Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pickleball Happy Hour - Torrey Oaks

Today our friends Stan and Sally Michalski from Michigan planned a great day of pickleball and good food at the Torrey Oaks RV Resort in Bowling Green. Stan and Sally just moved to Torrey Oaks from the Peace River Preserve in Wauchula - just 5 or 6 miles south on US Hwy 17. Stan and Sally generally stay the winter at Peace River, so I think after only ONE day they missed all of us that they left behind. Pickelball and Food will always bring this group together quickly - especially Jack and Diane; just mention Happy Hour and Diane is there!!! About fifteen of us made the trip up US Hwy 17 . Pickleball started at 1:00 with Happy Hour to follow at 3:00 - followed by more pickleball for those still ready to play.

There are eleven paddles lined up, waiting to take over the two courts, where eight others are already playing. Jean had not yet made it out of her golf cart, so her paddle was not yet in line for play.
Click on picture to enlarge - use back arrow to return to this page. Here are some pictures of everyone enjoying the day and their time on the courts. There are only two courts at Torrey Oaks, but because they are back to back instead of side by side - you never hear "ball on the court!!!"

Click on picture to enlarge- use back arrow to return to this page. More pictures of the group playing. But then, check below - to meet our friends - up close and personal!

Woody and Pat, just arrived a few days ago for the Clermont Thousand Trails park, near Orlando. Pat wasn't playing today, but said she was very much looking forward to Rich's clinic on Saturday. Woody and Pat are new friends this year.
Larry and Dottie also just arrived from the Clermont Thousand Trails. Friends Keith and Marie send us an e-mail a few days before they arrived telling us what good players they were, and told us to give them a wam welcome. We just met them for the first time today, so Marie if you are reading this, we will take very good care of them. And you're right - they are very good players.
Ken and Faye (with and E) need no introduction. We met them three years ago right here in Peace River. They officially "pickled" Rich and I not long after we learned to play, and we have carried on their "pickle" tradition for new players ever since. They are very instrumental in promoting pickleball during the summer at their home part in Chesapeake Bay.

We introduced you to Doug and Karen a while back, at our Thanksgiving Celebration, I think. Karen was not out playing today - but we hope to see both of them at our clinic on Saturday.

Yes - I know you've met Richard before! Richard hails from Canada and purchased a lot (actually two of them) at Torrey Oaks. Until the pickleball players arrive for the season, he often comes down to Peace River to play with our group. His second lot is right next to where he is parked, and today he took us over to see it. Should we need a week or two out from Peace River, he has offered to rent it out to us. Wouldn't that be FUN!! Torrey Oaks is a beautiful park.

We have probably spent more time with these three people than anyone else so far this season. We just met Jack and Diane for the first time this year, and we want so much for them to extend their stay at Peace River. They will be spending the holiday with family in Ft. Lauderdale, and then are planning on going to Texas for the remainder of the winter. If we have our way they will be HERE or at Torrey Oaks. Just having tooooooooo much fun playing pickleball and having Happy Hours.

Garrett and Jean are also from Michigan. Previously, the two of them spent most of their time at Thousand Trails, but Jean is now the pickleball instructor at Torrey Oaks. The two parks do a lot of stuff together, and again this year we are looking at putting on some friendly competition. Today we are at Torrey Oaks - but we will be inviting their crew here for our Indoor showing of Coach Mo's 21 Clinics DVD in January.

We met Jim and Tracy a couple of years ago here in Peace River. Today was the first time since then that we have seen them. Great to have them back in Florida for the winter. They will be staying either here or in TT Orlando until May - so we should have some good games on the courts, and some good Happy Hours together.
Meet Austin, Crystal and Nathan. Actually we met Austin two summers ago at Thousand Trails in South Carolina, where he came out and played a few games with us. This year he and his dad, Nathan have both been out on the courts at Peace River. Today was the first time that we met Mom, Crystal. These three have made pickleball a "family affair". Austin is a great little pickleball player

Posted by PicasaAnd here are our good friends Stan and Sally Michalski - Our Hosts for the day. Sally was so excited about getting everyone together today. We had hoped that these two would be spending the winter here at Peace River, but Stan, was not able to get his job back here this year, and with the monthly rentals at Torrey Oaks - staying there for a couple of months made more sense. Thank goodness they are only a few miles up the road. And the four of us need to get back in touch with Toby's down in Arcadia to work on getting pickleball set up for next year!! Stan and Sally - thanks for planning today- It was a really fun day!!

But - not over yet. At 3:00 the ladies headed for the lounge to get the food laid out for Happy Hour.
Click on picture to enlarge - use back arrow to return to this page. What great food. We set up the food in the lounge - but ate outside on the terrace. Happy hour food included sweedish meatballs, sausage balls, sausage, peppers and onion, ham and cheese roll ups, crackers and cheese, nachos and dip, flat bread and tuna salad, sandwiches, watermellon...etc. What a great facility for entertaining. After some food and conversation, some of us headed back to Peace River, and some went back to the courts for more pickleball.
Thank you Stan and Sally for a great day of fun and food with great friends.

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