Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 3 Continued

Today - Tuesday - an absolutely beautiful day.  Temps in the 70's and a nice breeze.  A little bit more humid than normal - so we have the air on!

Headed into Ogdensburg today to pick up som non-stick bandages/gauze and check with the pharmecist to see if there is anything different/better to use on Rich's burn.  Been putting vaseline and covering with gauze - but the gauze just sticks to the raw blister, so it's not healing.  He suggested trying some Silver Solution........and try to keep it uncovered whenever he can.

Also made a trip to the Bait Shop for minnows. Got there and realized we forgot
the minnow bucket!!!  Drove back to the cabin, got the minnow bucket, drove back to the Bait Shop.  Asked for a dozed medium minnows/shiners....... they don't have any!!!!!

Went fishing anyway just after 2:00 this afternoon, drifting with jigs and worms.  Only out for an hour an a half and caught 23 fish!! 21 Crappie and 2 Perch.  Had about 9 keepers.  Got our dog fix - this time a 13 year old beagle, who loves the water.  Looked like rain for a while - sky got dark, but the sun was still shining on Raspberry Island.

Really cooled down late in the afternoon, so it was back to jackets and sweat shirts!  But not too cold for ice cream!!   Picked up Linda and Bill and headed up the road for a treat.  Looks like everyone had the same idea; there was a pretty long line and all the tables were taken.  So we stayed in the car and waited for the carhop.  Rich and Bill opted for the Black Raspberry cone, Linda the  Mint Chocolate Chip cone, and I had a dish of Maple Walnut.   Headed back to the camp, and then joined a few of folks at the campfire where they were roasting hotdogs and marshmellows, and making smores!    Looked good - but too full to indulge.

Thursday  was a busy day and a good fishing day.  Headed out in the morning to do laundry, about 15 miles down the road, and then over to Alexandria Bay to pick up some groceries.  Back home just after 11, .... and about 1:00 realized I had left my clip board with my puzzels and my recipe folder on the table  at the laundromat.......Yes - it's that can't remember S....t   again!!!  Drove back down and thankfully,  it was still there.

Headed out fishing before 2;00.  Very very windy........and after an hour an a half Rich had caught one small perch and I had one crappie.  Headed back, ate dinner and headed back out around 6:00.  Back about 8:45.  Rich caught 10 crappie and a couple of perch, and I caught 11 crappie, 1 perch and a very nice 15 1/2 " small mouth bass!!

Friday again was a windy day and the forecast was for more heavy rain. But by late afternoon the skies had cleared so, after dinner, we headed out to fish.  Of course - it rained~  but only for a few minutes and not too hard........and the wind came up.  Lots and Lots of white caps, and we were rockin pretty good.  Between the two of us we only caught 3 crappie and a small perch.

But the fishing this week (week 3) was much better.  We both caught more this week than the first two combined. Rich with 40, and me - 31.  That brings our total fish count to date (including the 14 that Bill caught when he went out with Rich) to 143.

Bill 14 - Rich 72,  Donna 57

Looking forward to our visit from my nephew Danny Benjamin and his wife Marsha tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Black Lake - Week 3

Before I start week 3, an update on the total fish count.  Another week with not a whole lot of success - but still a fun time out on the water.   No big ones this week, except the one that Rich lost.   OK folks, true story!  Rich caught a small sunny on a minnow and so decided to use the sunny as bait.  A short time later, he got a really nice hit.  Whatever kind of fish it was, was a fighter and stayed close to the bottom, but giving Rich a pretty good fight~   Got close to the boat, and took a dive, and Rich lost him.......When he reeled in the line - the sunny was still there, but you could see the line of teeth marks.  Whatever it was had the sunny in its mouth, but never got hooked!    Bill keeps telling him "it was a log"!   Too funny

Oh well........Fish count at the end of week two 
Rich - 32, Donna - 26

Saturday was the start of Week -3 and everyone checking out was gone early. 
And we always get a kick out of Bill on Saturdays, as he makes his way to each of the cabins to see what anyone has left behind.  Believe me, he often has a great find.   I just happenned to catch him after his first stop - heading back to his camp. 

 Expecting a visit from my nephew and his wife  in a week or so, so we really need to increase our fish supply, so we have enough for a fish fry when they arrive.   Rich headed out fishing about 9:00 am, with Bill. ( the resident fishing master!).  After a slow start, they caught 20 or better, 14 which were keepers.  Several of them over 10 inches.   Good job guys!

