Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Little Work...... A Little Play

This past week was a lot of the same - you know, grocery shopping, cleaning house, doing laundry, and watching our favorite TV programs.  One of the things that we miss the most here during the summer is watching the variety of birds and ducks that frequent our back yard.  During the winter months you can go out almost any time of day and see one visitor or another.

With the exception of the little lizards, the only thing we saw this week was the blue heron and our resident black snake that slithers his way out from under the back deck and makes his way across the rocks and through the bushes.  Rich saw the much larger black snake the other day, but in the picture below if you look closely, you'll see this smaller one making his way through the center of the azalea bushes

This week we also spent some time setting some priorities.  Planning our next fun getaway and deciding what we were going to work on next here in the house.  We made a trip into Sebring to pick up a power washer.  The patio area and the walkways all around the house are in desperate need of cleaning, especially with all the rain we've been getting.  I ordered the new material from Joanne Fabrics to redo my kitchen chairs and bar stools, and ordered a new 3 piece stretched fabric wall piece for the kitchen, and Rich's project is to begin building the cornices for over the sliding doors, and getting the windows done.  Then I'm going to paint the fan blades on the ceiling fans and get new cushions for the wicker rockers in the sun room.    The rain kept us in most of the week,  but we did get started on the walkway...............and found enough sunshine one night to even cook out!

Our neighbors, Al and Barb sold their homes up north and arrive this week.  They generally are here only 6 month's or so, but they'll be here full time now.  On Monday Al knocked at the door  with 3 huge
tomatoes.  We had toasted tomato sandwiches three days this week for lunch.  They were delicious.  As you can see - we are down to just one!  

On Wednesday we invited Al and Barb over.   Nothing fancy - we just ordered in a couple of pizza's from Pizza Hut and talked for a couple of hours, catching up on what we all did this summer!  It's nice to have them back.

Friday night we met up with Nick and Tonyia at Chili's for dinner.  We were supposed to go with them to the Tampa Rays ballgame a week or so ago, but I was not feeling well and had to back out.  They've been very busy with their business this summer so we haven't been able to get together as often as we like.  Nick chose the shrimp and steak fajitas, while the rest of us selected the enchiladas; Rich the beef and Tonyia and I the chicken.  Got to remember NOT to sit in a booth there......the bench was so far away from the table that I could actually stand up and WALK out of the booth.  And while we usually enjoy the food at Chili's, this time we both agreed that it was just OK.   But the best part of the evening, of course, was being able to share it with good friends, and we always enjoy the time we spend with these two. 

We're planning our August fun weekend now - and it looks like we might make a trip back to Orlando to visit Old Town and their new addition: Legends-The Haunting of Old Town on a Friday night and then go back to Capones on Saturday night.  Dinner, Drinks, Show and Lodging for one night is only $105.  Can't beat the price. 

And we've already planned our September getaway with a trip to Ft. Myers and the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater.  Nick and Tonyia will be joining us. 

OH - And Rich got a summons to appear for JURY DUTY on August 28th!  I've been called a dozen times - but this will be his first.   Isn't he Lucky? 

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