Monday, October 31, 2016

Just a quiet day at the beach today

Up early again this morning and caught the sunrise.  Much prettier today.

Even though we're spending the week at the beach, Rich is still following the stocks each day.  I'll keep my eyes on what's going on here during the day, and take off if anything catches my eye.  Today was the Animal Show, which I've seen several time, so I passed.  They also had Cash Bingo - but I elected not to go.  When I checked by the pool - it appeared that several others did the same.  They were also having a Halloween Costume party with prizes at Lily's Bar here at the resort - but that didn't start until 9:00..........and I didn't want to miss Dancing With the Stars!

We decided to stay in for dinner as well, so I fixed linguine and sausage, and we both had a shot or two of Rum Chada before dinner.  

Dinner was excellent.......  Rich watched the news, and I did the dishes.

With both of us having back and hip pain recently - a lot of walking has not been on the agenda, but we decided to wander on down and take a walk on the beach. Walked for about 25 minutes! Rich wanted to put his sweatshirt on before we left!!!!!  I told him he was not going to embarrass me!  He survived!

It was a beautiful early evening for a stroll.  The beach is not as nice as what it
used to be - thinking a lot of it is a result of the hurricane..........and it really needs some work.   But still enjoyed the evening walk, the waves and even the sand sculptures!!

Will check out what's going on here during the day tomorrow.............and then decide where we want to go for dinner.  We like Anacapri's for Stromboli, and Brano's for Italian - but not Italian again tomorrow!  I'd like to head down to either the Cocoa Pier or FishLips over in Port Canaveral one night.......and we've talked about Longhorn Steakhouse. Have to flip a coin - cuz we only have three more nights to eat out......Burgers  on the grill here one night.

Almost 11:00 - and time to call it a day.......Have to be up for sunrise in the AM

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Another Beautiful Day - a visit to Downtown Cocoa

Up early this morning to watch the sun rise.  Unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy, so it was OK - nothing great.  Maybe better tomorrow.

A few pictures from the inside of this unit.   This would be pretty much identical to one we may exchange our current week for.  Being oceanfront is so much nicer, as well as having the full stove and frig.  One bedroom and two full baths.

Weather is so nice over here.  Sunny day today, but such a nice breeze and the humidity low.  First stop was at the Sunrise Diner for breakfast.  Two eggs, home fries and toast for $3.99!  Excellent!  Then headed on into Cocoa, grabbing a couple of pictures on the way.  Could almost see the cruise ships at Port Canaveral..........then crossed the Indian River into Cocoa.  Wanted to check out a couple of Pawn Shops to see if they had any small guns.....One was closes on Sunday - the other had some, but no small one.

We decided to make a stop on the way back at Historic Cocoa Village.  We'd visited here many years ago, enjoyed it and decided it was worth another stop.  Being Sunday - some of the shops were closed, but there were still some people enjoying the weather, eating outside, and doing a little shopping.

The Historic Cocoa  Village Playhouse.  Originally the Aladdin Theatre; it first opened in 1924, showing silent movies!  It is an active playhouse today.

A few more pics...........

A quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a couple gallons of water, some burgers to cook out one night, and a box of donuts for Rich's sweet tooth!

Rich will be back to work on the market tomorrow - so I guess I'll have to find something to do to keep busy..............

We arrive at Cocoa Beach

Check in at the Ocean Landings Resort in Cocoa Beach is 5:00 - so we didn't leave home until after 12:30 on Saturday.  We stopped in town first for gas, and then later for lunch at McDonalds , took our time, and checked in just before 4:00. Unpacked and enjoying the views from the balcony with a refreshing beverage before 5:00

Pulled out the camera after we exited from I-95 N towards Satellite Beach where we got our first glimpse of the water as we crossed the Inter-Coastal, Merritt Island, and the Banana River.

As we turned on to A1-A in Satellite Beach and headed into Cocoa Beach, we could see , even after all this time, that people are still cleaning up after Hurricane Matthew. Trees and brush lined the sides of the street.

The weather here is just beautiful, with temps in the low to mid 80's during the day and the humidity in the 60's and 70's.  Today was mostly cloudy, with winds probably 14 to 15 mpr, which made for some nice waves.  Walked down to the beach to get a picture of the front of the building and Rich on the balcony.

