Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Social Distancing, Wash your hands, stay home..COVID-19

I can not believe that it has been a whole month since I've updated this Blog!  Granted, there has not been a whole lot of exciting things going on - but I can't believe how quickly the time has passed.   I think this first picture was taken way back the end of February beginning of March.... when we were having some cooler weather.  So it was time to get the White Chicken Chile Cookin'... and the Cornbread bakin'!   Tried another new recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars...........they were just OK.

And then it was returning my glasses..... and my follow-up with the Retina Doctor..........but not before a quick visit to the optometrist - to adjust my glasses, and put me on more medication for inflammation in both eyes.  Retina doctor found the same blurriness, and inflammation and had me continue the medication for two more weeks.   Tomorrow I go back for a follow-up (eyes have improved) and to pick up my new glasses.

One cool thing though..........I think it was like March 14th when the space shuttle took off from Cape Canaveral with both American and Russian Astronauts heading for the Space Station for a 6 month stay!  Just so happened to be on the lanai that day...........grabbed the camera and got a pretty good shot of the shuttle.  No clouds so it came out pretty good!

And then along came the Chinese Corona virus aka COVID-19!    I had been spending a lot of time, makings packing lists, to do lists, and booking rooms for our trip to Iowa and then to Black Lake in May.    And then we seemed to be spending a lot of time listening to the news trying to stay up-to date with  the Corona virus Pandemic.    We probably could have been better prepared, if China had not tried to hide the virus from the entire world for so long......... but we should all be grateful for the great job that our President is doing. (Can't say too much about Congress...... and all the bulls_ _t from the Democrats.  A couple of weeks ago it was all about Trump Rally's and Races for the Democratic Presidential nominee!  We've been good about not going out and about, except for groceries and medications.  Can not believe how empty the shelves are in the grocery stores... 100 times worse than people stocking up for a major hurricane!!  Fortunately I had some meat already in the freezer, because the most they would let me buy is just TWO packages of meat!!  I took one ground beef and one chicken!  And everyone by now has received our marching rules...... and what we should be doing to help prevent the future spread of the Virus. 

 But as usual, so many people just don't pay attention............and think "it will never happen to me"  It was such a disgrace seeing college students take over the beaches  here in Florida as if they had not a care in the world except drinking, and having fun !   And states locking down gun stores, stopping arrests, and letting criminals out of prisons!  It's getting very scary - the things that are going on in Democratic led states!    I think this says it all

 Unfortunately, we got bad news.........Graduation Ceremonies for our grandson in May at the University of Iowa have been cancelled. So we, and all the other grandparents have  cancelled our trips to Iowa  I cancelled all of our hotel reservations from Florida to Iowa, and from Iowa to NY.  Not sure what's going to happen in NY . We are still booked for our stay at the Log Cabins in Black Lake.... but we did see that one of the local campgrounds have already said they would not open before June!  With the cancellation of the graduation, we were kind of hoping we could extend our stay there for a few more weeks............but????  Here's a picture of the storefront at the Log Cabins taken just a week or so ago. 

Of course with the Virus - there has been a lot going on in the Stock Rich has been glued to the computer, all day every day for weeks..............And everything is good! 

The last couple of weeks has been pretty hot...........but we did get some work done in the yard, and some of the bushes trimmed...........Rich was out the other day hosing off the boat and the dock.... and running the boat motor for a while.........since we haven't even been out on the lake once yet!!  AND  look!  we've got three pineapples started!

And so as we near the end of another month..........I'm back in the kitchen.....and Rich is doin' the grillin' and makin' more yeast risen bread!   Lots of cooking  Crock pot Chicken and Noodles, Shepherds Pie,  Pot Roast,  Linguine w/meat-sauce, Baked Enchiladas, Stuffed Pork chops,Chicken Fried Steak, Pizza........ and below is Rich's bread, Chicken K-Bobs with potato salad, and an excellent Crock pot Pork loin with red potatoes and carrots - that was absolutely delicious!

Staying in touch with family...............and everyone seems to be keeping busy, despite the "quarantine"  and  "social distancing"!   Brother Dave and his best bud, Jake the Dog..... have continued their daily hikes or trips to the dog park.......... staying close to home.  Always enjoy looking for the pictures he takes.   Below are" Falls at Robert Tremain Park, Ithaca, NY,  Canine Commons Dog Park/Binghamton, NY, and Chenango Lake, not far from Binghamton, NY. 

