Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

Seems like I've only been updating this Blog about once a month.  This China Virus is just playing havoc on my being able to do much of anything......................except seeing the doctor or going to the grocery store!  And in the past 2 or 3 weeks we've not even been able to watch our favorite TV programs!  Not sure exactly why...........but Direct TV no longer airs anything on Channel 10.  And, since we always record our programs to watch later.......never paid much attention, that 99% of what we watch is on Channel 10.

So a couple of weeks ago, while doing some heavy lifting, I did "something" to my upper back.  Was pretty sore/painful, like a rock sitting between my shoulder blades, or like pins and needles, and it moved into my left shoulder/arm.  Saw my doctor who said it was nothing real serious, just very very inflamed.  She gave me two steroid shots , a prescription for Naproxen, 500 mg 3 x day as needed and Methylprednisolone for 7 days.   I am still experiencing the paid, and will be starting physical therapy this coming Tuesday!

Moving on to Christmas Week We ordered in one night.........but we got in some good cooking and baking.  Rich made 3 more loaves of his homemade yeast risen bread. He made a batch of his Potato Candy, which is absolutely delicious. Our next-door neighbor loves he made some extra 
that we could share! We exchange gifts with three of our neighbors each year.  Nothing big.... usually candy or something home made.  

I fully expected, since he has never NOT made his pumpkin pies at Christmas Time that he would do the same this year.  But instead - he made cream puffs.  Normally he would top them with powdered sugar, but elected to make a chocolate topping!  We did order in one night, and I made stuffed pork chops, Baked Burritos, and Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles,  and Waffles with Strawberry topping and whip cream and Sausage! 

Christmas Day was quiet, but one of our neighbors dropped off a big dish of goodies, including pumkin cheesecake, and an assortment of homemade cookies!   This year we each got our presents a week or so early, as they were bigger items, ordered on line, and ones that needed putting together.  Rich got me a treadmill, which I love!!!!  And I got Rich a new Desk Chair and a Glass Matt for under the chair. He really likes the lumbar support on the chair.  And this is where he spends most every day on the stock market!  And we got new wood blinds for in the spare bedroom.  Christmas Day was fun. Rich joined me in the kitchen, while we made Lasagna for Dinner.  ( It was delicious!) We enjoyed one of our favorite "adult" beverages - Eggnog w/Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nippy. The forecast is for about 38 degrees in the morning, but getting up to about 55 degrees mid afternoon.  So in the morning I will get some ham and potato soup cooking in the crockpot!

And I'll close with this..............I saw this somewhere on Facebook a few days ago, and really liked it.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

November was just a VERY LONG month.....

 And then it was Thanks Giving Day!   This is a day that is usually quite festive.  For the past several years our good friends, Nathan & Krystal (the Showalters) and Buddy & Dianne (the Douglas') have joined us, here at home, for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Buddy always brings his homemade Coconut Cream Pie,  and Sweet Potatos, and Nathan always brings the "adult beverages" and usually a vegetable to share.  It's always a BIG deal, because Dianne can't eat Ham, and Krystal can't eat the desserts! ( Rich also has his pumpkin pies)  So, as a rule we bake both a Ham & a Turkey along with all the regulars.... mashed potato/gravy, green bean casserole, biscuits, cranberry sauce.... and I always make sure I have made some Peanut Butter Cups ( fat free cool whip/peanut butter) in the freezer, so that Krystal has dessert!

This year, with the Chinese Virus it was just Rich and I.  Just a small Turkey ( that was absolutely terrible!!!!!) mashed potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoes for me, green bean casserole.. and cheddar biscuits  . It was over quickly...........and then there was the mess in the Kitchen to clean up!

We decided this year not to put up the big tree in the living room.  I spent most of the day,  Thanksgiving , getting a little Christmas Spirit.  A small table top tree in the family room. my favorite Sleigh, with Reindeer filled with candy.  A few splashes of color on the small mantel, the dining room and kitchen tables, and a few decorations on the front entryway. 

I have to admit that we have been getting some very nice weather lately.  The high humidity is gone, and we are getting some nice days anywhere from the 50's to the mid 70's ( colder at night).  I am just loving it.  Winter is definitely MY favorite time of the year hear in Florida..........Rich?.... well he dresses in several layers once it gets beloow 80!  But it's so nice to have the sliders open during the day, and watch the birds in the back yard. 

