Monday, September 30, 2013

Starting a New Chapter

On Friday, September 27, 2013 at approximately 9:30 am, we signed the papers and became the new owners of the house on Comquat Rd in Lake Placid.

First stop was a final walk-through at 8:00 am.   A little disappointing in that the current owners had not yet vacated the property.  They assured us that by 9:00 they would be out, and meet us at the closing.  And they were............. We had loaded the car, the night before, so we returned to the house after the closing.

Here is Rich - our first time at the house as 'owners' and ready to unload.......

But first, a quick look around......... and a quick look out back

And I'm sure that he was really thinking how much he'd rather be down there on the dock, with the boat already there, heading out for a day of fishin' and relaxin'.

Not too bad...........things were still under control and the house, while still a bit empty was looking very inviting.

We headed back to Peace River, loaded up the car and the truck and headed back.  By the end of the day, totally exhausted the house was beginning to look like a monstrous undertaking!

We headed back to Peace River and finished packing, loading the car once again to the max!  It was well after 11:00 pm, when the showers were done and we headed to bed for the night.  Saturday morning at 8:00, Nick and Tonyia were making the trip to Tampa with us to unload all the "stuff" we had in storage.   Rich and Nick looked like a couple of drowned rats - soaking wet after loading the U-Haul.   But we were back in Peace River by 1:30, unloaded the refrigerator and grabbed the final items.  With Rich and Nick in the truck, Tonyia in her car, and me in mine we made the trip to Lake Placid.

But not before the final good-by to what has been our home on wheels for nearly 6 years.

 Buddy and Diane (Douglas) now call this their home.  We signed over the title and they were moving in before we pulled away!

  The truck was unloaded by 4:00.  We cleaned up a little ( after I finally found some soap and some clean towels), returned the U-Haul truck and headed to Beef Brady's for something to eat.    We'd been working or driving all day and had not eaten anything since about 8:30 that morning.

Not sure how we would have managed, without the help of Nick and Tonyia.  Can't thank them enough.

It was our very first night, and we walked around and just looked at everything that needed to be done.

 Rich pulled out the "house warming" gift that Jerry and Nancy had given to us before we left the park and we opened it.....  Thank you Jerry and Nancy!

Sunday was another exhausting day - just a whole lot of unpacking and grocery shopping.

Monday a little more of the same - but we did make a trip into Sebring to purchase a couple of TVs.  We got a great  55" flat screen for the family room and a 39" for the wall in the master bedroom.  We have the smaller one for Rich's office.  

Photos of Don Jose Mexican Restaurant, SebringNick   and Tonyia went along with us, so we stopped in Sebring for lunch  at Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant, located on the shores of Lake Jackson. (This photo of Don Jose Mexican Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor).  

Excellent Burritos!

It was nearly 8:00pm by the time that we decided to take a break.  We fixed a Chicken Sandwich, and cut up some watermelon and sat out on the lanai to eat.  Had our very first visitor!  A black snake about 2ft long.   

Tomorrow?  More unpacking and Stanley Steamer is coming to clean the rug in the office and guest bedroom.  Wednesday is Direct TV!    

Just another day in paradise!

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  1. Congrats on the new home--we'll miss you at Peace River when we are there.