A few shots sitting out, before we headed out for dinner.

A Carnival and a Disney Cruise Ship leaving Port Carnival - passing by........

It was after 6:00 when we decided to head out for something to eat.  After a the driving - we decided to just walk across the street to Denny's.  Both of us like the food it wasn't a difficult decision.  We'll probably be back here a few more times before the week is over.

Tonight Rich opted for breakfast and tried one of their new "specials". He said the Sticky Bun Pancakes, eggs, sausage and hash browns were excellent.  I had the fish and chips.

Beautiful evening.............

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy Hour at TT Peace River

After dinner last week at Homer's everyone said they wanted to get together one more time before Rich and Dee were back on the road.  On Monday, Rich and Dee set up a happy hour/cook out at their campsite at the Thousand Trails/Peace River Campground.

Been a long while since we've been to a happy hour.  The weather, although a bit on the windy side today, was absolutely beautiful and just perfect for sitting outside.  When we arrived Rich was already cooking the pork chops, and Dee was finishing up the pulled pork barbecue inside,  Everyone else brought a dish to pass, which included potato salad, macaroni salad, cabbage salad, and chips and salsa.  Buddy made a great strawberry sponge cake, and extra whip cream and strawberries!!!

The food was delicious, the weather was perfect and the company and conversation was exciting to say the least.   Again, lots of stories, catching up, and tons of laughter!!   It was not a big crowd tonight..... and we missed Nathan and Krystal.........Krystal had three MRI's scheduled today down in Sarasota.  Hope all went well.

Pictured below:  Art Carpousis ( Hedy had another engagement tonight) but it was great seeing Art again.  Been a couple of years.     Dee and Rich with Art,  Rich and I, Curtis ( a friend of Rich and Dee's ), John and Laura Pagliaro, and Buddy and Diane Douglas.

We wish our friends safe travels on the road, and sure hope they give us a holler the next time they are in town.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Pirates........or should I say ARRRRRRRGH!

On Saturday we were invited to Nick and Tonyia's for a cookout and fire.............. or in Pirate translation..................

"On Saturday we were invited t'what crawled out o' t' bung hole with our buckos."

These two have pretty much created a Pirates Paradise, Key West Beach Party, right in their own back yard.    And today was a beautiful "beach day" sunny with a taste of a breeze an cooling down for the campfire. Couldn't pass up a picture with the skeleton enjoying a refreshing drink just outside the Parrot-head Tiki Bar. 

Enjoyed the balmy weather sitting around the fire, donning some pirate gear, and enjoying a beer or " shots o' Fireball Cinnamon or Rum Chada grog".  And Nick and Tonyia started dinner on the grill.

Dinner was excellent!  We had  "what crawled out o't' bung hole was pork chops and corn on t'cob of t' grill, with pasta salad."  By the time we cleaned up the kitchen and went outside, the sun was down and the fire was a'flamin!   Nick brought us another shot of fireball, and turned up the Reggae music!  

"Thank'ee kindly, me furriends! Yd be fine pirates. Yo-ho-ho!  But time t'say Ahoy mateys, a quiet slumber it be............"

And a quiet slumber we needed indeed, for Sunday was back to reality.  Finished up some yard work, washed and cleaned the bugs off the front of the car.  The palm off the trees are cut, tied and put out front, and all the wood and bush trimmings are bagged and ready to go out  Wednesday morning before they come to pick up.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Baking, Yard Work and Meeting up with Friends!

Been a couple of weeks since updating, but until a few days ago it's seems to have been a whole lot of work!  It's that time of year again.  Unlike being up north and doing your "spring cleaning" in Florida it's primarily in the Fall when the outside work begins.  Summer is pretty much all rain and hot sun which leads to dirty sidewalks, driveways etc.   So we (mostly Rich) has been getting a lot done.  

The bushes and flower beds are pretty much my job.......but he did pull ALL the Azalea bushes that bordered the back lanai area.  Bushes gone, and all the lava rock in buckets......and the area is ready for new plants and power washing the concrete!   Not sure what will go there; may just put in new Azaleas - like the bright colors back there.   The front bushes and the plants in front are all trimmed.

