Saturday, July 18, 2020

More of the Same....Covid Tests!!!.

Well - We really do miss being up north, at the lake, fishing, and enjoying weather that is a little cooler!  Although, we have heard that it's been hotter than normal..............  I just know that our yard is in desperate need of work........With all the rain, the bushes are growing so fast, but it's just toooo hot to be outside.  At least Cindy comes once a week to mow the lawn!  So we spend a lot of our time cooking and baking, and maybe takeout once a week. 

Some of the menu from the past couple of weeks..........  Rich made his yeast risen bread again, and a dish of potato candy.   Besides daily leftovers... we enjoyed Linguine and Sausage,  Cajun Shrimp Pasta, Grilled Beer Brats w/ macaroni salad, and  last night we had Stromboli. Made beef stew just a few days ago..... but forgot to take a picture!!   A week or so ago, I made up a batch of peanut butter cups..........I like those because I can enjoy one or two, knowing they are low calorie!   Tonight we're doing baked stuffed pork chops, asparagus, and mashed potatoes.

The pineapple plants out back are looking real good.  Not being up north this year, we'll be able to enjoy them.  We usually tell the neighbors, or the lady that mows the lawn to take them when they're ready! Rich harvested the first one about a week ago.  There are three more that should be ready very very soon!  This one was delicious............and of course..... had to sample a piece while he was slicing it!  The crown has been drying now for just about a week, so it's ready to be put in water to start it rooting.  Then we'll replant it for next year!

Lots of rain, wind an losing power!

Another of our favorite past times, is watching the wildlife.  We have a small gator that swims by quite often..... but haven't been able to get close enough to get a picture.  And we have a couple of otters that swim by several times a week..........but it's almost impossible to grab a picture they are moving so fast!  But I did manage to get a pretty good shot of one of the turtles across the canal.  She's been digging holes and burying her eggs.  And that's the Anhinga down on the dock.  A most unusual pose....   usually has the wings spread, and the neck stretched ready to pounce!

Always lots of medical issues!  And for the most part, despite the number of visits, the results continue to be pretty good. Rich (because of the smoking) had a CT scan of the chest done, and everything looks good.  He's been trying to get the Carotid Artery Surgery scheduled, but with the Covid-19 issues.....a lot of these types of surgeries are not being done.  Speaking Covid- 19, we've learned that our friend Krystal's sister and brother-in-law both were infected, and her brother-in- law came very close to dying.  We just learned yesterday, that our son Dennis's step-sister and husband are quite sick, and are waiting for the results of their Covid - 19 test.  And just two days ago, I went to the doctor, because I was having some bad pain in my neck and left jaw.  While there, I also told him I was having head-aches, and sleeping 8-9 hours a night, and napping frequently during the day. He have me a steroid shot, and a prescription for an anti-bionic, and said I am showing symptoms of Covid-19, and should be tested.  I am scheduled to have the test done on Tuesday next.  Rich has been feeling some of the same, but not as much or as frequent as I have.  But he'll have to have the test done as well, before he has the carotid surgery  Good news is that if I do test positive for Covid... it will mean that how I feel right now, is the worst it will get..... and that's great news, given my age and underlying medical conditions.   So now I'm kind of hoping it is positive!!