Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fun Fun Fun ---- Great Day with Friends

Beautiful day today!  We were on the road just after 9:00 am headed for Northport, Fl, about an hour and a half ride.  Arrived at the home of our very good friends Dieter and Helen, snowbirds from Columbia Crossroads, PA.  Don't get to see them very often; once or twice while they are here in FL, and we always stop to see them on the few times we are in NY or PA.  

Had a great time, just catching up, and of course a lot of laughing as we got into the "political" conversations - they being a bit more liberal than we are.  Just so nice to have fun and laugh when you disagree.  I guess that's called respect.  Helen's brother stopped by on the way back to Ft. Myers from the Strawberry Festival, with a flat  of about 12 quarts of berries for them! Enjoyed meeting them.. We had a simple, but delicious lunch with sandwich and Helen's homemade potato salad.  And they always make sure Rich has his dessert.  Today was cream horns.

We said our farewell just after 4:00 pm and headed into Port Charlotte where we were meeting up with other friends Nathan and Krystal, for dinner and show.   It was back in October, after we all visited the Broadway Palm in Ft. Myers that we booked this visit to the Visani Comedy Theater.  

Dinner was absolutely excellent!  After ordering our beverage of choice, Nathan and Krystal opted for the fried mozzarella, and Rich and I the Cesar Salad.   Entrees included, Chicken Parmigiana (Krystal), Grill Tuna (Nathan), Sausage Carbonara (Me), and Spaghetti Pie with Meat Balls (Rich). We had a great table just one back from the stage.  Greg Hahn has to be one of the very best comedians we ever heard, and this was our second time coming here to see him. Absolutely non stop side splitting funny from the time he steps on the stage

  Only an hour ride back home, where we arrived about 8:45 pm. Checked out the results of the Republican Caucus' and LA Primary and saw that our candidate was having a pretty good night.   Called it a day - An absolutely great day it was!

Tomorrow will be a day of rest ( and grocery shopping) and preparing for a visit  from Rich's High School friends, Cliff and Carlene.

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