Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back in Peace River

We were on the road early from The Villages on Sunday morning.  We had a wonderful time there this summer, but both of us were ready to move on.  The drive down to Wauchula was uneventful.  A quick stop at WalMart for some needed cleaning supplies and it was still morning when we arrived at Peace River.

The park is still a little slow........not too many people there yet, but the weather could have a little bit to do with that.  Here's a look from the back side of our RV.  As you can see the water is still pretty high.

It's still part way up the ramp and the overflow section is still pretty much flooded.  Probably be close to a month before that section is ready for any parking.  
Woody was down checking out the water level when we arrived, Buddy and Brenda stopped by a little while later.  We spent the better part of the day unpacking and setting up.  It's not like moving from one location to another pulling the RV.  After sitting all summer long there was a ton of cleaning to be done.  It will probably take us two or three days to really get settled in.
No food in the fridge yet so we headed out to Paul's Kitchen for dinner. Rich had the roast pork and I had the turkey...............and we took enough home for another meal for both of us. 
On Tuesday it was pretty much more of the same.  Sorting and organizing. At about 7:00, headed down to the pickleball courts where Buddy, Nate, Krystal, Woody and Paul were waiting.  Only got to play about three games before it started raining!!!!   Great to see our friends again and so glad that most of them wil be here for the season. 

Tomorrow I have to make a trip to Tampa for a dentist appointment.  Had to break down and call today - hope it's nothing too serious. UGH!!!   Please, please, please ....  I hate the dentist so much!!!!  Extra prayers tonight will be appreciated!!!

World Series starts tonight.............GO RANGERS!!!  Sorry Den.

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