Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dinner at Cody's Original Roadhouse

Tonight we headed to Cody's Roadhouse where every Wednesday in addition to their daily specials they feature Two for one fajitas.    We had made plans last Wednesday to go here with Tim and Marlene, but after learning that there was a large event taking place that night, we cancelled.  

We had just been discussing that Buddy and Diane should be back at the RV Park in Wildwood, so I sent Buddy an e-mail asking when they would be back.  As luck would have it, they were already here, so they joined us tonight.  Everyone ordered the Buy one Get one Free Fajita Dinner, and as in the past the food was delicious!   We had a great evening, and hopefully we can all get together one more time before they leave for Orlando.

Tomorrow, Rich and I are going house hunting........ We're headed for Sebring/Lake Placid to look at some waterfront properties......Stay tuned.

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