER had Lobster.  He had the two lobster tails, with Linguine/with lobster and shrimp Alfredo, and green beans with mushrooms.  I had the two lobster tails with shrimp scampi and fried shrimp. We had an awesome waiter, very friendly, excellent service and he brought us a great dessert (brownie with ice cream and hot fudge...........on a tray that had 43rd.... Happy Anniversary written in chocolate!   This was also the very first time EVER that our bill ( after adding the tip) was OVER $100 for dinner!  But the food, the service, the atmosphere was perfect!

 One more birthday coming up on Saturday..............and that should be the end of the February excitement!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Rich

Today Rich celebrated his 68th Birthday!!!!
While it was a work day for him.......he  took time to read tons of birthday messages from his face book friends......neighbors, read birthday cards from family, answer birthday calls from family and friends and open his present from me!

I'm always the sentimental one - so I had to share my thoughts along with some of our favorite pictures that bring back good memories...

 No fancy birthday gifts - just a couple of work t-shirts for around the house or at the lake, and a Fish Lip Gripper.........which he's been saying he wanted to get!!!  We shared a banana smoothie this afternoon - and he asked for sloppy joes and potato salad for dinner!   And of course it was a Birthday Cake for dessert!

And look at my Valentine roses..........they are even more beautiful three days later........

Not sure what the plans are for the weekend. We still have not picked up the fans or the light for the dining room.....and he was pricing new screens for the sliders in the sun room today.  Talked about going to Verizon to check out a phone, and change the service on our MiFi............ We need a new mat for his desk chair..........  but you know us - we're never in a big hurry!   It will all get done at some point................

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The February Birthdays and Holidays begin.

Well hopefully the doctor visits are over.  Today Rich went for the sonogram of his carotid arteries, and that's the last scheduled visit for both of us.  Unfortunately between Rich being sick, and Buddy and Diane both coming down with the bug - we missed our Legends Tribute to the Stars that was scheduled for last week.  We heard from those who attended that it was an excellent show!!  Oh well.

 In the meantime, I continue to make Rich is goodies!  This past week was No Bake Cookies, and Banana Nut Muffins, along with a couple of Chocolate Cream filled donuts from Dunkin!

 Saturday the 13th was our grandson's birthday.  Nineteen years old............the last of the "teens"!

And of course today is Valentine's Day........   Love the Roses!  And thank you Rich for remembering I don't like RED!!!  They are
beautiful, but the hand made paper heart was extra special!!!  Cupid did not forget Rich...........of course ..............more chocolate  and peanut butter goodies!

We had made plans for dinner tonight at the Golden Corral with Buddy and Diane last week, not even thinking at the time, that it would be Valentine's Day!   We were there early,  about 4:20, and by 4:30 there was a line almost back to the door.  Special tonight was prime rib, shrimp and scallops!     Very good!    And believe it or not..... I forgot all about snapping a picture!  

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Not a lot going on..............

Can't believe how fast time flies!!  It's been more than a week, and not a whole lot going on.  

Medical update:  Rich has had 2 more sessions with the chiropractor, the last one one about three days ago, at which time he was released!   His back has not bothered him at all.  However, he has not been able to keep up with the daily stretching/exercising.

Last Saturday he awoke in the morning, turned over in bed and had a terrible spell, room spinning, eyes spinning, very sick to his stomach.  Spells continued, although not as bad so he saw the doctor on Monday, who confirmed what we thought - that it was the same that I had last year; vertigo.  Went to Cora Rehab just one time for therapy and has not had a problem since. Has to take it easy for a few days (until Sunday), when he can resume exercises, and if no problem on Monday he can cancel his appt. on Tuesday.  Good so far!

We did make a trip into Sebring, back to Alan J GMC, traded in our Camry and came home with a 2017 Terrain.   I don't LOVE it...but I guess it will give us a lot more packing room when we travel Spring/Summer.   Between the trade in for the Camry, the dealer incentives, the free hitch and installation, and the earnings from our GM master card we were able to reduce the price by almost $14,000!

