Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Time sure does fly by! Can't believe it's April already!

 Nothing real exciting been going on.  Just a whole lot more of the same old same old...........

And yes - always back in the kitchen...........lots of really good meals the past couple of weeks.  A couple of cooler days, so that called for another crock pot filled with potato soup!  Always enough for another day.   We also enjoyed our baked burritos, Chicken Parmesan, Oven baked barbequed homesyle ribs (no left overs here!)  and in the pan is M&M meatsause.  We used to get this at the M&M hot dog stand when we lived in NY ---- Best sauce for hotdogs!  Always enough for a few more meals!

Back w aorking in the yard but spent pretty much one full day just cleaning and reorganizing the back storage shed! Everything's back in place..........and we still have lots of room left for more.  

And the last week of March we spent a couple of days trimming the palm trees. We just put this off for so long.......and sometimes, just because of the weather.  We have six palm trees, 3 in the back yard and 3 in the front yard. Does not take a real long time to trim.   Our garbage is picked up every week, but yard waste is only  picked up every other week. And they will only take them away as long as the branches are no longer than 6 ft, and the bundles can't be too heavy, and they need to be tied, and you are limited to a minimum number of bundles and a limited number of anything in trash bags!  THAT is what takes the time.........and with both of us having back problems, that means we take quite a few breaks!  We had so much this time, that our neighbors let us bring a couple of bundles over to their yard to be picked up! 

Glad that some of my favortie programs are back on .................It seemed like I was spending most of my time watching THE NEWS!..............Oh I still keep up pretty much with what's going on......but I am really enjoying The Voice, American Idol..........and watching my Tampa Bay Rays!!

Did my grocery shopping today.  I'm just about ready to schedule an appointment for my one hour massage.......(Christmas Gift) now that I have gotten both of my Corona Virus shots!  Calling tomorrow for a hair appointment ( it is down to my butt right now - so she's got a LOT to cut off)  But tomorrow we are heading back to Hibachi for dinner after making a few stops in Sebring.  And our friends Nathan & Krystal have had both of their Covit shots - so  within the next week we will finally get to spend some time with them...........It's been more than a year!!!  Can't wait!!

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