Sunday, May 10, 2015

Remembering our Mom's

Growing up I can always remember my Mom talking about the "most important thing in her life"...........her children, and how very proud she was of every one of them.  And so often when listening to Rich's Mom, she always said the same.... how proud she was of her two boys.  So here are those two special Moms, two beautiful angels that we want to remember today, with the only two pictures I have of them with their "kids".

My Mom, Marge with (back row) sons John (Mick) Chuck, David and Bill.  (Front row) daughters, Ronda, Sandy, Donna and sons Jim and Don.

And Mom, Edna with me and her two special boys, Richard and Robert.

And we can't let this day honoring Mothers pass without recognizing another very special Mom in our family, our daughter-in-law, Crystal.    Below with Dennis and "Kids"  Dalton and Chauna.   A very special lady - we love you!

And like these moms, I have been so blessed and so privileged to have my
"son" in my life. I can not imagine loving any son any more than I do Dennis.

The flowers arrived yesterday, (and they are starting to open this morning!)  They are beautiful. Thank you Dennis, Crystal, Dalton and Chauna for remembering me on Mother's Day.  Love you all. 

And today - I get to stay out of the kitchen!  I am dining out with my favorite guy!  

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