I have completed all of my shopping for Christmas.  Package has been mailed to the family in Iowa.  And gifts for brother Dave, and Rich's Brother Bob& Diane.......are scheduled for delivery.  All of my Christmas Cards have been written and mailed.  And this year we have cut back on the gifts and stocking stuffers.  I have received MY gift........I asked for a Treadmill, and it arrived a week or so ago.  Kind of hard to hide it from me..... so Rich finished the assembly about a week ago.  And I am very very much enjoying it!  Already dropped 4 lbs!!!


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Great weather, Rich's Surgery, Backyard visitors

Well there is definitely not much going on here in Florida with the exception of the aftermath of the Presidential Election (General Election) is over.  Not going to say too much, as I have rarely shared my political views on this blog!   We are unquestionably Trump supporters, and we STRONGLY believe that our President should not concede given the crazy results;  coincidently in the majority of battleground states.  I am sharing one post, and one video and will leave it at that.  My prayers are with our President every single day. 

  Once again not a whole lot going on.  Even less than normal!  Nothing real special to note in the kitchen.  A few things......but it was mostly left overs or take out!  Hot dogs with left over sloppy joe sauce.  Very good!  Chinese take out ( wonton soup, Chicken Lo Mein and  Sesame Chicken, another batch of ham and potato soup, homemade pizza ( that small portion on the right is my portion, with NO ground beef!),  and a batch of peanut butter cookies!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Rich went in for his Carotid Artery surgery.  That was back on the 22nd of  October. Because of Covid-19 hospitals are very careful about letting people in that are not there for a reason.  As such I dropped Rich off at Advent Health Hospital in Sebring about 7:45 in the morning. They would not let me in, and said they would call me periodically to let me know how things were going.  And...........I could come and visit with him after surgery, after being in recovery, and once in his room.  Got a call at 9:35 AM that he was not yet in surgery, doing arterial line.... and was in holding.  Said they would call again when he was in recover, and again when his room was available.  Second call came at 11:45, only to tell me he was still in surgery.  Called at 1:35 to say he was in recovery, and would be for at least 2 Hours.   Dr. Skipper called me about 2:00 to let me know that everything went OK, and this as long as everything OK overnight, he could go home on Wednesday. 

Unfortunately, the room he was supposed to go to was temporarily given to a Covid Patient.  Visitors are not allowed in Recovery, but one of the nurses called and told me I could come in and see him, since he was the only patient left in recovery.  That was at 5:00 o'clock.  40 minute drive to the hospital from home, and he to leave him just after 7:00 when visiting hours were over.  I was back to see him the next morning around 10:00 o'clock.............and he was finally released to come home mid afternoon.   Went back on November 4th to get all the staples removed, and he is doing very well, with no restrictions!  YEAH!

I surprised him with a pumpkin, chocolate chip cookie!  I knew he would love that...... One of his Favorites!

The one thing that we both enjoy about where we are located is the neighborhood, and the daily visitors to the back yard.  We have garden snakes that nest under the back deck, and we have so many birds and water fowl, that visit most every day.  The past few days we have had dozens of White Ibis.  They seem to like the area down near the water and the boathouse.  And a few days ago, we saw, for the first time a Turkey Vulture in the side yard.  

Macaroni and Cheese in the oven for dinner tonight!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Finally the Weather is Changing, Cooking/Baking and Yard Work

 No a whole lot going one, which explains why it's been more than a month since I updated our Blog. Seems like the whole world is focused on this upcoming Presidential election............and I have to admit I am too!  The hate and destruction going on is very very scary, the values we grew up with are being destroyed, including our Religious values.  But that's enough of that!  I have not missed one Trump Rally on TV.............and that always makes me feel better!

So!  It's the same old same old..............Spending a lot of time in the kitchen!  A few of our favorites in the last month:   Baked Macaroni & Cheese (w a little leftover ham), Chicken with Rice and Black bean salsa,  Rich made fried dough on weekend😋,  Chicken Chili and homemade Cornbread,  Chicken Fajitas w/ refried beans, Rich was back in the kitchen with his Mom's recipe for Potato Donuts. And last night after working in the yard..........we enjoyed home made Ham & Potato Soup!  Delicious!

