Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Hour with the Carpouzis'

Art and Hedy joined our Peace River pickleball family just last year when Rich and I put a paddle in their hands.  Today they play every day, and Art has even taken to the tournament circuit!  But tonight pickleball and non- pickleball friends  alike joined together at the Carpouzis' site for Happy Hour.

Pictured below are our hosts for the evening, Art and Hedy, making sure everything is prepared and chatting with friends that stopped by.   (top left ) Hedy makes sure everything is ready and  calls the group to enjoy the huge array of great food and goodies.   (top right) Art, joins Jay and park manager Lee Collins as they fill their plates. (bottom left) Debbie stops by to chat with Art, at that's Hedy with neighbors Taz and Carroll.

I thought I was the only one that didn't know enough to put a jacket on when it's cold - but it looks like I have a follower in Hedy!!  From every one's attire you can tell that it was a rather chilly evening. 

A few more faces in the crowd:  Rosemary and Garf

Bob, and I missed a picture of Julie!!!  Archie and Janet..
Bob and Julie just pulled in the park this afternoon.

Nick and Tonya

Karen and Tom
Brenda ( works in the office) with Krystal and Nate.
Dick and Janet...........who also just pulled in today.

Jay and Debbie.......

The food was absolutely great -  Hedy made a big pot of Clam Chowder that was probably my favorite...... There was Sausage, peppers/onions, Goulash, Broccoli Casserole,  Italian breads, some excellent dips with crackers or chips and tons of goodies for dessert!  

We had a great, fun group out for the evening despite the pretty chilly weather! 

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