Saturday, December 6, 2014

Working and Baking and Decorating

This past week went by so fast!  

As you know by Saturday after Thanksgiving the pumpkin pies were gone .... devoured!

And of course the week was sure to include turkey sandwiches and  left over turkey and gravy  and just about turkey everything!   But what is all that Thanksgiving food without the pie?   Yes........I was sent to the store for more pumpkin!  And on Sunday afternoon Rich backed three more pies!  Today is Saturday, and you guessed it ...........they are long gone!!!!

With all that extra food, you have to find a way to work it off......So the project on the back deck was started.  The wood/boards were looking pretty bad from the weather and our original thought was that would either have to replace them all.  Paint was all we could do - the boards too old to try and stain.  Someone had mentioned pull the boards and flipping them.  Great idea!  So all but the front board is pulled and while there are one or two that will need to be replaced - it is looking good.  We have a pretty good size black snake that makes his home under this deck.....didn't see him at all this week, but we did find this little ceramic duck!!!

.All Work and No Play............well you know how it goes.
Still had some of those shiners left so Rich headed down to the dock a couple of times.  Had a couple nice Bass get away but did bring in this Garpike.    He was about 26 or 27 inches long.

As for me......... I've been getting my Christmas Cards ready for mailing, and starting to do some Holiday decorating.   The tree is up in the living room, and a little table tree in the family room, and a couple on the mantle, two little ones on the front porch and my red candle tree on the kitchen counter. 

And the sleigh and cornucopia and table center piece......

Now if the weather would cooperate.  It's winter for goodness sake!  This 80 degree weather is just not right.  

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