Saturday, March 30, 2019

A little bit more of the same.....

The Sleep Apnea testing was completed last Thursday and Friday, and shipped back.........Still waiting to hear the results. I go in on Tuesday to the cardiologist to have  a 24 hour heart monitor put on.......and go back on Wednesday to have it removed.........and then a week later is my follow-up with the doctor.  Have not had anymore rapid heart beat, but have had several days of a heavy, loud heart beat!  Hope we can figure this out pretty soon.

In the meantime it's continuing to make our lists of things to do, to pack, to schedule before we leave for both Cocoa Beach, and then about a week later to Black Lake NY.  Fun cooking again this week - with Chicken Fried Steak, Ham and Scalloped potatoes, Chicken K-Bobs,  Noodles & Beef,  Linguine & Sausage.....

 and on the baking/goodies side we did Peanut Butter brownies,  and today Rich made his favorite- potato candy!

For a couple of days, the weather was perfect for opening doors and windows!  And it seems our the birds and fowl are enjoying it as well.   We spotted the orange breasted bird ( I can't remember the name) the nests in the bird house in the back yard.........but haven't seen hi again... The whistling ducks were back and made themselves comfortable in the neighbors back yard.  We continue to watch the Blue Heron.  There are two of them that are nesting in the pine tree - and we got a picture of both of them......on in our yard, the other in the nest!  I was finally able to get a picture of the Limpkin......... we see them during the day, but in the dawn, and at night that have this piercing banshee wail........ And finally, while I did not get a picture - our neighbor knocked at the back tell us that an alligator was comfortably waiting for us at the dock.

Nothing else planned until closer to Easter....but we do have some birthday's coming up!  We are doing an early Easter dinner at Red Lobster, and we've been invited to Nathan and Krystal's for Easter Dinner.  Buddy and Diane are not able to join us.........she is not able to walk at all anymore - and it would be a bit difficult to make it up the stairs at the Showalters. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

When there's not a lot going on - you cook and eat!

Been pretty quiet, not a whole lot going on.  So doing a little extra cooking, and even got Rich in the kitchen~  making his pumpkin pies.  One of our favorite meals is Chicken Fajitas - so I made those on Friday...........and then we made some of our M&M Meat sauce for hot dogs.  ( recipe from a place we always got hot dogs when we lived in NY.), followed by Chef Salads, and then Mac n Cheese on Wednesday........

On Monday I had my visit with Dr. Van den berg (Cardiologist). Don't know a whole lot more than before - but he's reviewing all my tests from Dr. Win....and then probably either another Echo, and a heart monitor for a couple of days.  In the meantime he suggested that I get checked for sleep apnea.......saying that, that could very well be the cause of my rapid heart beat.  So doing the home test on Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday - we met up with Buddy and Dianne Douglas at the Golden Corral. And that night they had some new stuff on the menu....... In addition to their signature Sirloin, they had Ribs - which Rich said were excellent, and they also had some delicious Shrimp Scampi and Shrimp Alfredo with Linguine.... They were exceptionally good!   As always we enjoyed the time with Buddy and Dianne - a little politics, lots of laughter!  We knew that eventually Dianne would require a wheelchair - but we were surprised that it was this soon.  She's not able to walk even with the walker anymore, and she continues to have trouble with her speech!  We continue to keep her in our prayers.

And a great big CONGRATULATIONS to our beautiful, talented, smart, determined, hard working grand daughter, Chauna!

She was just given a scholarship for the third year in a row from Chick Fil A!  So very proud of this young lady!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Spring Ahead! Fun night at the Genesis Center!

So Today, March 10th, Daylight Savings Time begins!  Time to spring ahead.... and we all get to lose an hour of time today.

I know that most people look forward to this time of year, when the sun shines a little longer.  But I am one of the minority who wish they would just leave the time alone..... and stay on plain old Eastern Standard Time!

But like yesterday - it is a beautiful day outside, perfect for opening doors and windows, being serenaded by the sound of the Whistling Ducks in the back yard and working in the kitchen!  Today it is oatmeal chocolate chip cookies........and the chuck roast of beef in the crock pot!  A little later we'll make the gravy and mashed potatoes, and I'm doing sauteed green beans w/bacon, minced onion, minced garlic and chicken broth!

Last week it was back to the doctor for me.  If you remember, I've had the irregular EKG, and the irregular stress test - but after the CT Angiogram/Coronary.... I was told my heart was very healthy - and no blockage, but no explanation as to WHY I experienced a heart attack!!   Well twice now I have experienced rapid heart rate (129+bpm) and  a few other times with just heavy heart beats (pounding and I could hear). I went to see my primary doctor - who agreed with me that I should see a different cardiologist - as she felt I should have had some different test done.... So now I am scheduled to see Dr. Vandenberg on the 18th to set up a cardiac-catheterization and angiography.  💓

 On a brighter note...............Friday evening we went to see the band California Toe Jam at the Genesis Center here in town.  It was a benefit for the Toby the Clown Museum........and so the clowns did about a 1/2 hour skit before the show, and entertained with the band... Great Night!

First time at the Genesis Center...... welcomed by the clowns.... and the cutest little clown at the door.   We got our Red Noses..... and all of the clowns marched in and on to the stage!

What was so nice.....was that our friends Bob and Lavern were part of the entertainment! (aka Silly Willy and Fluffy - the two pictures in the center in the photo below)

The band was absolutely EXCELLENT...and the audience had a great time, singing along, clapping or dancing in the isles!  The guy in the picture on the bottom left - was a friend of the band, sitting in the audience who came up to sine.  (Very Good).... and who also has a home in Watkins Glen, NY  - next town over from where we lived!)  The regular drummer was excellent , but one of the clowns  took his place for one or two songs ( lower right)

It was a great evening of fun, laughter, and great music..... that kept you clapping or singing all night.  This group has been together for about 35 years......and this was one of their last performances on  their "Sunset" Tour.   This last picture is of Toby the Clown.  The founder of the Clown School and Museum.