And rainy season?  Well it seems it is FINALLY coming to an end!  Given the huge number of hurricanes this year, we were extremely lucky.  Nothing real serious at all here in Fl.   It's been 4 or 5 years since we stayed here at home in the hottest part of the summer. ( And yes I would much rather be in NY state enjoying our time at the lake! ) Between the China virus, and the hot weather I am so sick of staying inside all the time... leaving the house only to see a doctor or buy groceries!!!    But this last week has been a little bit better. Daily temperatures are down to the mid 80's!  So yesterday we started to get some well needed work done in the yard.  

We trimmed the topiary in the front yard,  Cut palm tree branches, and worked on some of the shrubs along one side of the house and out near the mailbox,   And then Rich sprayed the weeds in those areas.   Still have 4 more palm trees that need branches removed, bushes in the back and the other side, and an area down near the canal that is way overgrown!

Speaking of the back yard!!!!  Yes we need to get a lot of trimming done, but what is much worse, is the canal itself.  In the summer the canals tend to get pretty weedy, and so the community always takes care of spraying the canals.  They have done it every year since we moved here.  Always well taken care of , clean etc.  There has always been two houses on this canal that did not want the area near their yard sprayed..........and so it was not, but the rest of the canal WAS.  This year both of the again asked that their area NOT be sprayed, but this year they decided they did not what Canal 5, which is ours to be sprayed at all.  And so we are all fighting it, and a we've all signed a petition to get it taken care of.  In the meantime we can see pretty much nothing but weeds, and they are so high that we couldn't get the boat out of the dock if we tried!   Picture below show the back canal area..........and the three pineapple plants that we need to plant - once we get the back yard done!

So during this last month it's been back to the doctor for me, headaches, upper back pain, loss of appetite, 3 days in bed (almost around the clock).  Had bloodwork done, had CT Scan done, but doctor had no idea what was going on...........and it all just went away!  She thought maybe it was Covid- 19 (given the symptoms)   She had me get tested for Covid about 3 weeks prior, and it was negative.  She still thinks I had Covid and that we may have me checked for anti-bodies.  In the meantime I'm feeling fine.....

Rich was tested for Covid 2 days ago along with urine sample, x-ray, and ekg, in preparation for his left Carotid Artery surgery on Thursday.  He stopped taking so. me of his medication and vitamins as directed yesterday.   Doctor told him that given his health and age, the chances for chance for stroke etc, with this surgery was still very low  0-20% , and that he would anticipate only one night in the hospital.  The hospitals right now are still pretty strict on letting anyone in to see patients.......but I'm hoping I can be there for the surgery, and be able to see him afterwards.  

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Staying at home is getting pretty boring!!!!!

I don't even remember the last time we say any of our friends......... I just know it's been many many months!  Thankfully - we can at least keep in touch with messenger and Facebook.  The only people I have seen face to face to have at least a small conversation is Rich, the next door neighbor ( just to say hello) and the friendly lady checking me out at the grocery store !!!!  Believe it or not - I have not even been to see a doctor in nearly a month.

Rich was having a lot of pain in his back, a lot of which was from his crushed L-4.  We think he may have also pulled a muscle.  But he did see the doctor, had an x-ray done and was told to see Dr. Soni, his Orthopedic Surgeon....  He got another Epidermal Cortisone Injection which has helped a lot..... but still some paid.  Scheduled for a follow-up in a couple of weeks.

 We continue to spend more time in the kitchen,.... and with his back feeling a bit better he was ready to try out his new bread machine.  Definitely easier and faster..... He made just one loaf, and was not real pleased with the results.  A  week or so later he went back to making his own...........and I helped with the kneading!

And, I think we only had takeout ONE time and that was Chinese takeout!   But we had a few tasty dishes made at home as well.  Fajitas, with re-fried beans and rice,  Ham steak with scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole, Pork loin with red potatoes and carrots in the crock pot, and then just a simple cheeseburger on the grill with some homemade macaroni salad.   Home made desserts were 2 pumpkin pies, and a chocolate pie.

