Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

Well we didn't have Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber (did I spell that right?) but we had music and dancing and a little Karaoke, and we rocked the night away with friends, old and new, and rang in the new year with Dick Clark at the stroke of midnight!

But the celebrations started early in the morning.  Bruce and Gena and our little Miss Darby, down from Tennessee to visit family over the holidays, took time away to come visit with us.  We met up with the rest of the group at the pickleball courts about 9:00am............. Below is Gena with Diane, and Gena again. returning from a stroll with Darby.

Below. Bruce and Rich get in a few games with a few of the regulars.  Rich is playing with Debbie, and Bruce with Buddy....  Cindy and Karen are playing with two players new to the game.....
About noon we headed to Paul's Kitchen for lunch where we threatened to send Buddy to another table when he ordered liver and onions - but in the spirit of the holidays, we graciously allowed him to stay!  Always a good deal and a good meal at Paul's, and today was no different.

Around the table from the left is: Gena, Bruce, Rich,  Me, Diane and Buddy.

And Darby -  in her cozy carrying bag! This little one will stay in here forever if you let her.............she's comfy and and rests quietly content to just be with Mom and Dad. 

It's been a strange kind of year so far here in Peace River. The most significant difference is that so many people  that we spent time with last year are out west.............and we truly miss them.   The park is very quiet - and there's a feeling of unrest that permeates the air most of the time.  This is the first year in at least four or five that we're aware of that the park did not celebrate New Years eve in the parking lot - under the tent with music and dancing and fun and laughter until the stroke of midnight.   It was a little sad. 
But!!!  We didn't say that ALL of our friends were gone this year!  We've spent a lot of time with Nick and Tonya this year, and got to meet our neighbors Jerry and Nancy a whole lot better.  Thanks to these four in particular - we had one absolutely outstanding and memorable New Years Eve Party!!!
Nick and Tonya rented the site adjacent to them to make sure we'd have enough room.  With the help of Jerry and Nancy they set up two campfires, a lighted doorway AND dance floor, festively decorated, set up the music and Karaoke machine and invited all their friends.  There had to be somewhere between 40- and 50 people who celebrated together. 
We can't begin to remember the names of everyone we met......but the pictures below will give you a good idea of just what a great time we all had.

Tonya - with a few last minute details to be taken care of........and then she brings out the Big Pot of Chile!
Just mingling and checking out what's good to eat!

Stopping for a photo at the doorway is Sue and Todger.........They've been parked behind us for the past year or so........but will be leaving for Torrey Oaks on Sunday.

Our new bestest neighbors........Jerry and Nancy.  Nancy used her oven for the very first time...........and fixed an excellent spiral Ham for the night. Perfection!!

Julie, Rich and the Zukas filling their bellies!

Julie again.......... Bob was a little under the weather tonight - so she didn't stay to ring in the new year.

Bill and Judy Leiberman, the Murays and Patti ( hey Chickie!!!) with hubby Jim.  Patti and I work in the store together.

Tonya  and Genny with her home-made redneck wine glass.

These three are having WAY too much fun........or one too many?  Rich, Nick and John.

And still having a good time................
And almost everyone enjoyed the music and appreciated the dance floor.

And then there was Karaoke......Here we are singing along with Garth Brooks'  I've Got Friends in Low Places.................

And then we gathered around the TV to watch the ball drop and to ring in the new year with a toast, champagne, hugs and kisses and wishes for a prosperous and healthy 2012

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