Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coach Mo's Pickleball Training Clinic

One of the things that Rich does every time we come to The Villages is to work with Coach Mo as one of his "assistant coaches" when he does his weekly pickleball clinics for The Villages Residents.  On Monday night, Mo reinstated his weekly clinics at the Churchill Recreation Center.  The hot weather in the summer, keeps the bigger crowds away, which is an excellent opportunity for those who do attend to get a little more one-on-one training.

Rich is an avid follower of Coach Mo, but off the pickleball court we both enjoy socializing with him and his wife Jeanne.  But today it was back to "pickleball business". 

When Coach Mo speaks - everyone listens.  He is probably one of the very best pickleball coaches across the country today.   And today there was a pretty good group out despite the very very hot temperatures.

Right there in the front row is our friends Karen, and Linda, and in the middle, just to the right of Rich is Harry.  The guy in the back row with the yellow shirt is Dick and one of the guys that I play pickleball with regularly here at Churchill in the mornings. 

Coach Mo generally has a couple of people helping him with the clinic, and those people he hand picks, and are generally competitive medal winners that he has worked with and that he knows are able to help individuals to improve their games.   Above Coach Mo works with the players on one court, while Rich takes the other.

"Point your shoulder in the direction you want the ball to go"...... Harry gets a little one-one one, while working on the forehand/backhand shots.
Above Rich and Mo demonstrate proper ground strokes.....

An here one of the other "assistant coaches" Pete joins Rich and Mo and Linda in a demonstration of the "soft game". 

Well.............it was supposed to be the  "soft game" -but it looks like someone got carried away!!!

Karen (left) and Harry across from her, and Linda, far right take to the courts with the rest of the group to practice the "soft game".

And even as the "coaches" take a break the conversation is still "pickleball"!.
We'll probably be back here again next Monday for more training.

By the way- Rich's calf muscle is doing pretty good.  As you can see he's got the calf wrapped, but he's back on the court.  I too went out to play on Monday for the first time since I went to the doctor for my knee.  Wore a brace, but made it through four games without a problem.

On Tuesday - Karen and I met up at the SeaBreeze Rec Center for BUNKO!!  Karen had not played before, and neither of us won any money but we had a really good time.  I was just ONE bunco short of splitting the $116 pot!!!! 

Tomorrow, Linda and Jenny will join us for dinner, and on Thursday I'm going with Karen and Harry to play indoors............. A few more days and Rich will be back on the courts twice a day!

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