Thursday, July 30, 2015

Birthday Greetings

 Today, Rich and I send our best Birthday Wishes to a very very special lady. We were blessed to recently be able to spend time with our daughter-in-law, and the family here at the lake but they left for home before we could celebrate Crystal's special day today!

So........Have the Best Birthday Ever!......We love you. 

And we celebrate with some of our favorite recent photos...........

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 7 and Summer is Here............

The weather here, since our arrival, has been absolutely perfect.  Mid to High 70's during the day, cooler nights.  So comfortable for being outside.  Yes - we've had our share of wind and rain, but would actually prefer that to the weather this week.     Temps are now reaching the high 80's ( feels like 90's) and the humidity is on the rise as well.   That means more mosquitoes too!!

Another sign that summer is here is "little kids".  Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but I prefer the peace and quite here at the lake. If they'd stay in their own yard instead of right in front of my window it would not be quite as bad.  Understand there will be even more the first two weeks in August........That could impact our return next year.

In the meantime, Rich continues to catch those big Cats!   Went out Sunday, behind Tin Island, and he pulled in a nice one - just over 26 inches.  I don't like to eat catfish - so unless someone in the camp wants them - we'll release them back in the water.  Dinner was home style ribs on the grill and baked taters.  Delicious!  Monday we fished behind Raspberry and Rich caught another 26 1/2 inch catfish AND three 10 inch +/- nice crappie which he did fillet out.  Beautiful sunset that night........followed by a trip for ice cream!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's so quiet..............

WOW...... It was pretty lonely here on Friday.  Peeked out the bedroom window just before 6:00 am and within a minute or so they were pulling out and heading for Iowa.  Watched facebook - figuring Dennis would put a note out there when they arrived home..........and he did.

Since there would be no "Dalton" at our door this morning, we both slept in - to about 7:30!

About 11:30 Rich was able to take a break from the stock market and we headed out fishing.  Today we went to the other side of the Mutt and Jeff Islands and along the Wall.   No keepers - but we  did see Bill fishing there and we did catch 9 crappie.    I had not had a chance to visit with Lynn since she got back on Wednesday, so I headed over and spent some time with her, and then visited with Gloria and we exchanged contact information, since they would be leaving Saturday morning.

Back out fishing around 6:00 and just drifted behind Raspberry Island for a couple hours and caught 12 more crappie and one 8-9 inch perch.  SIX keepers tonight which Rich cleaned.  And then it was out to the campfire.  Not to many there tonight; Roger and Gloria, Bill and Lynn, Paul and Pattie and Rich and I.  Nice evening and good conversation..........Called it a day - And the end of Week 6!

Fish Count at the end of week 6   Total 534
Dennis/Dalton/Chauna - 72, Rich 258, Donna 204

Friday, July 24, 2015

Time Flys When You're Having Fun............

Two more days and the family heads back home. It seems like they just got here! I think, if we all come here next year that Dennis and family should plan on staying a few more days.

Wednesday morning Dennis and Dalton and Chauna headed out to fish before 9:00 am, with plans that Rich would have Crystal send a text if he was able to get away for a while. Before anyone headed out, the guys checked and filled the gas tank......and about 11:15 we (even Crystal - walked the dock!) met them at the dock, Dennis got out, and Pa Pa took his place and he and the kids  headed back out.  That morning/afternoon Chauna caught four fish - the guys caught nothing.

Plans for the rest of the day called for a trip up the road to play a game of miniature golf.........followed by ice cream and then to head back out fishing!

The golf course is a little old and some of the holes are in need of repair, but we all had a good time showing off our putting skills.  Dennis was the winner AND he was the only one to get a hole in one!  Congrats!!!!   Following the game we made our way to the ice cream stand for our favorite flavor of ice-cream!  

Back to the camp and our bellies are full........... Chauna and the guys head back out  to fish and Crystal and I had our orders to have dinner ready around 8:00pm. Tonight would be mac and cheese and fish.  We took two bags of fish from the freezer, one crappie and the other perch and did a fish fry.  Dinner was followed by a delicious Strawberry Shortcake.   Better night fishing:  Dennis 12, Dalton 5, Chauna 4.

