Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ava Enjoys Her Visit

Last Friday Nate and Krystal headed for Virginia to spend some time with Nate's family. They tried to head out of town without letting us know, but we cornered them alog the road on Thursday only to learn that Ava was not going with them.........and because they did not want to ask us to take her for a couple of weeks had made other plans for her. But we assured them that Ava was welcome and we'd love for her to stay with us.

She is making herself right at home.

OK Uncle Rich........I'm ready for a little play time.............

You are starting to tire me out!  And I know I'll get a treat real soon if I continue to amuse you!

OK Uncle Rich - times up.  I'm coming up there...... One stop on the belly and then on up to the back.  You're having way too much fun!

Finally - a little peace and quite...........  Thanks uncle Rich.

Let me rest.......then I'll get Aunt Donna to take me for a  little walk along the nature trail!  Life is Good
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  1. Thank you again for keeping her!!! I miss her so much. She would have hated all the snow here though. We keep joking that she'd probably have exploded because she wouldn't want to pee outside in the snow. She isn't going to want to come home after two weeks with her favorite Aunt and Uncle!