Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peace River Halloween Party/Dance

What a nice time we had tonight. Halloween celebrations started early today with fun and games earlier in the day, trunk and treat in the parking lot for the kids, and then the party and dance in the meetin' hall.

Kudos to the staff, who did a great job with the decorations and to everyone who brought so many "goodies" for the evening. 

Music was provided by many of the players who take part in the regular "jam sessions" but the leaders of the group tonight were Buddy and Diane.  Great Job you guys.  The music and singing was super!!

Below is Diane and Buddy  dressed for the night as Dolly Pardon and Cole Porter, and with the rest of the band........

Below is the Showalters - Krystal and Nate donning their Western Attire for the evening.

As for Rich and I  - we're not much into dressing up, but we  kind of did tonight; me as the spider laday and Rich as the Buck-an Ear Quarterback!

Lots of fun and dancing..............More pictures below of the all us enjoying the evening on the dance floor.

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  1. Hi Donna,
    I like your spider lady dress-up. First time I saw a Buck-an Ear Quarterback! Looked like a fun Halloween night! Nice photos!!
    Shirley from Canada