Monday, August 17, 2015

The Final Chapter

And so on Saturday, week 10 began, and already it's Monday!  Before we know it, Saturday will be here and we'll be back on the road, heading south.

The best thing about this past Saturday, was that the crew with all the kids left the camp.   And we've told Dean, that our stay next year will be shortened, as our intention is to leave the week they arrive. ( They come every year too!)  And, they had no sooner left the camp when the cars and trucks and boats poured in and a whole new crew arrived.  We've briefly met most of them.....and hope to get to know them better one night around the campfire.

A couple of "canine" campers too.  That's Mr. Stevens, with Linda (top left) and Rocco, and Italian Mastiff ( the rarest dog breed in the world), who is so very friendly.  About the only dog Rich has been able to pet without bending over.  He is very big!
 We did spend a little time with Jim and Flo (bottom right), and Rich meets and chats with a bunch of the high school kids that came in with Linda's family.

We did go out fishing; twice on Saturday and then again Sunday evening.   We caught a total of 24 fish.   Rich did real well, hooking onto his biggest Catfish so far.  It was 29 inches long and weighed in at 10 and 1/4 lbs.   Also got a nice small mouth bass, but only 14 inches - so not big enough to keep.  The group of high school kids took the catfish for the family.   

We should get back out, as long as the weather permits, probably every day this week. But while Rich is on the market, I'll be cleaning the cabin, doing laundry, filling the gas tank, closing the PO Box, and hopefully checking out the farmers market one more time!    If you remember, my clothes dryer died a few days before we left home - so I bought one today, that should be delivered by the end of the month. 

Fish Count  721, Rich - 346, Donna - 303, Family -72 

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