Saturday, December 13, 2014

Visiting Friends, Attending Seminars and Enjoying the Wildlife

As the holidays approach, it seems that the days go by faster and faster.  Probably because we keep procrastinating about shopping for gifts!  This week however  I did manage to get finish up the shopping for family and got everything mailed on Friday.

Last Saturday we were invited to Nick and Tonyia's for  a cookout.  Their new home and yard is really starting to look nice.  I'd been down there a few times helping Tonyia clean and sort and get ready for a yard sale  It was nice to visit and just relax and enjoy a meal together.  They did a full rack of ribs and grilled potatoes and veggies that were excellent.  It was so good - we all forgot about the gingerbread she had made for dessert!  Below is couple of pictures of the great job Nick has done on the fire pit/fireplace area of their yard.

On Tuesday or Wednesday I was ready to make a trip to Sebring to do some shopping when Tonyia called to say she was coming over to play some Mexican Train..........It seems like forever since we've played and she won two of the three games we played.  We took a few breaks to go out and see if Rich was catching any fish ( not today!).  And joining him in the backyard today were two beautiful wood storks, joined a little later by a couple of dozen White Ibis.  Rich fishing on the dock did not seem to matter to them.  They didn't even fly away when I walked right next to them going down to the dock.

Thursday was a trip to Sebring for a Seminar at Homers Restaurant.  The seminar was put on by the Lakeview Memorial Gardens and covered all the things you need to plan/do in preparation for your burial/cremation......I know sounds morbid, but it was very informative...........and lunch at Homers was great!  That was followed by some Christmas and Grocery Shopping.......

Rich was back out fishing again on Friday and caught this real nice 17 inch, 2 1/2 pound large mouth bass.  No fishing today...........the chicken barbecue (packaged/not home made) did not settle well with him and after a bad night he's still not feeling too good today.  He better get better soon!  I know he has not done any shopping for my Christmas gifts yet!!!!   Nice fish Rich!!!!

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