There are absolutely no good programs on TV right now, except maybe America's got Talent... and that just one program, one night!!  Normally this time of year I would be watching MLB........ I've always enjoyed watching our Tampa Bay Rays.   With all the political garbage, taking a knee and disrespecting the flag and National Anthem.......a great majority of viewers have tossed sports (not college) like football, basketball and even NASCAR.  But MLB was still pretty much accepted .........until Jacob Blake incident, when even MLB supported this rapist, and cancelled their game.  I, and I'm sure a whole lot of other people have not watched a game since.   This hatred and destruction needs to stop!  But as long as Democrats, Big Companies, Hollywood and people like George Soros continue to fund Antifa and BLM and pay bale for all of them to get out of jail...........the rest of the world has to suffer.

Enough of that......some celebrations since my last post

Congratulations are in order for our grand-daughter Chauna and here Fiance, Ryan Foss.  Family and friends gathered for the occasion on Iowa.....and Ryan got down on one knee and asked for Chauna's hand in marriage.   Beautiful couple!


And Happy Birthday Wishes to my baby brother, Dave Benjamin.  September 11th!  Love you brother!

Friday, August 21, 2020

More of the same........

Just wish that this Chinese Virus would Go Away...........But anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that it will not happen...........not until after the Presidential election!  Our far left Democrats will make sure of that! at home, things are about the same. Only time we are outside, is to work in the yard, or go to the grocery store!!!!   Rich is pretty much out of commission.  He went outside several days ago to spray for weeds..... and moved wrong trying not to step on the sprinkler line that's behind the big bushes in the front yard.  He is having a lot of pain in his lower back.  It has not improved much at all, so is trying to get a doctor's appointment set up.  ( If they ever call back!!)  

And so life during this Chinese Pandemic goes on...............still busy in the Kitchen!  Didn't realize how much pasta we've fixed in the last couple of weeks until I checked the photos!!   So we enjoyed Tuna noodle casserole with cheddar biscuits, Oven baked/Barbecued Boneless Ribs ( one of our favorites!), Baked Macaroni & Cheese, Baked Burritos, Shepherds Pie - and finished up the Shrimp.... on Linguine w/garlic & butter sauce.  No baked goodies in a while...... just a few store bought goodies. . 

Lots of work to be done in the yard.....especially trimming bushes, growth down by the water,  and trimming limbs from the palm trees.......But it could be a while, especially with Rich's back problem!  And everything seems to grow twice as fast this time of year, with all the rain!!!  Some pretty strong thunderstorms lately,  lots of heavy downpours.....dark skies. The picture on far left is of the canal out back.... the raindrops that day were HUGE!  And there were days when you could barely see across the stree..........that's our neighbors house across the road.

The weather is even keeping the birds away....... We did have a few birds ( and I don't know what kind of bird they are) on the back deck.......and our resident Anhinga down on the dock. 

Nothing else much going on.....didn't even get takeout, or delivery lately ( But we are  tonight!!! ). Thank goodness they are at least playing a little baseball ( only 60 games this year, because of the China Flu! )  but I am enjoying watching the Tampa Bay Rays...........especially taking 6 out of 7 games from the NY Yankees....and now in first place in the standings!!   Hope some of the regular show start up again pretty soon.  Nothing to watch on TV..............even the news is getting pretty boring!  

I did get online and do a little shopping.  Found a very nice Oneida Flatware set......... (service for eight), 2 sets of white microfiber sheets (deep pocket with 4 pillow cases).  They are very comfortable, and very soft! And we found a bread machine for Rich!   Read all the directions, and I think he's about ready to try the first loaf.  He ( and I) will love not having to do all that kneading by hand!  I also got me a new nightgown (not shown in picture).......It's OK........ my favorites are the Celestial Dream in Walmart........but they don't have them least not that I could find!

Dennis and the family had some very very ban weather in Iowa!  I had never heard of a Derecho, which is what caused loss of power to over 200K people, and killed 4 people. According to Wikepedia a Derecho is "widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm that is associated with a fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms known as a  mesoscale convective system and potentially rivaling hurricanic and tornadic forces"    It other words really destructive.  Dennis and family were without power for 7 days!!!!    Just so glad that everyone is SAFE. He said "it's like a war zone out there" and the highest winds recorded in Iowa reached 112mph, which is equivalent to a lower strength category 3 hurricane.   

And so, I'll end today with a Happy Birthday message.  Today is Brianna's birthday (our grandson, Dalton's girlfriend)   A pretty awesome young lady that we had the pleasure of meeting back in January. 