Thursday - last day all four of them were out fishing in the morning and they caught  20 more with two keepers.  One catfish (Dalton) and one good size crappie (Chauna)..Dennis cooked the fish - he made a sandwich with the crappie, and made one for Dalton with the catfish.......Check out the picture.  Not much meat on that catfish - looks like more bread and mayo than fish!!!   A few more games of Mexican train or skip bo in the afternoon - and Dennis looks for baby frogs under the walk bridge. 

The guys sent a text from the boat and asked to have dinner ordered from Ned's, and they'd be in by 5:00pm.    We all ate too much!...... Stromboli for the Rich and Dennis and Dalton, Chicken fingers and fries for Chauna........Roast Beef Sub for Crystal, and Chicken Wrap for me.   We finished the evening completing an unfinished game of Mexican train and then laughed so hard that we cried, finishing a game of triple Yahtzee!   And I can't even remember who won!  I just remember that it was fun!

We always like to get some group pictures before our time together is over.  So here are the ladies - Chauna, Crystal and Me........and the guys, Dalton, Dennis and Pa Pa..........

But the picture taking was not yet over............They all headed back to their camp to pack their bags, clean the cabin and get as much as they could packed in the truck.  They'd be on the road early Friday morning.  

So we went over to say goodnight - and get our hugs and kisses.......  As luck would have it - Chauna had brought along her Selfie we were able to get a "family photo"!   AND Rich and I were in our very first Selfie!!! 
Or .......since there was more than one in the picture I guess it would be called an USie?  Anyway here we are!

And so I'll close with a few more of my favorite family photos from the last couple of days. 

Dennis, Crystal, Dalton, Chauna - I know you'll be checking this out!  Pa Pa and I love you all soooooooo much and we miss you already.  We had so much fun this past week.  And we created some of our very favorite family memories that will be cherished forever!

Total fish count for the family this past week -  72
Total fish count to date: 504

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quality time with Family

Week Six will most definitely be one of the better weeks.  What's better than sharing vacation time with family?  On Sunday our son Dennis and family left home in Iowa and traveled more than 15 hours to arrive before 8:00pm Sunday evening.  After so many hours on the road - we introduced them to friends and helped them unpack the truck, chatted for a short time and called it a day.   

Monday started checking out the docks and  switching gear to a larger boat that would more easily accommodate 4 fisher(persons).  

By late morning/early afternoon Dennis and the kids headed out to fish.  Not too much luck ( alot like we've been experiencing lately) but between Dalton and Chauna they caught 5 fish.  Chauna had the biggest catch with a very nice 15 inch small mouth bass.   That evening, Rich joined the group and headed back out until almost dark.  The wind was pretty strong, and after being drenched by the choppy waters with the boat moving and the stronger winds, poor Chauna was frozen and shivering by the time the boat was docked.......  Dennis caught the only fish - a very very small crappy!

It was a great afternoon for sitting out, playing games and enjoying the beautiful weather. After several games of Mexican train, we moved to the kitchen to prepare the catfish for the next day.  Fillets had been soaking overnight in prepared water, and were ready now for the brown sugar marinade.  They would sit overnight and be ready for the smoker in the morning.  Crystal helped with this chore, while Dalton and Chauna supervised. 

Crystal and Chauna prepared a Chicken and Rich dish for all of us.  Delicious.  About 8:30 Rich and Dennis started the campfire and Crystal brought the marshmallows and chocolate (oops!  no graham crackers). Before the night was over we had about 20 people around the fire!   It was nearly 11:00 when we called it a day!

While the rest of the family slept in - Rich and I were up early.  Rich headed over to Bill's shortly after 7:00 AM, and along with Roger the finished the final marinate of the catfish and, and put them in the smoker.  About eight hours later they were enjoying their fish!   There were about 12 or more fillets; gave two to Roger and Gloria, one to Dean, 3 to Bill and the rest Rich and Dennis and Dalton took care of - well almost.  There is a little more than one in the fridge....

Tuesday was a very very windy day and the lake was covered with white caps, so much of the day was spent playing Mexican Train or Skip Bo.....or just relaxing outside.  Dennis took Crystal and Chauna down County Road 37 - to Cemetery Road...... for geocaching.  Found one - and a nasty looking snake kept them from the other.  Meanwhile Rich and Dalton wandered down to the dock, and while the wind was still whistling - Rich threw in a minnow on a bobber, and pulled in a very nice 28 3/4 inch Northern Pike, which Dennis fixed immediately and had for lunch!    By 6:00 they could not wait any longer, so Chauna and the guys headed out to fish.  Only caught 2........  But the storms were on the way, and the sky was getting pretty nasty by the time the docked the boat.   Burgers and Dogs on the grill were delicious but..................about 1/2 way through cooking the skies opened.  Crystal ran to their camp to close windows and got soaked - but Rich who was cooking and Dennis who way trying to properly position the umbrella were wet through and through!    