 In Iowa - with the Corona Virus... Dennis is working from home a lot,  the University of Iowa is closed, and so the kids are taking classes via video, and the No Kill Shelter where Dennis and Krystal volunteer is now closed temporarily because of the virus..........but they were able to adopt out all the dogs, and  almost all the cats before they closed.   Chauna brought the two "grand-dogs" (as Dennis calls them) over for a visit..... which Dennis totally enjoyed.  Onyx and Zoey belong to Dennis & Crystal.... Chuba and Leia to Chauna and Ryan.  Top photo - Chuba and Zoey,  Bottom left,  Onyx, Zoey, Chuba and Leia,  Bottom right. three way tug o war - Chuba, Leia, and Zoey. 

Just a short time ago, Dennis gave us a bit of a scare with the following message:   The word is out, we just had a positive test of COVID-19 at my work place.  Not a coworker, not same floor & to my knowledge, no close contact.  On the positive side, it's been 1 week.  I've always practiced good personal hygiene & precaution measures!  I feel fine with no symptoms.  Have had temperature taken 3 times in past 3 days for Dr. appt. and 2 other checks.   Also our mission is essential & I have to work for those bad mouthing people.  Other than that, be blessed & safe.  I will be teleworking from home as much as possible. 🙏

So we will keep him in our prayers that he does not test positive..... and hope you'll do the same.  Thanks!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A new recipe...Happy Birthday, Dennis - a new friend for Leia

It seems like we've been pretty busy these last few weeks.........and eating out a LOT.  But in addition to those Quesidilla's that we made while Dennis was visiting, we really have cooked a few pretty good meals........including one brand new recipe.  A few of our Italian favorites, Ravioli & Meatballs, and Pizza..........AND our new first time ever, Crack Porkchops!   Chops are seasoned with Kosher salt and pepper, and browned.  Then covered with Crack sauce, which consists of  barbeque sauce, brown sugar, juice of two lime, and garlic powder............and then topped with a little parsley.  Quick and easy and quite tasty.........along with a baked potato and oven baked asparagus. 😋

Today is our son's birthday.............and he's spending the week (for work) in Orlando at Shades of Green Hotel for military.    Happy Birthday, Dennis Donald...... We love you to the Moon!!  So we sent him a message on facebook today.

Sending Happy Birthday Wishes to my son, Dennis Donald.  So blessed and so proud to have you as my son!  Love you and wish you the best today and always...

And we got the message today that Ryan and our grand-daughter Chauna will be adopting a new family member and new friend for Miss Leia. 

Monday, February 24, 2020

Celebrating our Anniversary

 On Sunday February 23rd we celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary and 50 years together!  Most of the day was pretty quiet............but with lots and lots of well wishes from family and friends on facebook!!!!  That evening our great friends, Nathan & Krystal Showalter  surprised us with dinner at Red Lobster.

We headed into Sebring to meet them but we were very very early............SO!  We had gift card for Chili's Restaurant, which is right next door to Red Lobster.  Rich does not like to eat there, but we still had about $15 on the card, so we decided to just go inside, sit at the bar and have a drink.  We got thinking about the past.....and how often we celebrated with White Russians..... So we each ordered a White Russian.  Just as good as ever

We got to Red Lobster about 4:45 and Nathan and Krystal were already there.  Krystal ordered a Marguarita...........and so I oredered another White Russian!!! Food was Delicious too !  Top row of picture:  Krystal/Shrip Skewers, Rich/Cajun Chicken Pasts (and EIGHT Biscuits!)...Me - Shrimp
Pasta & Scallops,  and Nathan ( bottom row) had Fish & Chips! 

I think we were there for about 2 hours we left for home.  It was fun evening - and it had been a while since we've seen these two!

On the way home we did catch a pretty nice sunset - Perfect end to a perfect day!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

So much FUN! Dennis visits for Rich's Birthday!

The past few weeks have been both busy and fun.    The first week was just a lot of planning..... for what to do, and where to go when our son Dennis arrived from Iowa.....  But the weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed watching all of God's creaters that visited.  We have found three different Pine Trees in three different areas  where the Blue Heron are building their nests.  Always enjoy them searching for branches,  working hard on the construction of their nest...........and waiting for the babies to arrive.    Sitting on the lanai the other day we were watching an otter sunning and cleaning himself on the dock across the canal.  And back again was one of the local Iguana down by the boat dock.   And of course there was Valentines day..... No dinner out this year.........but the heartshaped chocolate chip cookie was excellent!