Hope your day is extra special, Brianna Nelson.............and all your wishes come true!

Monday, August 3, 2020

Still in the Kitchen - Celebrating Birthday - Hurricanes - Ali gators - Politics

Well, let me begin by saying I was tested for the Chinese Virus, and about three days later, I got my results.  They were negative.  Guess that is good news.  Rich is still waiting to get his surgery (Corotid Artery) scheduled.   

Yes we've been busy in the Kitchen!  ( But we did have Chinese take-out one night). Found a new recipe for Sloppy Joes.  Had enough for two meals.  We both had it on burger buns the first time, but I switched and had it on hot dogs the next time.  Sooo Good!  Rich made up a small batch of Cheddar Biscuits to go with the Tuna Noodle Casserole, and a couple of pumpkin pies.  The plate on the far right, middle is one of our favorites - Cheddar Chicken with Warm Black Bean Salsa over Rice. The last row was Meatloaf night.  Mashed potatoes & green beans for Rich, Sweet potato for me.  

We harvested the last of the pineapples in the back yard.  This was the smallest of the bunch, but the fruit was nice and sweet.  So now we have two of them in the mason jars to root, and one that is still drying.  We'll get that one rooting in a few days. 

It's been soooooo hot outside (when it's not raining!) that the yard/shrubs etc are so in need of being trimmed!  Just too hot to be out there working!  And then along came Hurricane Isaias!  Fortunately, by the time it reached the Florida coast, it had been downgraded to a Tropical storm.  We were lucky again.... some damage in the Miami area, but nothing real serious.  Supposed to be a busy season..........hope they are wrong!

Always enjoy watching the wildlife in the back yard, and down at the waters edge..... but recently we've been seeing a couple of baby gators.  Pictures did not come out real good....

And on July 30th we celebrated   



Saturday, July 18, 2020

More of the Same....Covid Tests!!!.

Well - We really do miss being up north, at the lake, fishing, and enjoying weather that is a little cooler!  Although, we have heard that it's been hotter than normal..............  I just know that our yard is in desperate need of work........With all the rain, the bushes are growing so fast, but it's just toooo hot to be outside.  At least Cindy comes once a week to mow the lawn!  So we spend a lot of our time cooking and baking, and maybe takeout once a week. 

Some of the menu from the past couple of weeks..........  Rich made his yeast risen bread again, and a dish of potato candy.   Besides daily leftovers... we enjoyed Linguine and Sausage,  Cajun Shrimp Pasta, Grilled Beer Brats w/ macaroni salad, and  last night we had Stromboli. Made beef stew just a few days ago..... but forgot to take a picture!!   A week or so ago, I made up a batch of peanut butter cups..........I like those because I can enjoy one or two, knowing they are low calorie!   Tonight we're doing baked stuffed pork chops, asparagus, and mashed potatoes.

The pineapple plants out back are looking real good.  Not being up north this year, we'll be able to enjoy them.  We usually tell the neighbors, or the lady that mows the lawn to take them when they're ready! Rich harvested the first one about a week ago.  There are three more that should be ready very very soon!  This one was delicious............and of course..... had to sample a piece while he was slicing it!  The crown has been drying now for just about a week, so it's ready to be put in water to start it rooting.  Then we'll replant it for next year!

Lots of rain, wind an losing power!

Another of our favorite past times, is watching the wildlife.  We have a small gator that swims by quite often..... but haven't been able to get close enough to get a picture.  And we have a couple of otters that swim by several times a week..........but it's almost impossible to grab a picture they are moving so fast!  But I did manage to get a pretty good shot of one of the turtles across the canal.  She's been digging holes and burying her eggs.  And that's the Anhinga down on the dock.  A most unusual pose....   usually has the wings spread, and the neck stretched ready to pounce!

