Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing in the new year with Miss Ava!

This year Santa shared nasty colds and flue with Rich and I. Rich was first, and he got it pretty bad......lots of liquids and lots of rest... and then it was me........and I am so sore from coughing!! Of course - picking strawberries in the rain probably didn't help a lot - but by New Year's Eve  neither I, nor Rich was in the partying mood!

Both of us look forward to New Year's Eve every year, it's the best party night and the only day of the year that you'll find the two of us up at midnight. This year the party was at Jim and Judy's complete with a band, lots of food, party favors and lots of happy campers. They are just a few rows down from us - so we did enjoy the music for a while.......... and Tonyia stopped by and gave us our glow lights, noise makers and party hats.  But by about 9:30 we both called it a night.
There was however one thing that did make our Holiday special.  From just after Christmas until the 1st we had the pleasure of babysitting Miss Ava!

Unfortunately, for family reasons, Nate and Krystal had to head for Michigan, so we had Ava stay with us, and stopped in at their place each day to feed the cats.

We had such a good time with her.....and she really did bring some laughter and joy to our holiday. 

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