Friday, December 18, 2009

Pickleball Skills Clinic - Sun City Center

Can't believe it's been so long since I've updated our Blog. I guess I've been pretty busy with the USAPA newsletter, and updating our Atlantic South Pickleball Blog. But.........let's try and bring us up-to-date!!

On Saturday December 14th, Rich and I headed over to Sun City Center to do a Skills Clinic for the Sun City Center Pickleball Club. Mike Perkins, the President of the Club, knew we had done a similar clinic for the Kings Point League, so he put up a flyer asking his members if they would be interested in a training clinic. There was a great response, so Mike called and we scheduled a time that was good for everyone.

Click on Picture to enlarge - use back arrow to return to this page. Here's Rich working with the group. There was a very nice turnout for the clinic. He did a nice job getting everyone involved in practicing their form, serve, forehand, backhand and volleys at the net. He had them practice one on one with volley shots, and gave them drills to work on to improve their soft game (dink shots), forehand and backhand shots and offensive lobs.

Neil Nightengale, who is the former Regional Ambassador also came to the courts that day. It was nice to see Neal. His health does not allow him to play as frequently as he'd like, but he was looking great. He game me (Donna) a license plate that said Pickleball, Atlantic South Regional Ambassador. I Love IT!!!
This is Rich and I with Mike Perkins - President of the Sun City Picklebll Club

And here is Rich with most of the players from Sun City who participated in the clinic. Will never remember all their names - but they all made us feel very welcome. They gave Rich and I a $25 Raceway Gas Card to help pay for our travel expeses. What a grat gesture. We truly appreciated it - even though we told them we did not want any reimbursement for what we truly enjoy doing. !

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