Friday, August 17, 2012

Linda and Jenny Visit

It's really been a very quiet few weeks. Mo and Jeanne are visiting family in Massachusets, Tim and Marlene are gone until next week, Nancy and Cindy are back in Ft. Myers....  When Mother Nature does not decide to send us our afternoon thunder shower, Rich has managed to get out on the courts at Hacienda for some  good pickleball competition with the guys.   I continue to have problems with my left leg.  This time it was not the miniscus - but the hamstring.   That was almost two weeks ago - so I'll be out of commission for a  little bit longer.

We were back at the Lighthouse restaurant again this past Monday -  Jeanne call at the perfect time on Monday.  It was last minute but before I had started our meal.

We heard from Nick and Tonyia on Wednesday - and our prayers are with them, as they head back to North Carolina.  Nick's Mom is not doing well, but they are letting her come home and be comfortable during her last few days.

On Wednesday Linda and Jenny came to join us for dinner.  We did an Italian night with a little wine and cheese, Manicotti and Sausage, Ceasar Salad and Garlic Toast.  We finished with mini cannolis for dessert.

We had not seen Jenny since last year - but she made up with Rich real quickly as she stood at attention for some gourmet goodies!

They only stayed for a couple of hours - but it was nice visiting and catching up. Miss Jenny joins Mom (Linda) for a family photo before they head for home.

Linda heads back to Seabring at the end of the month.

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