Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Monthly Night Out.....

On Wednesday we joined Buddy and Diane and Nathan and Krystal at Cody's Roadhouse for our monthly get together.  It was Veteran's Day, and for Buddy's sake, we probably should have chosen a restaurant where he, as a Veteran, could enjoy a free meal.  I was quickly informed when we arrived that he enjoyed his free meal at lunchtime!  Well deserved my friend!

Cody's was our choice this month and Wednesday was our preferred day of the week because that's the day we can enjoy the Buy one, get one Free Fajitas.  And, buy one get one free happy hour - so Rich ordered the Bud Light and shared with me.  Some had chicken and some had beef, and Buddy shared his appetizer with the table!  Everything was delicious.  And the conversation and laughter was welcomed and enjoyed!

Buddy and Diane will begin the almost daily jamming and entertaining with their Country Singing group, so we have strict instructions to only schedule our night out on Tuesday or Thursday - but not the first Tuesday of the month. Whew!!!
Next stop - Ecuador!  Don't worry - those other four  in the picture know what that means!!

Not much other news. My finger is still healing - but much much better. I had a small growth removed over my right eyebrow. You could never tell! Can't see a thing and the biopsy showed it to be benign.

We stayed up until 11:30 Tuesday, watching the GOP Debate.

OH!  And we lost our resident alligator.  The gator nuisance patrol was here a couple of nights ago to take him away.  Guess the owner next door - who has his house up for sale thought that a possible alligator in his yard might scare the buyers away!  You think???    Good news is, he was not aggressive at all and they did not harm him getting him out, so, he will have a new home at one of the Gator farms.   I know you all don't understand - but I'll miss his frequent visits.

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