Rich has been working on all the Palm Trees, cutting branches and cutting back the bark.  The ones in the back are almost done, and then he has a couple in the front to finish.  A lot of work, but the palm trees are looking so good!!

Last weekend, Rich was in the mood for baking, so he made a couple of loaves of yeast risen bread.   He did all the work.......I cleaned up the mess.  And we both enjoyed the bread!  First piece before it was completely cooled was awesome!!  Still have one loaf left in the freezer.

Our friends Rich and Dee Pagliaro contacted us over the weekend to let us know they were at the Peace River Campground in Wauchula......  Met these two several years ago in Wauchula when we learned to play pickleball....and it's been about three years since we last saw them. There travels have taken them to Alaska and out west........ So on Wednesday Rich and Dee, and Rich's brother and wife Laura , Nathan and Krystal, Buddy and Diane and Rich and I all met up at Homers in Sebring. ( Not one of our favorite places to eat - but Dee does not eat Chinese and wanted to go somewhere with a good salad bar).   We met at 5:30 and we didn't get home until about 8:00.  Catching up with what everyone has been up to, talking politics..........and just a real good evening and lots and lots of laughter.  

I took a picture from one end of the table, and Rich from the other - so we could get everyone in............ Rich and Dee will be setting up at the Pumpkin Festival this weekend - but we've made tentative plans for all of us to get together again during the week for a happy hour at their place, before they leave the park next Saturday.

And got some pictures for Iowa...It was Senior Hat night at the last football game of the season. Go Davenport West High School Falcons..........  Love the picture of Chauna with her Dad!

Well -I'm sure it will be more yard work this weekend, hopefully a happy hour one night during the week, and then we're off to Cocoa Beach on Saturday!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fun Day with Good Friends

On Saturday we headed down to Ft. Myers, Fl with our good friends Nick and Tonyia for a matinee showing at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater, and then a stop at the Shell Factory.

We were on the road about 10:00 am.  Generally, in the past, our trips to the Broadway Palm included and evening event, with an overnight stay.  We managed to get some good seats, just the second row back from the stage, for the afternoon showing - so we decided, since it was only an hour and a half drive that we could make it down and back the same day.

The food is always good, the soup is hot, the salad is crisp and fresh and the entree's, a good selection and well prepared, and of course way too many desserts to choose from.  While the food was good, none of us thought the selection of entrees was as good as on previous visits.  

Once dinner was complete, and Rich and Nick and Tonyia went out for their cigarette was time for the show to start.  Today's Show:  Yesterday', The Rockin' 50's and Groovin' 60's.!   And as the show began, all four of us were thinking of our last weekend at the Show Palace, which was a disaster...............and we all were hoping that this would not be a repeat performance.    The show was outstanding!  A great group that entertained us with awesome singing and lots of laughter!

We assumed that the show we would over by mid afternoon, so made plans to drive north about 20 minutes and stop in at the Shell Factory.   Rich and I have been here a couple of times - but have yet to visit the Nature Park.    The park would close by 5:00 o'clock - so we wandered for an hour or so through the gift shop!  Some great cool stuff to buy.   Like our last stop - Nick and Tonyia did a bunch of shopping; today for the Tiki Bar and Beach area in their outdoor paradise!

It's a pretty unique place to visit....... but some things can be pretty pricey!

Nick and Tonyia did a lot more shopping than we did.........but we did take a home a new fishin' hat for Rich and a pair of sandals for me!

So much to eat at the show - that it wasn't until after 7:00 that Rich grabbed a couple of hot dogs, and I fixed a small fajita with some leftover chicken/onions and peppers, we watched a few programs and called it a day.

On Sunday I spent TWO hours on the road driving back and forth to Lowe's in Sebring.  The mini blind in the guest bedroom broke, so we needed a replacement.  Told them, inside mount, width of opening is 35 3/4", so I wandered around the store waiting to have him cut one to size.  Took it home, would not fit!  Rich measured - it was 36".  Took it back.  Told me that while I waited to have it cut, he had cut TWO, because the first one he cut the wrong size.............and he gave me the wrong one to take home.  At least I didn't have to wait - we just exchanged boxes and I was on my way back home.  Fit perfectly!