Friday, November 25, 2011

ThanksGiving Day..............

Rich and I always look forward to having dinner with our friends here at the park on Thanks Giving Day and this year was no different.  But, with me working here this year, by the time I was able to sit down and enjoy my meal, I felt like I had been working for days!!!  

On Wednesday, we set up all the tables and chairs in the meeting hall........ready for the finishing touches on Thursday.   Judy is our new recreation director here at the park and she is one of the most creative individuals I have met.  Her ideas for decorating the meeting hall were appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. 

Below are some pictures taken after we  finished the decorating...........

That's Judy in the upper left corner, and the fruit/vegetable baskets that we prepared as a center piece on each table.  The tables were decorated with the usual festive colors and enough tables to seat about 128 people.  The Wauchula Family Restaurant had cooked the turkeys and made the gravy.  When not setting up - I spent most of the morning cooking and cutting the hams, heating and cutting the five turkey and preparing the serving trays.

Below is a picture of the room filled with Peace River family and friends.

While we missed being with our families today - we are so thankful to have such wonderful friends to share the day with.    The array of food that day was unbelievable, with just about every vegetable and fruit dish imaginable, breads, potatoes, stuffing, casseroles and all the typical Thanksgiving day desserts and then some. 

I wish I had found time to take more pictures, but I did manage to get a few shots of some of our pickleball playing friends sitting close by.

Pictured below top left is Joan with Travis on her left and her son on the right.   And that's Shelly with her son and grandson..  I missed Dick and John who were sitting at the end of the table.

At our table (center picture) from the left and going around the table  was  Karen and Tom,  our very good friends Don and Linda and Rich.  Bottom left is Austin sitting with my co-workers, Patti and Jim.  Me and Nathan bottom right.   Krystal - I know you're reading this, and want you to know how much you were missed.  But we are "thankful" that your nasty sprain is healing and we hope you enjoyed the "Thanksgiving day take out dish" prepared with love by your hubby!!

Despite the full bellies five of us made our way to the pickleball courts about 4:30.   After about 3 games - my body was begging for a hot shower and a little relaxing - but Don, Karen, Art and Nate continued on.   

Did I say the "five of us?"......Let's not forget our pickleball mascot: Miss Ava!

 And...........I just could not pass up sharing this last picture............

" Hey gonna get this one?.......   "I don't know Don - where is it?"

Thanks for letting me share a little laughter!!

Hope that everyone had the chance to share the day with loved ones.  Our day had a perfect ending - a phone call with our son Dennis. 

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