Udate on my back/abdominal issues - good news... this past week I actually felt quite good, a few bad hours here or there, but overall a really good week.

However!!!  While Rich was helping Bill this past Saturday, he pulled his back again lifting the boat trailer.  In an effort to make him more comfortable I pulled an icepack from the freezer , covered it with a small towel and gave it to him to put on his back while laying on the couch.  Unfortunately, the towel must have slipped off one side of the pack as he was getting it into position.  After 20 minutes or so, he had a VERY large frost burn!  A little later in the evening it started getting a few little white bumps and we applied some neosporin. Sunday morning a VERY large (close to a 1" diameter) blister had formed.   After calling the Nurses hot line........ we discontinued the neosporin and were told NOT to break the blister, and to apply a moisturizing lotion several times a day.   He was very careful sitting and laying in bed, BUT when we headed to the bait shop Monday afternoon, he got back in the car, forgetting about the burn, and he broke the blister.  Now the totally RAW area is being treated with vaseline and covered lightly with gauze. ( I don't have any bandaids big enough!)  So, between that and slicing his finger while filetting fish on Saturday - he's pretty well bandaged!
So if you see this bandaged limping couple coming your way - it's probably just Rich and I!!

Sunday was a very hot day, up in the 90's.  We didn't head out fishing until about 6:30 and even with our new crappie jigs - we caught ONE keeper crappie and 6 baby perch!  But there was a small raft of ducks that did pass us by........the best picture of the day~

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Black Lake - Week 2 Comes to an end

The weather this year is not quite as accommodating as it has been in the past.  Seems that one day it is so windy and the water so choppy, that you can't go out, and the next day it's like a sheet of glass.   Yesterday was NO fishing, and today the winds might get up to 3 mpr - which on this HUGE lake means barely a ripple.

But the people that have been here these two weeks are some of our favorites.  Such a friendly, funny and fun bunch of people to hang out with.

Almost every night there has been a campfire, starting about 8:00 or 8:30 and some stay till almost midnight.  Those who don't fish in the evenings start the fire, and those who fish till dark, join the group when they return and finish cleaning their fish!

On Thursday afternoon a large group of us got together for a fishfry. Bill and Mike went out for two days fishing for crappie and had about five pounds of fillets to fry up.  Hosted by Mike  and the PA trucking crew~ Think there was 5 or 6 of them this year.  There was another group of 4 or 5 guys who came over from the  camp next door,  Gary and Karen, Paul and Monica,and the brothers Rob and Chris  ( ALL from PA!!!) Bill and Linda (Rochester, NY) and Rich and I were the only NON - Pennsylvanians!

The trucker group provided the chips and dips ( homemade salsa was excellent)  plates, napkins and silverware, beer and wine, and baked potatoes off the grill.  Linda and Bill breaded the fish and Bill did the cooking.   We had scalloped potatoes, macaroni salad, pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, and even spaghetti!    Great food and great time.....  OH - and Shade was our seven week old canine guest.  Paul and Monica's Brittany Spanial! What a hoot!  He'll be a great little hunter before they know it!  Always great to get our dog fix!

It was a fun late afternoon get together.  Some took off around 6:00 or 6:30 to head out fishing, while others continued to pick on leftovers.  Eveyone moved to the campfire around 9:00  and returning fishermen later joined the fire.    Rich and I headed back early - and skipped the campfire this time!

Mike and his crew left on Friday, but left enough food with Bill and Linda to feed the rest of us for a couple of days!   In the afternoon, Rich and I helped Bill and Linda put up their new canopy/cover.  Not a three minute job as indicated on the box in came in - but we did OK.  It got a little scary when Bill started standing on the table.  

 We always hate to see this group of people leave the camp so it made sense to start using up some of the leftever food!  The group gathered at Bill and Linda's for burgers and salad and deviled eggs and a little pastry for dessert.   Then everyone moved to the campfire.  It was hugs and handshakes and best wishes to all as everyone headed back to their cabins.  With the exception of us and Bill and Linda they all would be heading home early Saturday morning.  

Already looking forward to seeing all of them again next year.  