 And so - day two ended.   Below are a few of my favorite pictures from the last couple of days. 
Pa Pa Donald and the family, heading out fishing, Chauna enjoying a cold afternoon beverage, panoramic view of the lake from the boat, Pa Pa Donald with Dalton and Chauna, the guys on the dock, Dennis, coming in from the pouring rain, my favorite of Dalton, with Mom Crystal behind on the hill. and Gramma Do, with Crystal, Chauna and Dalton, playing our favorite game!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 6

Saturday is arrival/departure day here at the fishing camp.  So this morning most everyone gathered to say their goodbye's.  Paul came out and entertained everyone with his bag pipes!  Everyone was outside and after a round of applause, it was hugs and final greetings from everyone.  Was able to finally get a picture of a couple of the guys that were at the campfire the other night, and of Jan and Steve, the couple from CT.  Also got one of Craig and Wendy, the preacher's daughter and son-in-law. 

About 10:00 am, we headed to Ogdensburg with Roger and Gloria for the Founders Day Event.  Founder's weekend commemorates Ogdensburg's French colonial history from the founding of Fort de la Presentation in 1749 to the Battle of the Thousand Islands in 1760.

For more than a decade re-enactors have assembled on Van Rensseleaer Point (formerly lighthouse point).  This year several hundred re-enactors were celebrating from New York, Ontario and Quebec, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states and provinces.

Our day started out with the Water Battle, between the French and British back in 1760.  The actual war took place here - where the Oswegatchee River meets the St. Lawrence Seaway.

There were lots of family and kids activities, both recreational and informational.  Upper left - Roger and George observe some of those events.

 There were numerous Heritage demonstrations that we spent a lot of time at.  Wish my history lessons were this much fun.  These demonstrations were excellent.  Below we all stopped at a tent where using heritage pots and pans etc. they were were making bread and pea soup.  Rich and Roger observe the food very closely!

We made our way along the road to Van Rensselaer Point/Lighthouse Point to observe the lighthouse that still shines it's light........ And stopped to visit with a few more of the re-enactors, who were busy making Onion Soup....
By this time it was after noon, we were all hungry so we decided to eat before the Land Battle started.  Hot Dogs, Burgers, Sausage .......and a cold drink.  But Roger opted for the Banana Split - and called that lunch.  

We caught a few more of the  Heritage Demonstrations including the Wax Making - that's bees wax on the fire, top let.  Lectures and learning about the various Indian Tribes, and we spent a lot of time watching the guy working with the wood, using the old tools and making barrels. We learned how to make the barrels round, and WHY they made them round!!

And then we made our way to what would be our last for the day...The land battle re-enactment.  They did a great presentation. 

Made our way back to camp and headed out fishing.  Only caught a total of nine fish.  Rich pulled in a nice bass and another 27 inch, 7.6 lb. catfish.   Sunday was OK for fishing.  Nice breeze.  But we only caught 5 - nothing bigger than about a 10" crappie.  

Fish Count to date:  432  and Rich continues to be WAY ahead of me!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Fishing, Mexican Train and new friends around the campfire..........

Well, the fishing this week has not improved one bit!    We caught 16 fish on Thursday - but NO keepers, and so far today we have TWO!   There is rain and/or thunderstorms in the forecast. but the forecasters have been wrong before.

Been a little bit chilly this this week, so it's been a lot of long pants, sweaters and jackets.  I did however, find a new Mexican Train player.  Gloria, here with hubby Roger, hails from Hornell, NY and has played a game similar to Mexican Train - so she picked it up in, like 2 minutes! ( picture - upper left).    She's here for one more week, so we should get in a few more games.

Both Wednesday and Thursday nights were campfire nights.  I managed to get a few pictures on Wednesday - but by the time we arrived on Thursday, is was just too dark for my camera.  Below is Rich starting and stoking the fire, Clarence, (the resident Reverend, top right),  That's Bill with Clarence's wife, Doris and Son-in-law, Greg. and finally Jamie, with her son Aiden.

