Sunday, October 14, 2012

The house is back to normal

Well, we've been home a little over a week now.   We had lots of work to get done, both inside and out........and I think we've just about finished.  Rich did ALL the outside work, washing the lanai area and getting the furniture back out, cleaning the mud-dobbers off the sides and front of the house and housing  everything until it sparkled.     Meanwhile, after we had moved all the furniture inside,  I cleaned windows and baseboards and did some touch up painting.      Rich did do some painting inside - I was so glad he said he'd do these inserts in the foyer area.... He did a PERFECT job!  Once dry -  we'll re-hang everything.

On Sunday morning he finished the outside - re-painting the walkway to the front entry and putting new weatherstripping on the front door.

With all the furniture back in place - it looks a lot more like "home."  This is the guest bath (top left), the office, the master bedroom and the master bath. 

And the is the formal dining room and living room, the family room and the kitchen.    
We did have a conversation today about doing a little accent painting in the kitchen - the same color as the inserts in the foyer..........we'll see!

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