Monday, June 20, 2016

Black Lake - Week 2 - Father's Day Weekend

Saturday began our second week here at Black Lake - and the beginning of Father's Day weekend.   I think just being here, seeing friends we've had the pleasure of meeting over the past few years, AND being able to enjoy the weather and fish most everyday - made Rich's Fathers Day a good.  And of course his phone call from his son Dennis is always the highlight of his day.  And I think he liked my paper napkin greeting card better than any store bought one~~

We headed out fishng late morning and fished for a couple of hours, but still not having much luck~~  I caught NONE and Rich caught just one small perch.  It was a wicked hot day - and absolutely NO breeze at all.     In the morning we fished along the wall, just beyond the islands of Mutt and Jeff....  Since the fishing was not great.....we took a trip to the bait shop in the afternoon, looking for some yellow and black jigs - but found none, and then we went into Ogdensburg to grocery shop.    
In the evening after dinner we headed out behind Tin Island and did some drifting.  A little better luck.  Rich caught another perch and a couple of crappie, and I caught 2 crappie.  None of the fish were big enough to keep!!

The view was beautiful coming back in, with the sun setting over the camp..

Below are some shots of the Wall, Islands of Mutt and Jeff, and the sunset  Saturday evening.  As we were heading to shore, looking at the sunset, I looked behind the boat - where the moon was rising above the clouds.....

Below is a picture of the Oswegachee River from SR 37 going into Ogdensburg.  This river merges with the St. Lawrence River in Ogdensburg, and if we wanted to  we could get to both directly from Black Lake........

Sitting in the yard in the afternoon I got a coupld of good shots of the resident woodchuck and one of the MANY resident Chimpmunks~~~

Fixed an awesome pork loin roast in the crock pot, with baked potatoes  and  carrots for Rich for Father's Day Dinner - and his favotire Black Raspberry Ice Cream for dessert!  And he had also bought himself some HUGE chocolate cake/cookies filled with cream at the grocery store~

Following dinner we headed back out fishing, there was a nice breeze so we headed behind Tin Island and drifted several times between there and Raspberry Islands.  

 Finally had a little bit better luck~  Rich hooked on to a nice 15 1/4 small mouth bass, and 18" catfish and a couple of perch, and I got a couple of crappie and a sunny.  Finally able to bring in a few fish for the freezer. 

It was a beautiful day - but going out fishing twice today in that rough water took its toll on me, and I was really paying for it  that evening.   Rich headed over for a half/three quarters of an hour to visit with the folks around the campfire........I called it a day!  

Today - Monday as I update's supposed to be a really warm and sunny day - but the winds will be from 12 -18 miles and hour - with higher gusts..... so there will be NO fishing today!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A special Day for Two Special Men~

Just sending Happy Father's Day wishes to two special guys in my life!!! 

Love and Hugs to  Rich and Dennis. 

  A a special Falther's Day wish to our Dad's in Heaven!!!  Love you Robert Donald Sr, and John Benjamin.

Week One Continues

It's been a beautiful week as far as weather.  The nights are now only down in the upper 50's, and the days have been in the upper 70s and by Friday and reached the 80's.  Calling for record high temps this weekend into Monday.YUCK!!!

The fishing has not been very good at all so far..........  Rich went out alone on Tuesday but only caught a couple of crappie.  I stayed in , made some past sauce for dinner and hoped the guy would come to fix the TV!  Yes we finally got it working!  We both went out to fishing after dinner and Rich again, caught a couple more crappie and a couple of perch. Me?  NOTHING!  Most of the fish we caught have not even been big enough to keep.  So.....  I took a few more picturew of the lake - which today was beautiful with the sun so bright~

We fished for a short time on Wednesday and again on Friday and the results were about the same, Rich 2 and me 2 more baby perch~   Fish count to date

Rich 11, Donna 5 

Thursday was a very very windy day - so we didn't venture out.  But caught this picture of the resident woodpecker going to town on the tree in front of the cottage~

Wednesday night Rich started a campfire. Not too many in the park yet, so it was just the two of us, Bill ( Linda would arrive on Friday!), Gary and Karen, and one of the guys staying in cabin 9.  We were out till after 11:00.  Beautiful night, and a little too chilly for mosquitos~

 Thursday - again a very very windy day so just enjoyed sitting out side and visiting with fellow fishermen!

Threw some keilbasa on the grill for dinner and finished the potato salad

Friday night is fish fry night at Turner Inn, here in Hammond.  The best Fish Fry EVER!    The protions, not just the fish, but the fries and slaw and Amish yeast bread~~~~  Awesome!    They do not have a big kitchen - but they always get a big crowd on Friday  so we knew the wait would be pretty long.  It was - about an hour and 10 minutes from the time we ordered!  But's is sooooooo  worth the wait.  Gary and Karen joined us for dinner.

