Monday, October 6, 2014

A Weekend of Hard Work!!

Last weekend was our trip to Ft. Myers, and the weekend before that it rained both Saturday and Sunday.  That means that no outside work has been done in a while, save for the great lady that mows our lawn each week!   Nick and Tonyia invited us for a cookout and games on Sunday, but after much debate we decided that since the weather forecast was good, we had to spend the weekend getting some much needed and much past due work done outside.

So............Rich pulled out the power washer and finished the remaining two sides of the house AND the walkway from the house to the dock/boathouse AND the entire boathouse!  He spent both Saturday and Sunday completing the mission.  Unfortunately I snapped the picture before he finished the drip edge on the dock house.......but once done everything was sparkling clean and really looked great!

What did I do????  Well I was the go-fer.  I turned the water off/on and the power washer off, and I brought Rich coffee or a cold drink when I knew he needed it!!!   Actually (yes, I did to all that!) I pulled some weeds and trimmed the dead leaves from that elephant plant in the back yard, washed windows,  rearranged some shelves in the garage,  cleaned the front porch, scrubbed the kitchen floor, cleaned the closed in the office and sorted and filed a lot of papers.  And I made a meatloaf dinner on Saturday and Chicken and red potatoes on Sunday!  

Rich was up before me this morning and I heard him in the bathroom............and then I heard the pill bottle.  He rolled out of bed (literally!).............all that work the past few days had really got to those back muscles.  So today his best friend is the bottle of Aleve!!!

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