Friday, May 22, 2015

Catching up on "family doings" and "family matters"

It's been a very busy month.  And I can't believe I have not updated this blog since Mother's Day!

Fortunately, Dennis and Crystal keep us posted on what they and the kids are up to.  Every time we get/see a picture of one of the kids we just can't believe how fast they are growing up.   But the family does stay active..........always involved in one thing or the other  - or on the go.

Here's Chauna  on opening day softball at Junge Park.  Great shots of her batting and catching!   This was back on April 28th and they won 9-4!

Next one is picture of the kids performing in the High School Band and Bettendorf HS - Final concert for large Group Music Festival.  Also pictures of the band's end of year performance and banquet where both Dalton and Chauna received their certificates, numbers and school letters after a very successful year for the school program.

Earlier this month the guys took a road trip.  Dennis and Dalton traveled to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to meet up with "a brother from another mother".  They were meeting up with Willie Copeland who was stationed with Dennis about 13 years ago in Atlanta, GA.  Willie's son is the (MVP) quarterback for the Rapid City Titans arena football team.  It was also Hero's night for Military Appreciation, so they all took part on the field during the half time flag ceremony.

And then there was Chauna, celebrating with Dad, and fellow choir members/friends at the Banquet for the Davenport West Show Choir.  Yes - Dad just had to get that "selfie"!

And then there was a new Car!  Dalton started working during the summer and has been saving every penny to buy himself a new "ride".    A very sensible choice for his first significant purchase.  He will enjoy this for sure.  And it should no doubt easily get him through his college years!  Congrats Dalton!

Meanwhile back at the ranch...............Rich and I (but mostly, Rich) have been very very busy.  Last month we met with the local Funeral Home and made/and paid for all of our "final arrangements".  And just recently we were with the attorney finalizing the  Final Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Living Wills etc..............A lot of work, but necessary.

Trying to find anyone to do work for you around Lake Placid is not an easy task.  We had a guy come and look at the sprinkler system.  He said we needed to get a filter on our pump, and we needed to clean and/or replace and adjust several sprinkler heads.  He was supposed to come back and take care of everything.............. But it never happened - he never came back.

So Rich  bought a new filter and installed that on the old pump himself, dug up a lot of holes in the yard and replaced several heads, himself.  He pulled out a lot of unnecessary piping along the canal wall that was not needed and gave me a new/higher spray head along the side of the house.   And just when we thought everything was done,  he discovered, because of the dirt/sand that had surfaced between the cracks, there was a leak in the old line, UNDER the concrete slabs.  Forecast is for heavy thunderstorms tonight so tonight every thing is under plastic, and hopefully tomorrow this project will finally be complete!  He's been working so hard - and as always does "quality" work!  Me?  Well I'm still the gofer and I had to turn the sprinklers "on" and "off" when told to.  Tough job!

And then there was more "good news!"  We checked on the availability of a cabin for rent.............and Dennis and the family will again be vacationing with us for nearly a week this summer at Black Lake in Hammond, NY.  So excited.  We had an awesome time last year...............can't wait to see them all again.  Who's going to catch the "big one" this year?  And will I remain the Mexican Train Champion?   SOOOOOOOOOOO much to think about!

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