Bill;s wife Linda had arrived as had about 8 Pennsylvania truckers/fishermen who come here every year!  So they started another campfire and we sat and chatted and laughed for a while...............and called in a day.  And the end of Week 1 at Black Lake.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week One

It's really been quite cold here since we arrived.  Sunday was the coldest day so far, as I indicated in the last post and it continued through the night. Even I, the Polar Bear, was cold!!  And I did not hesitate to have Rich fire up the heat!  And a few times when he would turn the temperature down - I would turn around and crank it back up!     Today, the forecast was to to be a little bit warmer -but that didn't happen until mid afternoon, when finally the sun was shining for the first time since we arrived, and the temperature actually reached 71 or 72.

We didn't go fishing Saturday or Sunday, and I was feeling pretty good - so we decided to head out for a short time, and see how I would do.  It was a little choppy and a bit more windy than we had thought, so we didn't venture too far away.  And we did have a little luck, Rich a little more than me,.............and so we will begin the tracking of the fish count for the duration of our stay.

Total count for the day +5.  Rich-3, with 1 crappie and 2 catfish, both about 20" long.   Donna -  2,  but you have to look at the picture very closely.  I caught a couple of twin perch!  Maybe 3 inches long???  Actually Rich used the first one for bait and caught his 2nd catfish on that!

I did snap a few pictures of the lake today.   Below, top left is Raspberry Island, as is the picture in the lower left.  This is pretty much where we spent our time fishing.  The upper right is of the Wall and the islands, Mutt and Jeff  taken from behind Raspberry Island, and the last one is of Rogers Camp, taken from the boat as we were returning.  The little cabin in the center with the four windows in the front is Cabin 5, where we are staying.

We also had some visitors today - first the flock of geese, and I think they are Canada Geese.  The snake?  Well I don't know what kind it is - but it was right along side the docks when we returned from fishing. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Travel Days 3 and 4

We were on the road, leaving Staunton, VA, and heading for Dunmore, PA by 7:35 AM.   Plans were to stop for gas one more time, while we were still in VA, so we stopped just a few miles before the state line.  There was a Denny's at the station, so we decided to have breakfast while we were there, and Rich had to get a giant Cinnabon before we left!

Nothing exciting on the road so we made our way through West Virginia and Maryland.  Found a beautiful Rest Stop where we stopped for a potty break, and Rich sat and enjoyed his Cinnabon!   And as we approached the very last exit, 10B in Maryland on I-81 north - we saw  the Showalter Rd sign!  I  did share that with our friends Nathan and Krystal Showalter a little later that evening on Facebook!

And then we crossed the state line into Pennsylvania.  Now we are getting closer to those states that we used to call home.  And so your apt to see a lot more pictures as we pass through PA and NY.   I just love the rolling hills, farms, and corn fields.............Both are two very beautiful states. 

We arrived at the Quality Inn in Dunmore, PA mid afternoon and did not venture out the rest of the day.  My back and abdomon was really bothering me a lot today, so  all I wanted to do was just rest.   We had a pizza delivered from Pizza Hut, finished the last two cans of beer and called it a day.  We both fell asleep early that night. 

Saturday morning we got our wake-up call at 7:00 a.m., and we were on the road, the last leg of our trip to upstate NY.  The weather, to this point had been beautiful, but today we would run into rain a couple of times.   We crossed the PA/NY state line at 8:39a.m.    Between there an our final stop at Rogers Old Oak Camps, we saw a couple of interesting signs.   For as many years as we both lived in NY State, and as many times as we've been on this very same road, neither of us ever remember their bein a Mexico in NY???  And  then there are the Text Stops in addition to Rest Stops...........and one of my favorite signs........It Can Wait - Text Stop 5 miles.    Yes, it's against the law here, and if you get caught three times, you lose your license!  Actually, I think you should lose your license the FIRST time - but it's better than nothing, and should be enforced in ALL states!

So now we're in our home state of I have my camera clicking. A few of my favorite pictures along the way. 

And before we knew it we were passing through Hammond, NY, onto County Road 6 and got our first glimpse of the lake. 

We had a lot of unpacking to do, most of which Rich did. We got most of it put away, the clothes hung up and the beds made, and then realized the things we forgot!!!  I forgot my hooded sweatshirt that I always wear out fishing when it's cold, AND my sweater!  Rich forgot the gas grill!!.