And on Sunday the 16th, we hejuaded to Punta Gorda to pick up Dennis at the airport.  We headed over to the Fisherman's Village for lunch.  Had originally hoped we'd be able to hop on the the Harboube Tour,  just did not have enough time to go to airport, drive to the Village and grab some lunch  before the boat departed.  Had also read that there was a Military Museum at Fishterman's Village - but it seems it recently moved to a nearby location, but was not opened on Sunday.

So................... we wandered around a bit and then stopped at Harpoon Harry's for lunch!  Being  a holiday weeken - the Village was packed, as was all of the restaurants.  But, surprisingly, we had a table within about 10 minutes of our arrival at Harpoon Harry's with a great table overlooking Charlotte Bay.  Service was a bit slow ( because of the crowd), so we enjoyed an adult beverage while we waited.  The food was awesome!!! Dennis enjoyed the blackened grouper, Rich the Roast Beef Sandwich, and I had a monster hot dog, with fries and slaw!  Such a beautiful day.... and the food was Excellent!

And so we headed for home. After the big lunch, no one was real hungry for dinner...........So the guys ate a Turkey Pot Pie............and we finished the Valentines Day Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Monday was Rich's 71st Birthday.  The only thing Rich knew...... was that he was getting a birthday cake.............because I asked him a few days prior what kind he preferred.  So we left him hanging in the morning...... no presents out, no birthday cards....... I'm sure he was thinking that the cake was all he was getting.   But Dennis and I headed for Publix, picked up the whipcream cake, with strawberry filling.........................AND some cookies and cream ice cream...........AND a birthday baloon............ and while Rich was out on the lanai - we brought out his cards, the cake and his presents.   I think he was pretty happy and quite surprised.  He loved his new pellet rifle!   Great picture of him and his son Dennis.  We headed for Sebring to his FAVORITE restaurant, the Hibachi Grill ( Dennis is a Chinese Buffet fan as well) and as usual the food was hot and excellent!  And it was cake and icecream for dessert when we got back home.  I love the picture of Dennis and Rich scooping out ice cream..... it was soooooo hard.............we all got laughing about that!!

On Tuesday, Rich and Dennis checked out the new Pellet Gun.............and set up a target for some target practice............... While Rich's shot was the closest to center..............they both got Bulls Eyes!!  A couple of sharp shooters!!!😝

Later in the afternoon, around 5:00 PM - we dressed and headed for the Visani Theater and Restaurant in Port Charlotte to see the Super Starts of the 70's & 80's.  The Edwards Twins were absolutely awesome, especially the guy who did an outstanding rendition of Michael Jackson.  The show was very very good.................the food was excellent!  It was a fun filled evening for all.  Happy Birthday...... Rich Donald!!!   AND---- with just minutes to spare - we made it in time for 2 for one adult beverages....... Beer for the guys..... gin and tonic for me!!

It was well after 11:00 PM when we arrived back home from Port Charlotte.  And the next day, Wednesday was our last full day with Dennis.  Pancakes for breakfast...............and then we headed to Gatorama, a Nature and Wildlife area in Palmdale, Fl........ about 25 minutes from home.  It was a great time, and we arrived in plenty of time to see the gator feeding...... and then met up with the guy who does the feeding...........while grabbing a little gator meat for lunch!  It was a really fun day!


We headed back home.............and then made Chicken Quesidillas for dinner!   They were very  good!
This is like a team challenge..... Rich and I working together to create an awesome Chicken Quesidillas!

Quesidillas were awesome!!!

And then it was Thursday morning and time to say good-bye.....  Jack (Dennis's step dad) came to pick him up on Thursday morning.   We enjoyed a great conversation, coffee, and goodies from Publix.............................and then we said our goodby's.   We had such a great time with Dennis..... and it's always so hard to say good-bye...................  But we'll be visiting the family in May for Dalton's college graduation!    Love you to the MOON, Dennis Donald.

And....... so Rich and I will be celebrating our anniversay in just a few days....... and Denns's birthday on the 25th  Miss you so much Dennis Donald....................we will see you again in May!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Time Flies....It was just the New Year.... and already it's the middle of February!