Rich was out back a couple of times, and today he used up the last to minnows in the bucket!  Just a couple small bass.   The Blue Heron stole one of his minnows  right off his line in the water, but did get  a small 14 inch bass with the last one. .  The Blue Heron was parked right there on the dock most of the time he was Rich threw him the fish!  WOW  - Could not believe he actually swallowed it whole!

Friday, February 3, 2017

It's February already !!!

The weather the last few days has been beautiful.  Nice sunshine, but low humidity.  And a couple of those days it was nice enough to have the windows and doors open!  Our neighbors Al and Barb, sold their house and our new neighbors (have not met them yet - they are gospel singers and travel a lot) they have moved in.

Rich has been back to the Chiropractor for his third manipulation and massage therapy session.  Started out with some light stretching exercises, and now he's supposed to do "crunches" each day to strengthen his core.  He's not having any more pain in the hips or legs..........and really starting to feel a lot better.   So Glad.

We both had our follow-up visits with the doctor, after having our blood work done.............and we got a perfect bill of health!  All the results were "perfect", according to Dr. Shechtman!

Rich has taken advantage of the nice days.  We've been planning early dinner, so that he can head down to the dock by about 4:30 and fish till dark.  I go down and join him, after the dishes are done, just to sit and watch and talk...  Not a whole lot of luck, a small 14 " large mouth bass and a couple of dogfish!  And a nightly visit by the beautiful Blue Heron.

I tried a new recipe the other day, Buckeye Brownie Cookies!   You use a brownie mix, add melted butter, cream cheese, and an egg.  Mix, make into a ball, thumb hole in the middle.  Then cream cheese and peanut butter, mix and roll into ball.  Place in the brownie hole and flatten a little. Bake and cool, then ice with chocolate icing.   I had ONE - and they are very very good! Rich took a 1/2 dozen over to the guys across the road.  And, of course, Rich makes a meal of them.........adding a heaping mound of whip cream!

Cleaned and vacuumed, shampooed the rugs, emptied the trunk and all compartments etc. inside of the car today.  Good chance we'll trade it in before the weekend's over.

Tomorrow is an early dinner with Buddy and Diane and then the four of us are going over to the Genesis Center, here in Lake Placid  for "The Legends Tribute to the Stars".  Music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's!  Should be a fun night!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

A little bit of winter here in FL

Definitely getting a little bit of winter weather now.  Today it may have reached the low 60's and the next couple of nights will see the very low 40's, so time to bundle up!
Saturday was by far the nicer over the weekend.   We headed into Sebring late morning, stopping at the Sebring Diner for a late breakfast.  From there we headed into town to look at vehicles.  Getting ready to trade in the Camry for something a little bit bigger.  Want something that allows room for packing  when we go north, and that can pull the boat if we need.  After looking at several models we took a couple of brochures home for the Equinox and the Terrain, which were the two that we both liked the best. With the "deals" from the dealer, along with what we've earned on our credit card....we shouldn't have too much of an out of pocket expense, so long as we buy a new 2016 or 2017. 

Heading for home we stopped and looked at boats.  We're considering the Tracker V16, which seats four, no carpeting, 60 or 75hp motor,  trolling motor and fish finder and automatic anchors.  A lot more comfortable for fishing and enough room to take four people, which is nice.  Should we decide not to get the trailer, they will deliver to the dock, and pick up at the dock for any service or repair. 

After having a late breakfast we opted for a late dinner.  We had picked up a dozen shiners on the way home, so Rich went down to the dock to fish until dark..........and I went down just to watch and chat... in less than 45 minutes he pulled in two nice Bass and a 24 inch Dogfish, which slithered off the dock before I could grab a picture!
This weather calls for soups and stews and comfort foods, so Saturday we enjoyed a pot of Chicken Chile with cornbread.  Today was a lazy day, and a bit too nippy to enjoy doing much outside. So it was just a day of getting some of the paperwork and trip planning done. And dinner was Baked Ravioli!

On Saturday our grand-daughter Chauna and boyfriend Ryan were headed to the School Gala so Dennis sent us a photo of the two.

  We sent Good Luck to Ryan who was chosen as a King Candidate and hope they both enjoyed the evening!  

Such a handsome couple!