But we sat outside and enjoyed the rest of the day, Bill Simek, our friend from Rochester came by, sat and had a drink with us, and tried to get our TV working.  (That's a long story!).  A little later a couple that we met here last year, and have kept in touch with, Gary and Karen Tombasco sto[ped by for a visit.  The picture below show's the cottage at the campground next door where they are staying.  We can see them from our side window!    About 8:00 PM we shared a stromboli from Ned's Grocery Store.  And then it was lights out!

 During the night it got very very windy, and we were awakened by a very large tree limb falling on the roof, followed by the door opening. ( Seems, that it was not fully latched the last time Rich came in)  And the shade was billowing at the living room window. ( We thought we had closed ALL the windows)

This morning, Sunday,  it was really quite cold, dreary and very windy When we awoke around 8:00 am, the temperature was only about 56 degrees.   And it stayed that way all day!  Both of us were dressed in sweat pants and sweat shirts.  Just as well. I really need to rest for a couple of days.  

Today was my birthday, and our original plans were to go out to dinner, up in Ogdensburg to celebrate.  But I decided to stay in, and made up a batch of Chili!  Dennis called to Wish me Happy Birthday and that was my highlight of the day.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer... I hope so - Rich does not have any more layers of clothes to put on!!!

Black Lake - Day 2

We were up very early and on the road about 7:45 am.  Our drive to VA would only be about 400 miles, and we both were glad.  Did not need another long day.  By 9:38 a.m. we were passing into North Carolina.   Not a whole lot to see along Interstate 77 - but I had to catch a picture of that Red Dirt, and one of Lake Norman.  One day I would like to go to that lake.

The typical potty breaks at rest stops, fill the gas tank, traffic jams, and breakfast at McDonalds..........    and by 11:30 we crossed into Virginia!   While I tend to favor PA, and NY - I have to admit that Virginia is one of the most beautiful states that we pass through.   We even talked about checking out the lakes there......  Is it time to move again???  

So glad we were heading North - the south bound lane was backed up more than seven miles!!!  Sure hope we don't hit that on our return trip!

We arrived at our hotel in Staunton, VA, late afternoon.  I had booked our room at the Red Roof Inn.  The last time we stayed at one of these hotels was back in 1994 when we were moving to Florida from CT.  I have to admit, we were very pleasantly surprised!  Very clean, very well maintained, and a great hot breakfast in the morning. (Which we did not have!) 

As we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, we noticed this little restaurant next door.  It was a very short walk to the Hometown Grill and Buffett.  Rich ordered a beer and me a glass of wine, and the buffett special tonight was barbecue.  It was quite good!  And the restaurant itself was quite unique, and nicely decorated. 

Early to bed - early to rise tomorrow morning..................

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Heading North to Black Lake/Upstate, NY Day 1

I had hoped that by the time we had to leave to go north, that I would have a better idea of what is causing my lower back and abdominal pain.  However - that is not the case.  They wanted to schedule me for an MRI - however, when I leaned that Fl Hospital did not have an Open Scan - I cancelled the procedure.  I am just way to claustrophobic to have an MRI - and  my insurance will over cover me at the Florida Hospital..... So I'm sure that my trip north is not going to be the best.

Day 1 - We headed out early Wednesday and what should have been a seven hour drive, was much much longer, as I needed to have Rich stop about every two hours.  After the Tropical Storm Colin's visit to the are, we were not sure what to expect as we started out.  But it turned out to be a beautiful day, no rain at all.  We stopped several times, once for breakfast at McDonald's, a couple times for gas, and several more, as pottie breaks or just to stretch the muscles.

I did get some pictures along the way.........  A few of Orlando - downtown and the St. James River.  The a couple from the Jacksonville, Fl area, and  our welcome signs along the trip, both in GA and South Carolina.

Didn't see very much to take pictures of in SC , but there are soooooo many lakes in Georgia!!!! 

We finally arrived in Orangeburg, SC late evening and checked in to the Quality Inn and Suites.  Cracker Barrel is about 1/2 mile up the road so we headed there for dinner.   I'm not a big fan of Cracker Barrel, but I know it's one of Rich's favorite places to stop.  He had the roast beef, with double mashed and green beans.  And I was very impressed with their cheddar/broccoli baked chicken.  Had some coleslaw and green beans.  Their beans were not as good as I remember - but everything else was awesome!  Yes Tonyia - I actually made it through dinner with NO complaints!!!!  I think Rich was pleasantly surprised as well!!!