Not quite sure where January went!   But February is always a busy month.  Lots of Birthdays, our Anniversary, Waiting for W-4 Forms and getting paperword together to do the taxes.

Finished all the power washing, and got a most all of the yardwork taken care of.  We had company come in with a bucket truck to cut the branches on our neighbors tree..........the branches that we over our property line.  They were getting close to the gutters/roof  and we were constantly sweeping up leaves on the sidewalks and driveway.  I can't remember the name of the company that came to do the job.... but they were great.  Made sure nothing on the neighbor's property was cut........took all the brances away, cleaned our driveway and raked the yard.

 I know I usually have a lot of pictures of food on here............and given how long it's been since I've added a post here, you'd think I have lots lots more!  But I don't..............I only have ONE!  Yesterday Rich took a short break from the stockmarket and was back in the kitchen making homemade yeast risen bread!  Three loaves.............and I think he waited less than 15 minutes once out of the oven, to cut his first slice!

Today I was on the road real early as I had an appointment at Newsome Eye with the "retna" doctor.  Left eye had been acting weird ( but of course has been much better just before this visit)  Have a very small grey/black circle the sometimes appears ... Told that behind each eye there is some kid of gel.........and it seems that behind the left eye I am losing some of the gel............but I'm told that is normal as you age.  The one thing we are going to keep an eye on is what they call a Migrane. Unlike a migrane headache...this is a problem with circulation, which can be from the heart or the caratid artery.  I was having episodes where I would have lots and lots of black spots - that don't move........ If
 they begin to happen more frequently - the next step will be toForever inake a look at the caratid art!ery!

And today was also our grandson Dalton's 22nd birthday..  Another example of how time flies!

🎂🍨🎈Happy Birthday wishes to our handsome, smart, super awesome grandson! We are so blessed and so very proud of the man you've become.  As you turn another year older today, continue to follow your dreams.  No matter how big they are, reach for the stars.  Celebrate and enjoy your special day.  We Love you to the Moon!  Forever in our hearts!💓

Well - tomorrow is Valentines Day.... and then we have Dennis is flying into Punta Gorda on Sunday so we'll probably stop over at Fishermans Village and the military museun..Rich's Birthday on that will be dinner out, Tuesday is the Visani Club in Punta Gorda for dinner and show, and Wednesday we might do either an airboat ride, or head over to Gatorama...............

Thursday, January 23, 2020

January... Well not real exciting so doctors, colder weather, .... and politics

Not a whole lot of exciting things going on this month.  Started out with Doctor appointment, just the usual yearly checkup stuff............ Rich had an ultrasound on the carotid artery, and they now want him to have a CT scan done to determine if he needs to see a vascular surgeon.  And I am now scheduled to see a new eye doctor to determine if the pain,floaters, black spots in my left eye, may be an issue with my Retina.   Can't be terribly serious - they scheduled my appointment in mid February!

And the power-washing is finally completed.  There is always so much to do with the driveway, all the walk ways, the window awnings,  and the gutters etc.  But he's done the dock, and finally made it all the way around the house............... and then the two of us cleaned the glass on the sliders.

I usually have a ton of pictures of all the food we been making or baking.............but the camera has been pretty idle.  Haven't been out to dinner, and most of the meals have been leftovers. Not even any baking..................been finishing up the holiday cookies and candy.  BUT we did have pancakes (cooked in the waffle maker) with cherries and whip cream, with a side of sausage for dinner one night.  A bit of a change for us for dinner..............but it was delicious!  And last night we did pizza.  Rich had his regular with ground beef and cheese.............but he made me a small one with sausage, red and green peppers, onions and cheese.  It was awesome!

Mother nature is giving us a pretty good change in temperatures.  Past couple of days have been pretty darn cold. ( Having said that....... I absolutely LOVE and WELCOME these few winter days here in Florida.)  But, of course, Rich is pretty much in hibernation mode!😄

I think  I've mentioned previously that we have at least three iguanas that spend a good amount of time in our yard, down by the canal/boathouse.  Well it seems they do NOT like the cold weather, and the weatherman has said  "Watch for Falling Iguanas"   Well it's been pretty cold.  The last couple of days we've seen the temperatures down in the  20's during the night with mornings about 34 degrees with wind chill factors of 23 to 24 degrees!  We sure hope that was enough for those Iguanas to FALL!