Always lots of medical issues!  And for the most part, despite the number of visits, the results continue to be pretty good. Rich (because of the smoking) had a CT scan of the chest done, and everything looks good.  He's been trying to get the Carotid Artery Surgery scheduled, but with the Covid-19 issues.....a lot of these types of surgeries are not being done.  Speaking Covid- 19, we've learned that our friend Krystal's sister and brother-in-law both were infected, and her brother-in- law came very close to dying.  We just learned yesterday, that our son Dennis's step-sister and husband are quite sick, and are waiting for the results of their Covid - 19 test.  And just two days ago, I went to the doctor, because I was having some bad pain in my neck and left jaw.  While there, I also told him I was having head-aches, and sleeping 8-9 hours a night, and napping frequently during the day. He have me a steroid shot, and a prescription for an anti-bionic, and said I am showing symptoms of Covid-19, and should be tested.  I am scheduled to have the test done on Tuesday next.  Rich has been feeling some of the same, but not as much or as frequent as I have.  But he'll have to have the test done as well, before he has the carotid surgery  Good news is that if I do test positive for Covid... it will mean that how I feel right now, is the worst it will get..... and that's great news, given my age and underlying medical conditions.   So now I'm kind of hoping it is positive!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Always Cookin, Saying Goodbye to Friends, Deans list, Father's Day

Wow - Just hard to believe that the month of June is almost over!  Half way through another year!  Well we celebrated my Birthday a few weeks ago..........and just a few days ago we celebrated Father's Day!   I picked up one of Rich's favorite's at Publix for him to enjoy! He (and ME) always enjoy these huge Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

And  on this Day we recognize and celebrate Fatherhood, and parental bonds.  And I am so proud of these four men in my life!  My husband Rich with his son Dennis on the left.  And celebrating in Heaven - Rich's Father, Robert, and my father Jack!  Love your all!!  


 And of course I always have to share pictures of mother nature.... and her friends.   We had a variety of visitors the other day....... The two top left are of the resident Anhinga, The bottom two on the left are of a brand new baby Limpkin!  This was the first time we'd seen a bay, and were surprised to see the colors!  As they get older they will become brown and white.  And of course last, but not least is one of the two new baby Blue Heron, who enjoys looking for food on the roof of our boathouse...but still returns to the nest for Mama to feed .

Of course I'm not going to forget to share a few pictures from our weekly dinner menu! Now I did cook a 9 lb Turkey this week, complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole....but when I got the camera to take a picture, Rich had pretty much completed the Turkey carving........and when we had left overs for hot Turkey Sandwiches..........I forgot to take a picture.. However below we have Chicken Chile w/Cornbread, Ravioli w/sausage, Chicken Fajitas w/refried beans and rice...........and a refreshing adult beverage!

Picture below is of our next door neighbors, Jim and Patty.  WELL - they were our neighbors!  Yes they have sold their house nextdoor, and will return full time to the other home in Englewood.  We've so enjoyed having them as neighbors, and will truly miss not seeing them sitting on the dock fishing! This picture was taken in December 2018 when they came for dinner the first time!  They were back in Lake Placid  on Saturday, and took us to lunch at Golden Corral.  Nice spending time with them...... and lunch was very good as well!    We will miss them...........but Englewood is not that far away!

OH MY............I can't forget to share more good news! Deans List for the third year in a row for our grand daughter, Chauna!  Good Job!

ption: The University of Iowa recently announced more than 8,500 of its undergraduate students earned dean's list status for the 2020 spring semester.
Chauna Donald
Majoring in Speech And Hearing Science
University of Iowa
From Davenport, IA
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Chauna Donald named to University of Iowa dean's list for spring 2020 semester

June 11, 2020
Chauna Donald of DavenportIA 52804-2318 was among the more than 8,500 undergraduate students at the University of Iowa named to the dean's list for the 2020 spring semester. Donald is a student in the UI's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and is majoring in Speech and Hearing Science.
Guidelines for inclusion on the list are:
  • Courses offered on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) or pass/non-pass (P/N) basis do not count toward graded credit for inclusion on the dean's list.
  • Undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Engineering, the Tippie College of Business, and University College who achieve a grade-point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher on nine semester hours (spring 2020) or more of UI graded coursework during a given semester or summer session and who have no semester hours of "I" (incomplete) or "O" (no grade reported) during the same semester are recognized by inclusion on the dean's list for that semester.
  • Undergraduate students in the Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine with fewer than nine semester hours (spring 2020) of graded credit, if deemed appropriate by the college.
  • College of Nursing students participating in clinical courses who have a total of nine semester hours of earned credit (spring 2020), with eight semester hours of graded credit with a GPA of 3.50 or higher.