It was a long day and we were both exhausted. I guess our old age is starting to show.  Rich's back and neck were  sore, and my back and abdomen were on fire!!!  We watched Wayward Pines and called it a day!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Congratulations Dalton Jordon Donald!

This was graduation weekend!  Our son and daughter-in-law had  the whole weekend planned for celebration. It was Dalton's weekend.  Dalton Day Part 1 was a cookout, gathering of friends and family at our son's house.    Dalton Day Part 2 took place Saturday evening when the group went to the Quad City River Bandits Baseball Game, where Dalton and Sara (his girlfriend) and friend Ricky threw the first pitch of the ballgame!

Sunday was graduation day............and family and friends arrived at the Wireless Center in Davenport, where the 2016 Commencement Ceremony took place.

Needless to say we are so very proud of this young man, and just as proud of Mom and Dad (Dennis and Crystal Donald) for being such awesome parents and excellent role models.  Picture of Dalton, his sister Chauna, Dennis and Crystal. Thank you Dalton for your beautiful note of thanks, and congratulations on your graduation with Honors!    Good luck to you as you move on to the next chapter in your life - attending the University of Iowa.  Go Hawkeyes!

Dennis took a short video of Dalton receiving his diploma.......... Here is the link:

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Time Flies Doctors and Dinner with Friends

Wow - Hard to believe it's been  a couple of weeks since I've updated this.  

We headed for home from Cocoa Beach earlier than planned.  Not being able to enjoy the beach, especially when the weather was so nice. We generally would  walk the beach in the evenings when the sun started to set, but I was not able to walk through the deeper sand to get to the water's edge.

It's been more of the same, pain in the back and abdomen comes and goes in streaks.  More doctor's appts, follow ups with my Primary Care, off to the Gastroenterologist, and more blood work.  Next is and MRI of the lower back, and a colonoscopy.

In the meantime - the weather is changing and summer has arrived very quickly!

 The temperatures are rising and the rainy season will not be far behind.  Had some wicked rain and very strong winds last week...... which left a mess in the front yard where leaves and tree limbs and branches filled a pretty good size bag.   Rich has been getting some outside work done, spraying and pulling weeds, and cutting palm branches.

And he's been helping me to do some re-potting of some of the plants.  Actually it was a while ago, that we moved the ponytail palm.  ( top row is last year/bottom row is current after re potting)  The ponytail got so large that we got a much larger pot and found a spot along side of the house, on the shaded side.  

Our friends Nick and Tonya gave us the bamboo plant when we moved here, and that has continued to stay healthy and has really grown!!  Can't remember the name of the plant with the red flower - but we just moved that to a bigger pot yesterday.  And the Peace Lily which I got for Easter last year  has really grown and has graduated from the end table to the front yard!

On Memorial day Nick and Tonyia visited arriving early afternoon and Tonyia and I enjoyed a couple of games of Mexican Train.  Well - almost two games!!  The guys had decided that we were leaving for an early dinner so we played as long as we could....... but making to the car right on time!!!   BUT - we were so rushed that I forgot to grab my camera - so NO Picture of Nick and Tonyia.  But we did enjoy dinner at the Golden Corral here in town. It was a good day, and we both enjoyed spending time with them.  

They arrived in their newest of several vehicles - this one a truck........An oldie but goodie.......I have no idea what make or model - but I think I remember that it was a 1966!  Cool.................

Monday was a holiday from the Stock-market so Rich decided to whip up a batch of cream puffs!    They came out beautiful.............and he said they were very very good!!

And on Wednesday, this week we had our last monthly dinner date with Buddy and Diane at the Hibachi Grill.  Nathan and Krystal, who usually join us were in VA, visiting family - so we missed seeing them.  As usual - we laughed a lot and the food was excellent.   They will be heading North in about a week, and we're planning to be gone for a good portion of the summer ----- so we'll plan on getting together again in September!

On Wednesday when Cindy came to mow the lawn, she knocked on the door and told us we might want to check out one of the sprinklers in the back yard.  She said the area around the head was covered with a lot of mud.   So today we turned on the sprinklers, and yes - there was a leak.  So despite the hot temperature ( Real Feel Temp was 106 degrees!!) Rich started digging.  Found the leak at the elbow, fixed it and turned on the water.   There was another leak ... so he continued to dig......... The picture was taken at the first leak.  The hole ended up being about twice that size getting to the next one!!!   Still not finished - covered the hole and the loose dirt........To be continued tomorrow!