There was only 6 or 7 of us out on Wednesday, but on Thursday I think we counted 17!  The crew said that was their largest campfire since they've been coming here.  We met Jan and Steve from Litchfield, CT, Paul and Patti, school teachers from somewhere in NY??  Linda was back at the camp so she and Bill were there, as was Roger and Gloria. Clarence, Doris,  Greg and Wendy - all family from the Spencer, VanEtten area.  ( Wendy made some baby funnel cakes ( more like little puff balls) with powdered sugar, and passed it around to everyone.  Delicious.  And there were three other guys, there for the week fishing - but didn't get their names. 

Before the evening was over, Paul pulled out a couple of Chinese Balloons....lit them and sent them airborne!  They really are quite pretty.   And is it climbed and climbed upward in the sky - we could see the flame for a really long time.  

It was nearly 1:00 AM by the time we headed back to the camp to call it a day. 

Plans for Saturday are to go to the Founders Day events somewhere along the Oswagatchee River in Ogdensburg.  Going with Roger and long as the weather hold. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 5............

So far this week we have only caught a total of 26 fish!  We were catching more than that per day until this week!    On Saturday a whole new group of people arrived and while we've been introduced to most of them, I can only remember John, but not his wife....the two teachers - but not their names and Roger and Gloria.  That's Roger with Bill and Rich sitting out the other night enjoying the weather and a cold beverage.   A little earlier - before the mosquitos came out, Gloria came over with a bottle of Moscato and we talked for quite a while.

Today - lots of rain!  We headed out fishing anyway and took along the ponchos.  Didn't rain for long and there was a great breeze.  Rich caught two more nice catfish, one at just over 25 inches at 7 1/2 lbs, and the other at 24 inches and 6 3/4 lbs.  With the one that I caught we must have caught about 35 lbs of catfish.  Plan is to have Bill smoke them after the family arrives.  Those are some huge fillets!   And I caught about a 12 or 13 inch perch.......So it was a pretty good hour or so of fishing.  Hope to head back out today.

Fish Count To Date: 399. Rich 221, Donna 185

Last year at this time we were home celebrating my bestest friend's birthday.                                                                                                                                   This year it was just a phone call to wish her a Happy Day and let her know we miss her!

Happy Birthday, Tonyia, from Rich and I.  Enjoy your Mahi tonight at Red Lobster.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moving on to Week 5

Well our fish count for week four was down from previous weeks.  We'd been averaging over 100 fish per week, and by the end of week four we'd only caught 83 fish.  But we did catch our biggest ones, and Rich caught one more nice 16 inch bass on Friday, bringing our total fish count to-date to 373.  Rich is still way ahead 207 to 173.

Below is Rich with his Friday Bass.  Nice picture of the docks.  Rich went down to meet Bill coming in with his catch of the day - and heading to the fish cleaning house with his bucket of crappie.   And I was finally able to catch the sun coming up over the lake on Saturday morning.

Saturday started Week 5 - and we fished for a little over three hours in the afternoon and caught 14 fish - and none big enough to keep.  It was too windy to go back out later in the day.

That afternoon the Stone Presbyterian Church in Ogdensburg was having their annual Chicken Barbecue, so Rich took a ride with Bill and brought back Chicken, Beans, Macaroni Salad, rolls, brownies and cookies for all of us.

Bill's wife Linda should be back on Friday, and next Sunday Dennis and the family will be pulling in for the week.  And we have our fingers crossed that our friends Nathan and Krystal might visit.  They are looking for sitters for the horses and if successful they may take a cabin here for a week or two before we head for home. I better start planning the day trips for Krystal and I, just in case!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week four continues.

The fish count per day had definitely declined, and while I'm not a seasoned fisher woman I am blaming it on the weather!  Monday's temperature reached the mid to high 80's.  I do have to admit that unlike the 80's in Florida - the humidity was very bearable. Not only was it a very warm day it was very very sunny with NO breeze at all.  Tuesday's temp also reached the low 80's, but it was very very windy.  Between the 2 day we only caught 18 fish and NO keepers!  Rich did call for the net at one point - but it ended up being just a very large TREE branch!  The best part of both days was getting caught in the rain.  Everyone headed back to the docks at the same time on Tuesday - so we waited in line to dock the boat.   That and the visit from the ducks.

