Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fishin' Today

The day started out miserably - the installers called before 8AM to say they could not make it today to install our new carpet.  The one place we were able to find on Black lake for the summer - did not pan out - so we are still looking for a place to say.  And last - before we'd even been up one hour........we learned that our credit card has been compromised...........Someone has our information, but hasn't figured out the expiration date yet............So we had to cancel the card - and we'll now wait patiently for a new one.  Not fun when you have a lot of your stuff set up for automatic pay!

The day could only get better.   We decided to head out and get some minnows and some worms at the bait shop and go do some fishing.  First stop was for breakfast at the Interlake Blvd. Cafe in downtown Lake Placid for breakfast.  Little family owned restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch daily.  Rich had pancakes and sausage and I had a western omelet.  Delicious!

Back home  - Rich got his lucky fishin' hat and we headed out ..........  Not a great day - but not too bad either.  We  (Rich) caught six fish/four keepers.
First catch -  from the looks of that pole should be a big one!  No - but it was 2 decent sized Crappie. Yes  - we got a picture this time.  I've done this twice already  - but he managed to bring in two fish on the one pole!  He rigs them with a split shot and two hooks.  The second catch was a  real nice Shell cracker.  Caught these on the worms.

 Then he got a real nice fish on the line, and we knew it was a bass once it surfaced.  They always jump!  As he was reeling it in - it looked like he had a bite on his second pole, so I grabbed that one.  We soon realized that we were both reeling in the same fish .  The lines got caught on the anchor.  Luck we did not loose the fish - but it was right there when I pulled up the anchor.  It was about 15 1/2 inches.

 He caught two more bass one a hair over 14 inches and the last one about 12 inches.  We threw them both back to get a little bigger!  

We were out about three hours - headed back in time for Rich to get the fish cleaned before dark.    Good Job Rich!

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  1. That looks like a great day to me (after the not so great part)!