Monday, August 4, 2014

Being Neighborly- Finally

John and Diane moved into the house next door about THREE months ago. We talked with them the first week they moved in, and always greet them when we see them outside.  Rich and I have were gone up north for more than a month since they moved in - but still we knew we needed to be good neighbors and welcome them properly.   So Sunday we invited them over for dinner.

The weather in the summer here in Florida is so unpredictable!   Even the weatherman is usually hit or miss.  The forecast for every day is: 94 -75 (or within a few degrees on way or the other).  And the forecast for "thunder storms to begin" changes by the hour!    So we decided not to plan dinner on the grill outside this time.

We enjoyed a Cesar salad, garlic bread and my home home lasagna, that I must admit came out darn good this time!  We really enjoyed their company and conversation and getting to know them a little better.  Hope to do this again real soon.  AND, I think I may have found myself another Mexican Train partner!

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