Since we're on the topic of cold weather.........I'm going to share a few photos that my brother Dave took in NY.  He lives just outside Binghamton, NY and spends many many of his days, with his dog Jake hiking.  These were taken at Buttermilk Falls, and Chenango Valley State Park. The picture in the top/middle is the view of his backyard from the kitchen window.   Absolutely Beautiful

Of course, if you turn on most any TV station these days, it's all about the Senate Impeachment Trial.  So very sad the state of affairs in our country today.  We have the greatest President that this country has ever seen, and he is respected and admired across the world.  It is such a disgrace to watch the Democratic Party try to impeach him, when he's done absolutely nothing wrong. ( High crimes or misdemeanors), because they can not accept that they lost the election 3 years ago.  There is no doubt that he will be acquitted by the Senate.  And I am so glad to see the Republican standing together strong. 

Just a note.............and a request for your prayers.  This is a message we received, and that I shared here, back in 2018 regarding the health of our good friend Dianne Douglas.


Buddy and Dianne were planning on visiting us on Monday the 28th for a cookout.  It is flu season, so with her condition, she tries not to be in places, like restaurants, where she could easily catch the germs.  I spoke with Buddy the other day, and he tells us that Dianne is not doing well at all..   Part of his recent message: Please pray for both of them.

As this disease progresses things will get bad. She will need oxygen. The time will come when she cannot swallow and will need a feeding tube. Then she will not be able to control her bodily functions. Eventually she will be in a nursing home. I will keep her here as long as I can.

Monday, January 13, 2020

A Pretty quiet two weeks

Time sure does fly by....  Can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I've posted an update.  Nothing even to watch on TV until this week, as a lot of the programs off for the holidays have started up again. 

But we've been keeping busy. Had our 6 month blood work done,followed by a follow-up with the doctor and everything looked good.  Had to order some additional links for my new watch, dropped off at the jewelers.  Next is getting the wedding rings cleaned.  And as usual, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking and baking...............

New years Day was quiet, and we made Chicken Quesadillas for our dinner along with an adult beverage!  Rich finished the Eggnog/Cinnamon Whiskey, and I opted for the Gin and Tonic again.  I went out for groceries a few days ago, and came home to find Rich in the middle of his first bake of the New Year.  He was in the middle of making homemade yeast risen bread. ( I got to clean up the mess!)  Bread is delicious! Nothing special as far as cooking.... Mac N Cheese, Shepherds Pie, Potato Soup, Ravioli/Sausge.... Meatball Subs.

Quiet yes..........but we both have been busy.  Starting to plan our trip in May to Iowa for Dalton's college graduation... and then on to Black Lake, NY.  ( Probably followed by an Elmira visit w'family and Pennsylvania visit with friends.    The route is in place and the hotel rooms are book for the journey north.. With Dennis coming to visit in February, I've been trying to plan our schedule while he's here, checking places in Dania/Ft Lauderdale, Punta Gorda/Ft. Myers/Port Charlotte.  Buddy and Dianne are scheduled for a cookout here later this month.

Rich  has been getting a lot of the power washing done.  A little bit at a time, and it's starting to look pretty good. We also did some tree trimming and cutting bushes.

Lots of visitors in the back yard.  Been keeping the feeder full.... and the humming birds are loving it.  The Blue Heron are building their nest, and the Whistling Ducks are back!  We counted close to 50 of them relaxing in the back yard, or on the boathouse roof just the other day.  And every now and then we get people out enjoying a ride in the canal.

Tomorrow is doctor appts for both of us.  Rich for an ultrasound, me for a followup with the Eye Doctor..............

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A new year..... a new decade.

Well today is New Year's Eve..... and since Christmas day it's been a bit quiet.  Gifts were exchanged with neighbors, our neighbors are selling their house, the family is back in Iowa.  Rich has been working in the yard power washing ( the driveway is the only thing left) and spraying the deck and boathouse with wet n forget. I've been taking down both the trees, and all the Christmas decorations and the house is back to normal.  No big celebration tonight - it's just the two of us..... enjoying Ravioli w/meatballs and garlic bread for dinner...... along with a beverage ( root beer for Rich..... gin and tonic for me)

But we both are enjoying..... and love our Christmas presents.  The hummingbird feeder is out, and the hummingbirds are starting to stop for a drink.  I love my new watch ( but needs to be taken to the jeweler for a couple of extra links) and my new cookware set!  Rich as made the rounds visiting friends with his new "Crappie Attitude" t-shirt, and really likes his new mouse pad, with some of his big catches at Black Lake, and his new 2020 dog calendar.

