Saturday, January 25, 2014

Girl's Day at The Spa

For Christmas this year, Rich gave me a gift certificate for "Some of it All" at  The Spa at Hammock Falls in Sebring.  This is a gift "request" that has been on my Christmas list for several years.  You can only imagine how excited I was Christmas morning.  

My appointment was for Friday morning at 11:00.  Joining me for the day was Tonyia who had gotten a $50 gift certificate for Christmas, and Carla - who was not going to let us have all the fun without her.

Here we are arriving at The Spa.........

  "Some of it All" is one of the packages sold at The Spa - and includes a 1/2 hour d'vine facial, a 1/2 hour Sweedish Massage and Body Exfoliation, also called a Sea Salt Glow. 

This place is amazing.  They are friendly, professional and make your Spa experience very memorable.  Nothing is rushed - you relax, listen to the soft music, and enjoy refreshments (coffee, tea, water, wine, tea cookies, cheese and crackers/fruit).  Here we are enjoying our morning coffee and cookies before our next 'spa experience.  Tonyia had just finished her Sweedish Massage, and going next for the facial.  I had just completed the Body Exfoliation and was heading for the Sweedish Massage next.  

 This is one gift that I hope Santa remembers to give me every year.  This was my very first experience at any Spa and it was a perfect day.  We all would highly recommend The Spa at Hammock Falls.  

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  1. That is one gift I would love too! Looks like you had a wonderful day. I hope this is a regular Christmas gift for you from here on out. :)