Monday, March 2, 2015

Deck Construction Completed.........Well maybe.

Rich completed the construction of the new rail on the back deck.  He was so glad to have it finished!  But while he thinks it's done - I still have a few more ideas.  Nothing as major as what he's already finished.    Still needs to be painted or stained, but with the treated lumber, I'm told that we should leave it set for several weeks before painting.

Originally I was going to paint it the same color as the deck floor, but I'm really liking the way it looks, so I think I'll discuss with Rich the option of just a clear stain.   I'd also like him to add two small posts at each back corner of the deck, close to the house, just to set it off a bit, and then we need to get a couple of solar lights for the front corners.  Too much to run electric for wiring lights, so they'll work perfectly.   Then I'm thinking of a small table and some flower pots......... You get the idea.

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