Monday, October 13, 2014

Fising on Lake June......

WOW........It has been a while since we've been out fishing.  The summer season brought lots and lots of rain,  but thankfully no serious tropical storms or threats of hurricanes.  If it wasn't raining, it was so hot that neither of us were in the mood for baking in the sun out on the water.   But this past week the humidity has been down, the rain has tapered off and while the sun is still warm, the mornings are very comfortable.

So ..........Rich set the alarm for 6:00 am  Saturday morning, and I had the coffee maker set to start at 5:45,   The plan was to head out in the boat by 7:00 am;  the sun's not up yet, but it's light enough to see where we're going.  I woke up at 6:30!!!! and tried to get Rich up.    The alarm had rang, been turned off, with all intentions of getting up...........but sleep it was to be.

So................He slept in.  One half hour was not enough time for him to have coffee and wake up.  So no fishing on Saturday.  For me it was an early trip to Publix for groceries.

We tried the same for Sunday morning..............And we were heading down the canal for the lake by 7:00 am.  It was  a beautiful morning, the weather was perfect and the sunrise over the lake was superb.

Unfortunately - we went home empty handed. No Fish today.  We did not have any live bait with us this morning; we fished with artificial worms, and jigs.  After about 3 hours we called it a day. And by then the sun was getting pretty warm. 

So we headed into town for breakfast.  We stopped at the Interlake Boulevard Cafe, right here in Lake Placid.  Rich did the bacon, eggs, home fries, and toast, and I had the Western Omelet.    From there we headed to the bait shop and picked up a dozen shiners, and a box of red worms for morning. 

We were up on time, had our coffee on the lanai, and headed out about 7:00 am again on Monday morning. It was another beautiful morning; a bit more windy and the water a little choppy.  But today we would at least bring in a few fish.  I caught 3 small Crappie and a Gar Pike.  And finally Rich pulled in his one and only.........Also a Gar Pike.  I think mine was bigger - He says his was bigger!!

And this fellow made the morning a little more exciting.  There were a couple of times when he flew sooooo low, that we were sure he was going to land on the boat.  But it seems there were a lot of small minnows or fish near the surface near our boat, so this guy would come near the boat and just hang there waiting for the right time to dive and catch his breakfast.     They really are beautiful birds though.

Maybe we'll get back out some evening this week.  We'll see.  But it was really nice getting back out there, relaxing, fishing and enjoying the beautiful weather.  

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