Weather on Wednesday was much better, so we headed out in the afternoon.  Still only 5 fish between the two of us BUT.....  Rich pulled in another 27 inch, 8 1/2 lb Catfish.  We now have 6 very nice large fillets in the freezer just waiting to be cooked!

After dinner on Wednesday, headed for the Hammond Museum, where they were having their grand opening of the summer season, which includes weekly farmers market every Wednesday, frequent events/entertainment and like today a pig roast for $10 per person.  

For such a small town, the museum is really very nice.  It consists of three buildings; one that contains artifacts from Hammond's past, a stone house which is a replica of ones built by the Scottish immigrants in the mid 19th Century, and a Barn, typical of the mid 1800's.  There is also a large newer building in the back used for events. 

Below you can see several of the vendors at today's farmers market, and a glimpse of the two main museum buildings. 

Inside the building of artifacts........ This is where I noticed the information on the Scottish immigrants;  The Donald family is of Scottish decent; their name shortened from MacDonald. Chippewa Bay is the neighboring town and is located along the St. Lawrence River. - thus the River Life. 

These pictures are taken inside the stone house replica.......

More from the barn and the artifacts building.............

There was an art exhibit on display today which was quite nice, and one picture that I really like.  The saying is: "There's a story of a girl......Who cried a river.........and drowned the whole world"

Then, while leaving to go back to the cabin, I noticed this sign just outside the passenger window of the car.........  Catholic Church - 1903 Land donated by Mrs Katherine Donald for Church......  
Another link to the Donald Clan?

Very nice event...........Back to the cabin.  Hope the fish count increases tomorrow. 
Count to date: 353, Rich 190, Donna 163

Can not close without sending Birthday Wishes to one of my best friends.

Happy Birthday, Krystal.

To a very special lady - enjoy your day.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Celebrating and the Big Catch!

Week four begins with July 4th celebrations.  Our friend, Bill headed out early Saturday morning and caught his biggest fish so far; a 7 lb, 27 inch Catfish. (Pic below). Plan was to head into Alex Bay and go to the Big M for donuts.  But have to get there early to get the good ones, and we slept in too late. Maybe another time~   I had cut up all the veggies and meat yesterday and left to marinate overnight.  So today was threading the skewers and making a fruit salad.  Lazy most of the day, but enjoyed the boats and pontoons going by blaring horns and all decorated in red, white and blue.

We all gathered a little after 4:00 at Bill and Linda's cabin.

They have a nice tent cover which is nice for sitting out and not being in the sun. There was 7 of us, Rich and I, Bill and Linda, Dean and Cherrie ( Cherrie - top right)  and Chuck (black shirt). Neighbors (top center) stopped over to say HI.    Delicious Food!!  Chicken Kabobs, Kielbasi, Potato Salad, Fruit Salad, Corn on the Cob and Cherri made delicious brownie cake with a peanut butter icing.  Add a beer and a glass of wine and the celebrating was on!    It was almost dark when we headed back to our camp.  Lots of fireworks around the lake that was nice and didn't last all night!

Sunday morning Rich and I headed out to a new spot for fishing.  Headed toward Mutt and Jeff Islands (bottom left) and made our way to a bay just past them and fished along The Wall ( top left).  Nice breeze so we were drifting.  Rich hooked on to his biggest catch, and the adrenaline started pumping.  It seemed like forever before he finally had that fish in the boat.  Got a 28 1/4 inch, 8 3/4 lb. catfish!  WOW!  Definitely the biggest fish I've seen caught.  He followed that with two nice small mouth bass; one keeper at just under 16 inches and another just a hair from being a keeper at almost 15 inches.  In all we caught 24 fish before heading back.

We were both tired, Rich more than me, after cleaning the fish, so we relaxed in the afternoon, had a quick dinner about 5:00 and then headed back out to fish.  Went back to the same area.  Rich wasn't as lucky tonight, but did catch 3-4 good size crappie keepers.  I caught another Northern Pike at 22 inches and a decent catfish at about 12 inches.   All in all, it was a good day. Total catch for the day - 39.  Fish count to date - 330 with Rich pulling way ahead 175 to 152.

