Friday, October 5, 2012

Back in Peace River

It's October again - so time to head back to our 'home on wheels' back at Peace River in Wauchula. We really did enjoy our stay at The Villages this summer, especially with so many friends coming to visit.  I got the results of my biopsy just before we left and the good news was it was NOT cancer - but they did find some atypical tissue that needs to be removed.  So I am scheduled at the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa next week and after that should know the date for my surgery.

In the meantime for all you folks considering whether or not to return - I must say that we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived.  The park really does look nice.....but the pickleball courts still look the same and are in need of some work. And folks are starting to arrive and fill up the park.   Unfortunately we have had rain every afternoon since we got here. It rains on an off during the night and we wake up to fog in the morning - Picture below is one of the better mornings - usually you can't see this far.

Yes - it's raining in the picture below - but the view from the patio is really quite nice. If not for the fog - you could probably see the river water flowing in the back.  The river is VERY HIGH. 

On Thursday morning we swept the puddles from the courts and Travis got the blower.  After about 40 minutes of work we were able to play.    Below is Travis and Pam.

And Dan and Nate.  
It was just the five of us today - but it felt good to be back on the court.

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