Starting to make plans for traveling in 2020. Dennis will be visiting again in February for 3 or 4 days and celebrating his Dad's birthday.   Then in May will be a trip to Iowa for our grandson's graduation from University of Iowa.... and from there to Black Lake for 6 or 7 weeks...........Hoping to spend some time with my brother in NY and then stopping in Pennsylvania to visit our friends Dieter and Helen. 

So to prepare for all's time, once again to get back to exercising and walking and taking off some lbs.! 

Dennis and the kids took off to SanDiego this past week to attend the Holiday Bowl. ( Iowa Hawkeyes/ San Diego), and before heading back home spend the day at the SanDiego Zoo.  Hawkeyes Won!!!!   49-24!!!

Been thinking and talking about selling..... and moving to a 55+ community.... where we don't have all the yard work to take care of.............Nothing definite yet........ but have to admit it sounds good to me. 

Wishing all our family and friends a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas Day.... Santa was very good to us this year!

Christmas day was really pretty quiet..........   I was up early, about 6:00, and Rich  a little bit later.  Up, yes......but not awake, so we had to wait for the coffee to kick in before the fun could begin.

Picture below shows the tree first thing in the morning,  All the presents and stocking now under the tree wrapped and then unwrapped.... and the ham, scalloped/au-gratin potatoes, green bean casserole and banana bread for dinner.

And yes Santa was very generous this year....I got new set of cookware AND a new large fry pan, cookie sheet, cutting board, measuring spoons and cup, a humming bird, a watch and several stocking stuffers.   Rich got a new Stanley 2 cup thermos, wall calendar, 2 year calendar, a mouse pad with pictures  of his big fish catches...a couple pair of sorts, and a "Crappie Attitude" t-shirt, lots of candy (dark chocolate, white chocolate, Raspberry/Chocolate, Chocolate covered cherries...and lots of stocking stuffers.  And pictures , cookies, coffee, breads and gift cards from family and neighbors.  Of course the big present to each of us this year was the visit with Dennis & Crystal, and of course the bathroom remodel. We certainly are very very blessed!

Facebook was pretty busy today too.  I got pretty sentimental....because my brother Dave is alone every year for Christmas. ( well he has his dog, Jake). So I got an old picture out of him and I when we were very  very young sitting in front of the Christmas tree........and left him a message that one of these years we were going to get another picture of the two of us sitting in front of the tree.!

Picture below shows that picture, along with a family photo of Dennis,Crystal, Dalton and Chauna - that they posted on Facebook.... and Dave put a picture of the Christmas gift me gave him.......with a note that said " My sister Donna always gets me the neatest Christmas presents Thank you. I love it."  He and Jake do a lot of hiking.....and he takes some awesome pictures.....This year he got a photo album. 

Yes - it's been a very good year.........despite the medical issues, it was a great year, that went by way too fast.  Heard to believe it's almost 2020!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

One more day....

Well, the past several days have been busy.... last minute shopping, and last minute wrapping, planning the Christmas day menu (and grocery shopping).....

Been mostly left over's,  meatloaf and tuna noodle casserole.... but Rich cook some Chicken K-Bobs on the grill the other day.........and he's got about 3/4 of the power washing done.

On Sunday - I had to make another batch of peanut butter fudge, and a loaf of Banana bread, and Monday morning, Rich made his 3 Christmas pumpkin pies!  Phil & Dorene stopped by and we exchanged Christmas gifts.... and then I delivered gifts to Jim & Patty, John & Diane, and our newest neighbors, Bill & Elaine..... and Rich took a plate of goodies to Tom and Mike (who spend the winter here in Lake Placid, fishing!!

 Now just one more sleep.... tonight is Christmas Eve 2019.  Nothing fancy planned for today..... and no celebrations.  The best part of our Christmas was having Dennis and Crystal here........and maybe one year the whole family can be together.

Presents are wrapped and under the tree, the stockings are hung....... and now we wait for Santa to do his magic!

But while we celebrate.................let's not forget the REAL meaning of celebrate Christ's birth.  Wishing everyone a Merry and Blessed Christmas.