Decent sunset that night as we were heading back to camp.  It was almost 8:45, so we still had time to head up the road for ice cream.  Peanut Butter cup flurry for Rich, and the same old, same old, for me - dish of Butter Pecan.   Early to bed - tomorrow temps are supposed to reach upper 80's.  Was kind of hoping this cool, comfortable weather would hang around a bit longer.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

One more day of fishing........

And so week three ends without the "big" catch.  But at least there was no rain.  There was a decent breeze in the morning, so we headed out around 9:00 am and came in just after noon, catching 18 fish.  Back out round 5:00 pm, and fished until 8:30 and caught 23.   I caught a 11/1/2 inch small mouth bass - not big enough to keep, but fun to bring in.  Rich's biggest of the day was a 12 inch perch.  Only caught about 5 keepers!  But instead of Rich, I now have the record for the smallest fish.  Almost as small as my jig; baby perch that I somehow snagged that was not as big as the medium size minnows Rich was using as bait!

Week 3 ends with a total fish count of 291.  Not bad given how many bad weather days cancelled our fishing plans.  Rich still in the lead 153 to 138.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Wow - Three Weeks Already

Time sure does fly when you're having fun. Hard to believe how quickly three weeks have passed.  Once again the weather has continued to be a mix of rain, rain, heavy winds, rain, thunderstorms and white capped water.

Wednesday afternoon it did start to clear up.  Went over and picked up Linda and we headed over to Edwardsville to the Arts and Crafts Festival at Mares Wares. Rain or Shine this even takes place every July 1st.

Mares Wares is like a pottery Barn; that does jewelry, pottery, wood work etc.  Have never been inside the store, but they have some cool things out in the front.

The festival is held on the grounds behind the store.  There are tons of booths set up by artists, carvers, local wineries, and businesses from as far away as Syracuse and Cortland.  Local food vendors offer a variety of goodies.  There are animals and face painting for the kids.  And a large tent is set up for all day long entertainment, and tables for eating. 

A few of my favorite, or unusual booths are below and include the huge variety of sun catchers, Cheesecake on a stick and the metal (alien) art exhibit.  Upper right, Linda finds a new toy for her granddaughter - but first has to learn how to use it! 

And some more favorites were the unusually painted furniture, and the stained glass.  Coyote Moon Winery offered wine samples - and my plan was to get a bottle on my way out......but...........And another unusual one, Diet for Blood Type.......OK - but what caught our eye was " At a Glance Body Ready".  Didn't inquire any further. 

The sky was getting really really dark, and we could hear the thunder, so like many others, we thought it best to head for the car.........which was parked about 1/4 mile up the road.  Thus - I forgot about the bottle of wine!  And it did NOT Rain!  Oh Well.  

About 6:00, we had finished dinner and the sky cleared, so we headed out to fish.  Rich caught 8 fish, including this 14" catfish.  I only got 1 small crappie.   The wind calmed too much for drift fishing, so we headed back in after about an hour and a half.  It was just nice to be able to get out again.

Linda and I made a trip into Ogdensburg again  on Thursday morning to pick up stuff for our cookout on July 4th.   Then it was a trip to the Bait Shop for more Pike Minnows!  And then it was back out fishing.........but that wind was just too much - even for drifting.  Fish count for the day was only 10 and no keepers.  Above is picture of sky on top right as the sun was going down on Wednesday. And while not a great picture - the moon was really pretty over the water.

Fish count to-date:  250  Rich 132, Donna 118.............but I will catch up!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

Today is Wednesday and while the rain has stopped right now - there is plenty more in the forecast.  The winds are 10-13 miles per hour and slated to be that way until about dark.  So no fishing again today.  Since Saturday, when we caught so many fish - we have only been able to get out one more time - and that was for just a short while on Monday.  

 Rich caught 12 fish that day including this nice 15 + inch small mouth bass, and I caught 9 crappie.

Didn't start catching them until late, so we didn't take back any keepers.

About the only thing that's exciting right now ( and this is pushing it) is the creek that runs along side our cabin down to the lake.  It's been very dry for the last week or so, but now its a very pretty waterfall.

That's our cabin  that you see at the top of the picture on the right.  and the little bridge and start of the waterfall ( top left)  is just outside our door.   An that is the hill we walk up and down every time we go fishing!

Hope this rainy and windy weather breaks pretty soon.